Free Daily Post: 19/03/18 (complete)

a quiet day…

Good morning all, I hope you had a great Cheltenham Festival.

I will be reviewing the week that was – a week which found subscribers around +92 points profit, and was without doubt my best punting week ever on these pages to date.

Onto today, and with no UK jumps action, there is no content from me to report.

Enjoy the start to the new week,



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  1. AW BETS
    March returns so far minus – 5.16 points at bookmakers SP no doubt those who can take advantage of BOG are probably showing a profit on the month.
    2.20 Malaysian Boleh
    2.50 Critical Thinking
    4.25 Toriano
    4.55 Solid Man

  2. Martin you are an experienced football bettor.

    In your experience what type of bets do you think offer the best value
    I am making mistakes finding several winners but putting them in multiples
    and losing out on one bad result

    because I am inexperienced I am playing low stakes but doing trebles and above
    these tactics seems to be playing into the bookies hands as one always seems to let me down

    What betting strategies do you use to maximise selections
    I found that if I had backed the last 100 selections I have made I would be in profit
    but trebles or more have seen a overall loss I am only playing with small stakes to learn
    but need guidance bet wise before I play harder

    1. Hi, the secret to football betting is to find value, as with other sports. My one tip would be to avoid bookies enhancements on ACCA’s etc. They want you to bet these matches as they think that they are in their favour and enhance the odds to attract punters in. Also most bets are struck on televised matches for obvious reasons. The bookies again know this and so squeeze odds and give enhancements.

      Unfortunately there is a need to do homework and know your stats; simple ones are who is strong at home or away or the opposite? You can know this online via many sites such as Fotmob or Soccer Way or Soccer Base. You can also do this by studying pull outs like the one on Monday’s in The Times etc.

      If you are not betting big on singles, then the max I would go is a treble. I study teams who score goals or not so, home and away and then I bet on matches at over or under 2.5 goals in the match. I also bet match results. I stick to those two types of bet as it is what I know best. Dont bet on draws in matches, no value. I do put the time in to know the stats.

      A podcast you may wish to listen to is The Betting Guy. He is an annoying Man City supporter but he knows his stuff and turns in a long term profit.

        1. I think that the most telling point you made in your post was that you thought that you would have made a profit on your selections backing them as singles but made a loss putting them in multiples. So taking a long term approach, maybe back singles and build a bank and increase your staking as you go and make a profit.

          1. solid advice martin,
            I have ripped up the script and started again from today.

            I have decided to keep much more detailed records and have a spread sheet to record bets.
            One tab for racing bets and one for football
            This time I am sticking to a level stake approach and recording the details of the bets for future study to see
            which areas I am strongest at.

            I have realised because I am a few quid down over the last few months
            that although I am selecting plenty of winners I want to bigger return on investment so going for
            multiples .
            and I was only recording p/l rather than details of the bets

        1. It is OK but not as good as Secret Betting Club reviews which in my opinion go into a lot of analytical detail in regard to tipsters and systems.

    2. Personally I find betting on the football similar to tennis, Singles only. Patience, Research and those opportunities do come up where the prices are a little off. Asian Handicap is a favourite of mine and try to specialise in a few leagues but not to many thus giving yourself time to research. Bookies gonna price up everything but bet when you feel it is right not when they want you to with some enticing offer.

  3. Anybody have any experience of the latest gizmo doing the rounds called Betlucrative?
    Its being pushed by Matt at GG’s and probably every other site and it’s dog, which would generally start the alarm bells ringing for me!
    After signing up for SP2A which is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made, I am curious as to whether this one is any good or not as the sales pitch drags on forever throwing numbers around to entice you in and all the rest of the usual bollocks. I guess I’m answering my own question here….stay away! don’t touch it!

    1. Hi Chris,
      I haven’t promoted it and won’t be doing so. I had the chance to do so.
      Read into that what you will!! 🙂

      1. Er….you fell asleep during the sales pitch??
        ..and you don’t need to, it probably won’t be long before everyone is bowing to you and promoting you if you carry on like last week!!
        I am kind of sceptical about it even if Matt is pushing it, as much as I respect the guy and think he has one of the best info websites going I’m not convinced the tipster review section carries much value.

