Eye-Catchers : Using Sectional Times

Feature Length Film! :) Using sectional times to unearth ‘horses to follow’


Hello and welcome to a delayed ‘Tracker Tuesday’ post, highlighting horses for the notebook that i’ll track for three runs (stop at a winner) in the free Daily Members Posts, in the aptly named ‘Horses To Follow’ section.

Today i’m going to highlight a few horses from Monday’s meeting at Newcastle. For the first time I’ve combined video replay analysis with the use of ‘Sectional Times’ and mainly the free to access kit on Attheraces. While i’ve had a fleeting interest in such methods its fair to say i’m a ‘beginner’ and am learning as I go. I hope you find the following ‘over the shoulder’ video of interest. Do post a comment if you like it or if i’ve made a ‘sectional howler’ ! I think i’m on the right path generally (but plenty more reading/learning to do) and they are a useful tool for understanding how a race was run.

This video is 40 minutes long, but such is my smooth and entertaining style, obviously it flies by! Ahem. So, make a cup of tea or something stronger, and get stuck in below…

I mention a few horses and flick through most of the races, but those to have gone into my notebook are… Bond’s Boy, True Blue Moon and Shoot To Kill. The video explains why…


If you’ve any comments, positive, constructive or otherwise, do post below!

Cheers, Josh

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6 Responses

  1. Excellent first video post on sectional timing Josh.
    Valaryian Steel was my sole bet and won cosily.
    Where to next will be interesting and with experience forecasting probable targets will become second nature hopefully.
    Baby steps first eh.

    1. Thanks David, glad you enjoyed it.
      Yep that was impressive, I think any horse that can quicken of a slow pace, from the rear, and overhaul a horse who’s had it their own way, is worth noting for the future. How high those two go, time will tell.
      For now i’ll focus on using them / final time %, to get a feel for how races were run, where the ideal position to be was, and what horses may have been inconvenienced etc. I think that adds plenty to ‘eye catchers’ analysis. Although of course it’s restricted to X number of tracks at the moment.

  2. very impressive for your first time Josh and mine on a sectional time video cheers josh I love learning

    1. thanks Jules, yep me too! They do help bring a race to life. You can make this game too scientific etc, but certainly for the flat, they look a useful tool for review purposes anyway. But, just another part of the puzzle and no quick fix in this game, but that’s why we enjoy the challenge. Keeps us going!

  3. Thank you Josh, excellent video and you have made my day!! The info on ATF is exactly what I have been looking for. Beyer on speed is my “Racing Bible” and now I have found a site where I can start putting his knowledge to practice. Thank you, Hugh

    1. Well it’s rare that I make somebody’s day Hugh!! Cheers – I’m a novice on that front myself, but hopefully useful. Simon Rowland’s stuff is obv the benchmark i’d say. Matt at Geegeez has the same sectional times, presented a bit differently, but ATR is obviously free for such purposes – just the ATR tracks for now it seems – but i can see why some would get obsessed with sectionals etc.

      There’s another video here…

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