Free Daily Post: 09/03/18 (complete)

just the micros today…

I’m working my way back up to Liverpool via London over the next couple of days so there may not be too much from me on the free content front, the quiet before the storm. I’ll see, I may put any Imperial Cup stats/shortlist from my members’ post up here tomorrow, so at leas there will be something to get stuck into.

No tips…



Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

4.00 Ayr – Quietly (12/1<)

4.30 – Dick Darsie (12/1<)

4.10 Sand – Darebin (12/1<)


That will be all for today




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  1. AW BETS
    Profit this month + 9.3 points at Bookmakers SP

    6.45 Mr Potter
    7.15 Ravenhoe

    1. My 6.45 pick is now NR so I’ll jump on your pick Colin. Hope I haven’t jinxed it 🙂

    2. Hi Colin. As stated by everyone on here much appreciated you all weather selections. What would you recommend BSP or BOG?

  2. Late start this morning so straight in

    L 4.20 – Number Cruncher @ 16’e/w
    S 4.45 – Lex Talions @8
    Leo 2.25 – Grand Partner @ 8’s


  3. Nothing on the South American front to get excited about over the weekend but there are two Copa Libertadores matches next week that are interesting.
    On Wednesday Bolivar take on Colo-colo in La Paz at 3640 meters this is a massive ask
    for sea level Colo-colo but in their favour is the fact they haven’t play a game for 11 days
    by the time they get on the pitch.
    If they flew to La Paz straight after their last game it will have given them 10 days
    to acclimatise which helps a lot
    Bolivar should still be to strong but it gives Colo- Colo a 10% better chance
    than if they arrived with 5 days or 4-5 hours before the kickoff.

    Petes tissue on this match Bolivar evens draw 3/1 colo-colo 3/1

    Thursdays match kick off 22.15 uk time
    Sees The Strongest another La Paz side take on Penerol from Montivideo Uruguay
    The Strongest won at home last night have another home game over the weekend
    and will be well up for Thursdays game they know their home form is key
    to being in the top two in their group of 4 so Thursdays match even thought it is their first
    game in the group is a must win game.

    Penerol on the other hand have a home game against Boston River on Saturday
    and then have to fly 2000 miles to La Paz.
    If they fly straight to La Paz on Sunday they have 4 days to wait for the game
    which according to the scientists is the worse possible time and mountain sickness is a real possibility
    so they will go for the arriving 5 hours before the kick off plan.
    That leaves them very vulnerable.

    They rarely play at Altitude so this game will come as a big shock
    last year at the same stage of the competition
    They had another Bolivan side in their group Jorge Wilsterman
    The beat Jorge Wilsterman 2-0 in Montivideo
    but in Bolivia they were in big trouble in the rarefied air and lost 6-2

    Jorge Wilstermans stadium is at 2560 meters but on Thursday they have to go to La Paz
    at 3640 meters a further 1080 up.

    10% fall in vo2 max every 100 meters climbed so Penerol will need something special to get anything
    a draw in a group situation would be a wonder result for Penarol

    but in their last 26 away games in the copa lIb their record is won 2 drawn 5 and lost 19
    and only 1 was at altitude the 6-2 hammering in Wilsterman.

    it will be interesting how they bet but
    Petes book is

    The Stongest 4/9
    draw 3/1
    Penerol 8/1.

    Well worth looking Monday as the first bookie opening up on Monday often make a mistake in the prices.
    I would be obliged if no lumps on before I have my bet on by Tuesday noon
    Marathon bet have made several errors recently and I start looking at the market Sunday night





  4. RATHLIN ROSE laid out for race won three
    c/d races of this type no problem with ground, jumping, course, distance
    lot of the opposition out of form 9/4 or even 5/2 looks a decent bet
    in the 3.40 at sandown

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