        1. Well I did watch the sales video today, for interest- I’ll keep those views to myself. People can make up their own mind. I had the chance to promote it- i get asked my plenty to push various things and rarely will you see something doing the rounds that I haven’t had chance to look at etc- well, from my limited circle I suppose.
          I pushed BL once before a couple of years ago- and a few joined- i don’t think many stayed for longer than 6/7 months on monthly subs… and one member emailed me back rather furious as to their experience- we engaged in a long convo etc, and well, ever since then, I have been a bit cautious.
          And well, I can be picky about what I wish to email out! Part of the success of the Sp2A trial etc, was that in 3 years or so I had never said ‘join this daily tipping service’ (actually in that time, before Sept 2017, i think the only tipping services I had really pushed were Betalchemist and Cleeve- and they focus on big races) in addition to Geegeez Gold/Ben A-Narrowing the Field/Gavin Ps stuff – there has been the odd other free email list push, £1 trial, but rare. I wasn’t too happy with the Brett Love experience, but i’ll keep that to myself also.

          haha, last week was rare, I fear many may see that as the norm and that I am a ‘tipping’ service, they may be disappointed but will soon find out in any 7 week trial for a small risk.


    2. I used BetLucrative for a few weeks a year or two ago but cancelled pretty quickly as the reality is the prices quoted go very quickly (and I mean within 10 minutes) and given there is no text options to warn you tips are coming its very difficult to get that price. Also as far as I am aware there is zero write ups also.

      Matt has a wonderful site which is one of the best in the business but the problem I have found with a lot of the product reviews on there is they are worked out on the prices provided by the service and not the real achievable price (particularly someone who has been in the game for awhile and may not have access to all bookies). At the very least they should track them 30 minutes later or if they do a proper job they should show Advised, 30 minutes later, at 9am on the day, SP and BSP to show a realistic figure.

      1. Thanks Nick, that kind of seals it for me….leave it alone.
        I did reply to Matt questioning the ‘free’ training videos and as I did so I received an email from Betlucrative giving a link to the ‘free’ training videos which turns out to be a repeat of the sleepy monotone sales pitch!!! He doesn’t appear to have any worthwhile website apart from a signup/login page with no info and I don’t see him proofed anywhere…goodbye Betlucrative.

        Totally agree with your comments about Matt

      2. There is a tip from one of the multi-tipping groups posted to their subscribers at 17.59 yesterday, advising a selection in the 4.55 Lingfield today. It was quoted as being 20/1 when sent out and looking this morning at Oddchecker it’s down to around 7/1 or less.

        Now looking closer at the horse within Oddschecker it best price has not today been anywhere remotely near the 20/1 as quoted and its price upto midnight was at best 12/1… the big price was probably only available for the shortest of minutes and then crashed.

        it is just SO ultra difficult to match these prices that get quoted from these services, most for many appear inflated to boost profits if they succeed, and I did notice that Josh never promoted this other service being put around our Incoming mail boxes….Good for You !

        1. I know which service this is, Norman and the 20/1 was readily available with 3 firms for quite a while last night, before getting trimmed as the 3 fell in line with other bookies.

      3. Completely agree with that Nick. It’s somwthing I raised in the past when I read a review on Geegeez for a service which i’d previously subscribed to. I knew for a fact that the prices evaporate within seconds. I posted a comment to that effect, and was told that the reviewers check that prices are available before logging them in reviews. Like you say though, what we really need to know as punters is how long those prices are actually available for and if that’s just with a couple of bookies who will inevitably limit accounts very quickly – the particular service I commented on was dependent on 365, PP and Fred.

        If I want to know what the results are to advertised prices that’s pretty easy to do. Finding out what prices I can realistically get on at is something that I can’t do without subscribing first, and ideally the reviews on Geegeez would help with that kind of information.

