Jockey In Focus: Kevin Stott (with video)



Jockey in Focus: Kevin Stott


In what is a delayed ‘Micro Monday’ post, this following report focuses on jockey Kevin Stott. There’s a few musings / stats / angles of note to use or ignore as you please. This is likely to be the final piece of ‘flat’ research this season before my attention switches back to the Jumps.


As I type I haven’t yet decided which angles/qualifiers, if any, to highlight in the daily posts. But, i’ll have a ponder.

In the meantime have a good flick through and hopefully its of some use,


p.s there’s also my ‘Straight Track Specialist’ report from a few weeks ago which includes a Kevin Stott angle. That’s HERE>>>



In the video below I look at the above report, using Geegeez and Horse Race Base… the idea is more to explore my thinking when it comes to such research  and how you can use those tools, especially within HRB. I talk ‘logic’ and ‘back-fitting’ and muse on various things. It isn’t short, but these can’t be really. I suspect it has a niche audience but if that’s your thing, make a cup of tea and have a watch. With any luck I touch on something useful or spark an idea or two. 




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  • This is really interesting. On HRB, have you ever considered using forecast odds when using a cut-off, rather than SP when devising systems? As a means of making a system more usable in real life? I’m not sure how HRB works out the forecast odds though.

    Also maybe distance from where a trainer/jockey is based is an interesting angle. There is one Devon based trainer I can instantly think of that does very well when he runs horses at tracks a long way from home.

    Matty 14/08/20 9:37 PM Reply

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