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Nothing from me today…

Nothing from me today.


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  1. Noticed only planned Fergal runner today (Pauls Hill) a non runner, reason stated “coughing”.

    Whilst it is entirely possible a few in a yard can be under the weather “the cough” can be quite virulent and also caused sometimes by spores in “bad hay”.

    May be something to keep an eye on as he has a few declared next few days.

    1. Hi Ian

      I have posted a question to you but have used yesterdays post.
      Would you be kind enough to look back and have a read.
      Many Thanks

      1. Hi Kevin,
        The special 3 month trial is exclusive to RTP readers- that’s you! 🙂 – I and Ian/SP2A have done two such trials to date, Oct-Dec – Jan-March,(well mid/early April), so plenty are part way through that.
        Whether we have another one will be up to Ian as it is his service, and he will want to be cautious as to the impact of member numbers on prices etc. I suspect there will be another trial, for limited numbers, at some point over the summer, maybe July-Sept, but that is TBC.

        You can join a waiting list of mine, just to receive news on any such offer.. here..

        To confirm, my website, Racing To Profit, is different from Ian and SP2A, two separate entities, but we have a buoyant working relationship- ever since one of my members said ‘take a look at SP2A, they are the best service of their type around’ – or something to that effect- and they weren’t wrong.


    2. Two nice winners yesterday Ian, so back on form. I back them to win and so a nice profit. Re the loser from the Jonjo stable, I thought it had an odd ride from Mr Coleman? Shuffled up and back and up and back, sat still, pushed, sat still, pushed, ran on a bit when no chance. Maybe they are looking for a handicap mark with it, you never know!!!

      1. Martin; I need a device that cuts all the power off the minute I look at a Jonjo horse! Joking apart, mm, have gone back and had a look and your conjecture could be spot on = very accurate.

        The past 5-6 weeks have been a pain really, we were absolutely belting them out before The Best From The East; had pretty much nothing to look at for 8-10 days, returned with a bang and then did OK through Cheltenham, and then got hit by the “thingy from the West” and another very quiet 4-5 days with little to target.

        As the actress once said to the Bishop, “its all about rhythm” so hopefully we can now settle down in to a steady flow of options to attack and no more weather interruptions. Having said that once the Evening Fixtures start we’ll probably be praying for a few days off as it just gets “silly” at some stages with 7-8 meetings and 50 plus races per day.

        Onwards and Upwards

        1. Ian
          Jonjo like V Williams nigh on impossible to have a take on these two,take it you are aware of my view of Jonjo’s main owner who gave his best bet at Cheltenham in the Triumph Hurdle i ask you, heavily backed and ran a stinker what a surprise so this whisper turned into a bookies bonanza,did not look to see if the Stewards looked into this running but would doubt it!!!
          On a more positive note are you now converted to the bucket and spade brigade of AW racing for a 3/1 winner at Southwell pays the same as a 3/1 winner at Cheltenham and they have no fences to jump

          1. Colin; I will leave the AW to the expert, e.g yourself, absolute respect for your superb prowess in that aspect of racing.

            I think that to be good at something you have to enjoy and be enthusiastic about it, and for that reason, best not to dabble in what I will never have the enthusiasm to crack.

            I started as very much a “handicap cracker” but really now enjoy Novice/Maidens/Nursery’s etc (perm as appropriate Flat and NH) and really enjoyed learning more about P2P aspects last 12 months or so.

            I’m sure that you never stop learning at this game so plenty to keep me going for the next few decades (hopefully).

  2. Although the All-Weather is an anathema to me, there is almost £50k on offer in the Tote Jackpot at Southwell today. I thought (actually, very little thought!) I’d have a go & mention it here in case you weren’t aware of the pot available. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the Jackpot Heads Up Philip.
      Certainly worth a go on a poor days racing.
      Not an all weather fan myself either but I am looking forward to Lingfield on Friday ( at the very least, they are all trying )

    2. Well, thats`s the Jackpot taken care of ( 6 favs and 6 dangers = 64 bets )
      More importantly Philip, my danger in the 1st is a 50/1 shot. This is solely based on its last run where it was just over 3 length behind Crosse Fire ( 5/2 as I type ) and is 11lb better off with that horse which makes 50/1 just too big. I have actually backed it on B365 without the favs ( Crosse Fire being one of them ) at 25/1.
      The horse in question is Run With Pride ( I hope it does )
      I suggest 0.5 ew @ 50/1 and 1pt win w/o the favs @ 25/1
      Good Luck with your Jackpot lines

      1. Good luck Kevin. Having seen Colin’s selections and Ken’s on the members site, I think I’ve just wasted my money – but who knows?!