    3. I do not know anyone who uses it. The promo was the same old stuff that gets churned out. You really need to hear from someone who is/has been a user.

      1. It was certainly an “old school” promo video.
        Too long and patronising without pushing much substance.

  4. Basically I’m waiting to add a decent service to my paid tipsters portfolio of one!
    I’m not interested in trading or laying but I’ll consider any sports.
    Any suggestions on what to take a look at would be appreciated.

    1. Nicky at Betalchemist is decent, believe Martin C been a member for a while.. very much focused on big races at weekends, Festivals. Also he does everything through ClickBank so at any point after a payment you have full 60 days in which to get a full refund, so could sign up for 6 months, judge in two, etc. He had a rocky patch last year from memory, as all tipsters do, but in general his 7 year results since starting are very solid. Write-ups, reasoning etc. Can take a look here… (it is an affiliate link.. 🙂 )

      Cleeve Racing is decent also I think, another with long term success, £10 trial month here…(yep, another aff link, but hopefully you know I try my best not to tell you about crap!)” target=

      Again they are mainly weekend/big races.

      Value, in terms of cost of service, is always in the eye of the beholder. And there will be people reading this who have been part of one or both of those above who can give their honest feedback, warts and all.

      SP2A are the best ‘tipping’ service I have every come across- the uniqueness of the model ensures for me that this will be the case for many years to come no doubt. Many tipster services are one man/woman and their own approach, with the inevitable dips in form that come- you just have to have the patience to ride out. No doubt in my mind that in 5 years time, with either of those services above, and certainly SP2A, the profit figures will look rather decent!


      1. Nicky at BetAlchemist is very good, as are the guys at Cleeve.
        Nick Hardman (weekends & festivals only) over at Betting School is also worth following.

        I’ve had a poor experience with Sp2A, so can’t comment on how good/bad they are.

        As for our reviews on Geegeez, we verify that the prices quoted are readily available and simply don’t have the time to rechecking several times a day, nor do we have any interest in quoting SP results.

      2. Bet Alchemist is for weekends and big meetings only and does have selections in the UK and in Ireland. Long term profits achieved since I have been a member and emails around 9 PM the night before normally. Take a look.

        I was on the free blog yesterday in regard to the tipster subject. As I said yesterday I know of a good one that is affordable and is pay as you go. You can email me at for details .

      3. I vaguely remember having a go with one or both of these guys a few years back and they didn’t really cut it for me, but that could of been down to me!! Like I said that was a while ago and could of jumped on the rollercoaster at the wrong time, or I could have been looking for the holy grail.
        I’ll check them out, thanks Josh

      1. Yes I do. Regular profits for four years running. Not big prices and one selection a day every day apart from Sunday. Solid profit maker.

    Wow Rory back after 18 months did Tiger inspire him over his comeback the week before?
    Three golf bets and all three finished in the top seven.
    Stenson 4th very rare for someone to lead from round one and win the tournament
    Leishman Tied 7th started slowly but finished with a fine final round
    Woods 5th top rated player that is 3 out of 3 tournaments that we have collected this month on the top player
    March profit
    main bets + 29 points
    top rated + 4.3 points
    Shame Stenson did not see it out
    Back tomorrow with the bets before Noon

    1. Well done with the golf Colin
      I have never been a real bettor on golf but might have to have a wee dabble with your selections; hope I don’t suddenly put the blocker on your success!

      1. Good result Colin and if our guy has to be beaten by someone I’d rather it was by Rory playing the way he did, very impressive. Really enjoying the golf tips. Makes the final round on Sunday a lot more enjoyable when one/all of your tips are in the mix.

        Sky paid out on Leishman (e/w was to 8th) but as there was a number of people tied on 7th the payout seemed reduced. Is that the norm?

        1. Yeah I think there were 6 tied for 7th so with Sky you got 33% of the place. I am guessing if a bookie was paying out on 7 places you would have had 16.67% of the normal pot.

          1. Aye that’s right. It’s number of places divided by number of players. So last night with we had two place payouts shared between six players.

