NEW REPORT: Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

How to get my new report for The Flat 2020…


Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat 

I’ve produced a new piece of trainer research, that will underpin the ‘new’ Section 2 of the ‘Daily Members Posts’ (which will be free once racing resumes, and for the foreseeable future – likely Sept/Oct), where I will be posting any daily qualifiers. We shall see how they perform. 

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4 Responses

  1. Hi Josh

    I haven’t received the report to my btinternet email address, so I’ve given you my gmail one which seems to have fewer issues with block email



    1. Thanks Steve… Oh BT addresses are notorious with my email software, always a bugger. Think a security thing which most others don’t seem to have. In any case a link to report should be on thank you page after you enter email, whether you then receive it or not but Gmail seems to have fewest issues. May appear in ‘promotions’ etc. I can always email it manually from another system and as with all my emails you can unsubscribe with link at bottom etc

  2. Josh,

    Excellent report thank you, it does not surprise me the number of people who use geegeez for research. I’ve used/ followed Matt since 2010 when he started with Trainer Track stats and watched him build his geegeez. What he has built is just amazing, excellent tool. I look forward to the results. See you at the Lollipop!!

    1. Thanks Shug, no problem. The qualifiers are posted in the daily posts – they had a great start to the month and not so great since, but i’ll re-cap on results to date in the next day or two.

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