Free Daily Post: 01/04/18 (complete)

nothing from me today…

Nothing from me today… life has got in the way a tad this weekend and racing has had to take a rare back seat. Back to normal from tomorrow where I plan to attack the Irish Grand National. 

Enjoy your Sunday, 



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  1. Just the one 2yo race from Southwell today. I liked the look of Maggies Passion as a long priced one being by Sir Percy, it seems to be deep going at Southwell according to Colin so will need a toughy to win this. She came out joint 2nd in my ratings but is a non runner.
    1. Mr Buttons
    2. Majestic Appeal
    3. North Korea
    So 1pt win, 1/2pt Reverse Exacta and 1.6th point combo trifecta

    I doubt Mr Barr’s capability to convert Haats Off’s debut promise to a win and think Richard Fahey and Karl Burke are the best exponents of early season fitness. David Evans early runners often win 2to.

    I had not thought through staking for this thread and will use the above method throughout (unless I change my mind!)

    So retrospectively the Friday race from Newcastle was a two point loss not three.

    1. I perhaps should have made it clear that the one point win was on the top rated.
      So Mr Buttons won 4/1 =+4pts -2 from today and 2 from Friday.
      Balance 0

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