          2. I backed Leishman at skybet at 40/1 E/W and as Nick said was paid out at 33% of the place, still made a profit.
            Also backed Justin Rose at Betfair Sportsbook 14/1 E/W, thanks for the tip Colin, much appreciated.

  6. Any recommendations for Betting School? hehe not you Josh!!
    Could someone give me a brief idea of what to expect? Is it a mixture of tipping and information in a similar vein to here? Does it require a certain amount of time each day? Or should I give it a spin for a month to see if its for me?
    Looking at Racingproofing and a service called overpriced horse tips their profits look reasonable, pricing looks reasonable and there looks to be a 30 day trial which looks ….reasonable.
    Sorry for posting about tipsters and services today but I would like to add 1 or 2 as SP2A is getting lonely!!

    1. Ha, well I do write for the Betting School haha- but my members’ club has access to all those monthly articles also. There is a paper back monthly mag sent out.
      In truth I don’t really dip into their other threads/systems etc. I don’t know how you use my members content but i’d suggest using both may give you a headache!
      In terms of tipping.. Dr Nick Hardman is the main man there and I think he may have had a better Festival than I did (although not on the ROI front I don’t think!)
      His long term record is decent – again, some will be members no doubt but he has a loyal following- not 100% sure on availability of prices, but even if getting couple points under you’ll still do fine…
      depends what you are after… it isn’t for me as there are just too many bets for my own comfort – it doesn’t leave you much space to think for yourself on the big races etc, but then again, you may not wish to! I don’t know what the long term results are off the top of my head… but I did take a look last year and I think he came out 300+ points up, I could be wrong- however, there were two bad patches of -100 points + , one may have been -150 odd. Which is fine, it is a value betting approach, with an 8-10% win SR – such lulls can be par for the course… so, it may be a roller-coaster at times… but for long term profit/ROI, i think it is decent enough.
      you can find out more here haha…

      Or, just Dr Nick’s tips… are here I think..

      (i don’t have a link for everything, promise!)

      However, what with SP2A/Elite, maybe plus any of my own stuff, + yourself, you really may find big meetings/race too much, unless you don’t mind backing 6-8 horses in a big field handicap say!
      Having less is more isn’t a bad approach, but each to their own,

      1. I subscribed to Betting School for two years and followed Dr Nick’s tips. By the end, I was glad to see the back of it having found it an awful lot of work. No doubt they tips perform very well overall, but there are an awful lot of them on the big race days. The results you’ll see quoted will never be achievable, and how close you get to them depends on how many accounts and promotions you’ve got access to. They’ll be based on the best possible available prices and place terms at the time he posts. The other thing is that the results are based on 2 point win or 1 point each way, so when comparing it to other services that needs to be taken into account.

        Of course with all tipsters, it’s common to see prices reducing after they’ve been advised. With Dr Nick’s tips it happens to an extreme degree. It’s one thing looking at a bet advised at 8/1 and deciding that 7/1 is still ok, but with his you might find yourself working out what to do with an each bet advised at 33/1 and 6 places when you can only get 22/1 and standard place terms.

  7. I guess I’m a little too enthusiastic with the posting today!! Which is due to me being snowed off work (now melted!), but hey who wants to lay bricks anyway!! I ‘m keen to lighten my racing workload, research, system maintenance and reading those darn interesting blogs (you know the ones!), which is why I’d like to add a couple of services, put my own work on the back-burner for a while so to speak.
    I get what you’re saying with all the content with Betting School and I think that’s probably a step too far at the moment as I struggle to get through what’s on here!
    So thanks for your input on that, appreciate your thoughtfulness and understanding that combining both would be too much for me and perhaps many others. Top man.

  8. Er… me again…. after reading all the posts and changing my mind many times today, with the thought of Martin and one or two others and a familiar guy called ‘Alan’ maybe a little diversity is in order for me!
    Football? Golf? Tennis? ….ummm….Curling?.no……Archery?….snooker?…maybe.