        1. Lol, you never know my friend, you never know…….
          Not long before we know our fate in the 1st………………
          Good Luck to Everyone today !

          1. I Need New Glasses, Run With Pride was 3rd on my tele…………. ( I may need a new tele ? )
            Sorry about that everyone………

  3. AW BETS
    2.00 Cross Fire
    2.00 Branscombe
    2.00 Gabrial The Devil
    2.30 Kion
    2.30 Mothers Dragon
    3.00 Sea Ess Seas
    3.30 Acker Bilk
    3.30 Epitaph
    4.00 Holiday Magic
    4.00 Hammer Gun
    5.00 De Little Engine
    5.00 Powerful Society
    5.30 Cockney Boy
    No bets at Newcastle
    After no AW racing over the past two days a busy day at Southwell

    1. Wow you’re going for it big time today Colin. I think you’ve broken my record for most no. of selections at one meeting lol 🙂 We have a few duplicates. Good luck.

      1. Hi Ken
        Thanks and good luck to you,meaning to put something on site to you but do not want to put my email address on site so if you wish to make contact then contact Josh for it.
        Today could be classic 9 runners at Southwell who is a gambler and who is an investor,once again you must have a Bank for if all 9 lose i no doubt will be called something what rhymes with banker.
        The gambler with no bank probably omit four in their eyes they cannot win for they know best but you can guarantee a couple of these will win and the remaining 5 horses to be backed all lose it will not be the gamblers fault it will be mine for putting nine bets up,quickly forgetting that those two winners that they omitted could have shown a profit on the day.
        If you have a bank it does not matter if all nine lose

        1. Hi Colin. Well you had one more than me lol. Will ask Josh to pass on my email address to you.

  4. Another excellent day yesterday Ian…. Many thanks.
    Coughing if true is bad….When we were kids we had a stable at the back of the house. These were Cart Horse mind….and often after prolonged wet spells would start coughing but the poor old buggers had to keep going til the cough ran it’s course, if one died it went as meat. Nothing was wasted during the war years. Lovely gentle patient animals with us all over their backs. lol had to be.

    Houston Open
    Luke List 1 point EW 28/1 1/5 6 BF BFSB BV BB 365
    Playing really well in the Match Play until a damaged putter cost him any chance of glory,plays this course well.
    Daniel Berger 1 point EW 28/1 1/5 6 Unident BF 888
    Plays the Bermuda greens well his record here shows this since his debut at Houston in 2015 he finished 25th, 5th and 5th
    Top Rated Player
    Phil Mickleson 1 point EW 12/1 1/5 8 SB, 12/1 1/5 7 BO CO PP BFSB

    1. Hi, apart from Daniel Berger who you have tipped and has course form, I like Russell Henley at 33/1. He had some good form last week and has performed well in this tournament before. The course has wide fairways and so Tony Finau at 33/1 may go well here this week?

      Good luck.

      1. Martin
        Russell Henley is the defending champion and from his last 5 starts at Houston he has had a top 7 finish in 4 of them along with winning last year must go close again,only omitted him because he his the defending champion could be at my cost.
        Tony Finau Never had a top 30 finish at Houston the stats are against him but they are there to be broken

  6. Football – I do not like Friendlies but England look good for a win over a young Italy side this evening. The under 21 coach has taken over and the Italian team is now based upon some youngsters who can take the country forward again. However the 6/5 England looks solid.

    1. I agree about friendlies not appealing as betting mediums but I do remember someone highlighting (not here) Spain as a side who always take friendlies seriously and on that note i am playing overs at 2.14 with 188bet.
      Spain are generally a shade odds on and might actually be value at that but i’ll take the overs as I’m pretty sure Messi gets a run out tonight and anything can happen when he is there.
      As it is I think England should beat Italy’s inexperience and at a shade of odds against i’ll have a play

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