    1. We will be offering FREE Speedway GP tips and analysis to all SP2A Members this summer as part of a project to sponsor the best young speedway rider in the UK at the moment Tom Brennan.

        1. I loved speedway back in the day White City Rebels how many years ago was that 40+ Gordon Kennett, Trevor Geer.
          spent a lot of my young days at racing and speedway, it beat going to school.

          1. That’s a bit spooky Greg as I did a few training meetings there; after it closed to League Speedway in 79 and before it closed, as I had links with Eastbourne. Gordon taught me at his Training School at Eastbourne in the winter, I knew TG very well and Steve Weatherley.

            Loved the Stadium, shocking it was just demolished the way it was, better than the old Wembley in many ways. Full of history from the 1908 Olympics. The weirdest thing was the Changing Rooms, under the centre green/ football pitch, you had to open a hatch on the speedway first turn behind what would be the goal, go down some steep steps in to this abyss of tunnels (mostly blocked off). I had a mooch round the big Tote Boards one at the third turn (nearest the main road end) and found old newspapers floating about in the gap behind the board going back to the 1920’s…

            Little known fact – Trevor Geer and Paul Gachet appeared in an episode of The Sweeney, Reagan and Carter drove in the stadium as they were practising, they pull up in the pits and have a word with them as one of them supposedly linked to someone The Sweeney are after…LOL..

          2. I have been trying to recall the last team I remember seeing as the White City Rebels Gordon Kennett, Trevor Geer, Richard Greer, Steve Weatherley, Kai Niemi, David Kennett, the last one is still a mystery.
            I was at Hackney that unfortunate night when Vic Harding was killed in that collision with Steve Weatherley, it was never the same for me after that, brave people every single one of them.

          3. Almost certainly would be Marek Cieslak, now the Polish Team Manager. The only other it could have been was Dag Lovaas but Kai replaced him in 1975.

            Sadly I was there the night Vic was killed and Steve was paralysed, I still have too vivid memories of Steve screaming in agony in the Ambulance Room. The night after Wimbledon (who were in the 4 team Tourny that night) had to ride at Cradley Heath, my nearest track and close to home; and Roger Johns who was in the race the crash happened had the balls to ride again. I suppose to falling off a horse and getting back on metophorically.

            I went to see Steve a few times in Stoke Manderville; during his long spell there, he has since made a great life for himself and never complained and was at one time British paraplegic Rally-Cross Champion. His then girlfriend was absolutely fantastic, became his wife ; she is the sister of Colin Richardson; whose son Lee was tragically killed about 5-6 years ago riding in Poland.

            Strangely enough whilst visiting Steve, I came across one Sir James Saville, in truth, without him that place would not be there, he raised millions for it, we now know he had a huge dark side, and nothing can defend that; yet to this day, there are brave men and women who do owe much to him for what he did to fund the wonderful place that was Stoke Manderville.

    2. Both Football and Golf take many hours study each week until you build the knowledge base. If you are short on time I would follow others if you want to get into these sports rather than do the work yourself. I am full time and I do 3 hours per day on Horse Racing, 2 hours per day on Football, 2 hours on Golf plus I add one hour per day when the NFL season is active on that. Most of the time is on research including watching the sports.

      My wife thinks I just watch and read about sport all day! Not true, I also listen to 3 podcasts per day.

  9. Firstly, thanks for all of the very nice comments i have read over the past few days, appreciated and very humbling, but I always say, you are only as good as you last tip.

    I agree very much with Josh about the “big meeting overload” and indeed we have seriously considered on many occasions at SP2A how best to handle Saturday’s and the Festivals.

    That though has had a positive “offshoot” in that as we have evolved we have ventured in to previously uncharted territory like C4/C5 Handicap Hurdles and Chases; specifically C4/C5 long distance NH races and to great effect in the past 12-18 months the “collateral Point 2 Point form, that has been particularly successful over the recent winter.

    In the summer we have moved away from big field Sprints more although still attack some and again, see middle/longer distance races as a better avenue to profit and we have gained and evolved expertise too in 2 year old specifically Nursery/ Maiden Races and that trawling of those races some find “impossible/unsexy” is I think the way to go, and somewhat unique.

    Now, if only we could conquer AW but to be honest; we’d go a long way to find better than what you get for free from Colin and Ken and I must also pay massive credit and respect to Nick, as good as there is in any “paid ranks”.

  10. Betting School came across them when they started putting my horse racing tips up a few years ago and Darren gave me free membership and was very impressed for they did a lot of systems stat based which were very successful,they then went down the line of Dr Nick and the Racing Consultants at the time Dr Nicks bets were put up the night before and again achieving the price very difficult and the bookmakers will put a stop to your account very quickly so for long term tipster not for me for at SP i did record for a level £10 you would have been around £20,000 down at win only in 12 months.
    Racing Consultants another who appear good but again difficult to get your bets on at the prices and once you are on a successful run your accounts will be restricted or stopped.
    All tipsters should have to record their bets at SP not these alleged fancy prices which are nigh on impossible to achieve.

    1. I would second that. I used them for a year but stopped after that. Nick is very good but the prices advised disappear very quickly and have found account closures to happen quickly also. Also because they are up around 6-7PM on Friday’s and Saturdays and there are a lot of them you really need to have no social life to have a high chance of getting the bets on at advised prices. Its another service which would greatly benefit from a text service preceding tips. The other bugbear with it I had was things like SkyBet money back offers are used as a way to inflate the figures which I think is totally wrong (i.e if a horse lost but if you had an offer for money back it was counted as a non-loser).

      1. I’ve follwed Racing Consultants for a number of years now, and i’d definitely recommend them. Like you say Colin there’s always the chance of accounts being limited, but with RC I’ve always found that they quote realistic prices and place terms. If the odds disappear very quickly, Rory has always been happy to amend results to the price that subscribers have actually been able to get on at. They’ve had a bad couple of months to start the year, and are down about 35 points in 2018 I think, so I’m hoping the results are about to show some improvement. Like I say, I’ve followed the service for 3-4 years now and will continue to take our annual subscriptions.

    2. Totally agree Colin that all Tipsters should report/record/proof to SP/BSP.

      Something I have always been passionate about and not just because it would ensure a level playing field for all Tipsters but also crucially for punters. Nothing winds me up than when someone tells me “you can’t make consistent profit to SP!. I know it can be done, it might be less than many claim to “advised profit” but I know to SP it is “honest profit”.

      There is also a very pragmatic point i’d make about recording SP and not advised and that is – “if someone challenges to SP/BSP you simply have to point them to Racing Post for SP and Betfair for BSP” as for advised, I really can’t be spending hours proving/arguing that what was claimed was available and whilst we do put up advised prices they are just that “pointers” and we rarely get complaints about their accuracy..

  11. Thank you Ian for your kind mention in you post.

    Willie Mcfarland you will be hard pressed to find a more honest and open tipster than Willie bar for me of course head Swelling,when starting my tipping line Willie kindly gave me plenty of advice.
    Used to put £200 on Willies advice but the bookies soon put a stop to that and once again became more difficult to make a profit at SP.
    Willie rarely advertisers and for me that proves that he his a good tipster for as i know his customers stay with him so all these tipsters that advertise all the time would advice to steer clear of them.
    I do have Willies phone number and email address if i am not over stepping the mark with Josh,you will have to contact Josh to see if i can release them.

    1. A quick google search suggests he’s an interesting character! I’ve found his main website with phone contact details, would you mind passing on the email address if you have it Colin?

      1. Neil
        Just had a look at his website he used to charge a yearly subscription he may still do.
        the phone number is the same and will get him the one i have could well be out of date which is
        If you give him a call he will answer the phone himself

  12. Unlike Martin C I don’t have the time to do as much research as I would like, so I do follow a few tipsters. The best ones I have found over a period of time (1 year plus) are Betalchemist, Cleeve and JPW sports. Spa2 are relatively recent, but couldn’t have got off to a much better start & Josh, as he says, isn’t a Tipster!!

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