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  1. Two Copa Libertadores matches to night where altitude could play a part
    REAL GARCILASO (Peru) at 3400meters take on Santos of Brazil

    Santos are without doubt the better team but it is a big ask to go that high and
    get a result as Corinthians found out last night at Millionarios where that got bettered for 90 minutes
    (17 shots to 5) but escaped with a 0-0 draw.
    Millionarios play at altitude but at only 2640 meters compared with the
    3400 of Garcilaso who play in cusco.
    Santos may have enough but you feel they would be delighted with a draw
    Marathon Bet still go 29/20 the home team and while it doesn’t match the 37/20
    they put up first showit is fair
    11/8 is generally available but to me the bet is REAL G at 1.72 draw no bet
    as I just can’t see Santos going there and winning

    The other tie sees Santa fe 2640meters at home to Emelec
    The Columbians should win but Emelec are one of Ecuadors best teams
    so will make it tough.

    Santa fe are just running into form and starting to play well but are now 10/11
    from 11/8 earlier in the week.
    Value gone a bit but the 11/8 was a solid play

    The other altitude game is in the Peruvian league
    Where Ayacucho2761meters host Sporting Cristal from sea level lima.
    on the face of it Cristal have it all to do going to 2761 meters but history show the 11/8 on offer
    Ayacucho isn’t out of line
    in the last 13 games between the two at Ayacucho the score reads
    5home 5 draws 3 away.
    so Ayacucho have only won 5 from 13 which on recent history makes them an 8/5 chance
    which is 1.60/1 rather than the 1.375/1(11/8)
    so even though on paper they have the altitude advantage they should be 13/8 rather than 11/8

    Last night was very interesting from an Altitude point of view.

    Millionarios battered Corinthians but failed to score and
    with the home games vital to the altitude based sides
    the Brazilian will be delighted and Millionarios will struggle to get out of the group.

    On the other hand Bolivar from La paz at 3640 meters will be delighted getting a point at Delfin(Ecuador 4 meters)

    With 3 home games to come Bolivar must have every chance of getting out of the group
    and into the last 16

  2. If football goes ahead today Arsenal look good at close to 4/1 as they are strong at home and weak away.

    1. The longer I have thought about the Arsenal City game tonight I’ve convinced myself that the belief City will have gained from lifting the cup on Sunday and totally outplaying Arsenal will have a positive effect on their result here tonight and I think they will confirm their superiority at this time.
      That cup win is like a justification of Guardiolas time at city and they will only get better now.

  3. Arsenal at home will give City a real run for their money
    at 4-1 they are value.
    City after winning the cup may take their foot of the gas a bit
    and Arsenal will be keen to play better

    to me the bet of the weekend is REAL POTOSI v ORIENTE PETROLORO( Bolivian premier League)
    Sunday 4th March 21.15pm uk time
    Potosi are 11/10 and I think the bookies are looking at their last two away games when they lost 6-0
    and 5-1 But in between they beat Club Destroyers 5-2 in Potosi
    Potosi at 3960 meters is the highest major league soccer venue
    It is a massive advantage playing there if you look at the head to head in Potosi

    it reads
    Potosi 9 wins draws 2 Oriente 0 wins for 28 against 6.
    The 6-0 loss was at Guabria a lowland venue
    so it has no relevance on this match.

    with Potosi having a 13-19 goal difference in just 5 league games
    lots of goals are a high possibility so it lessens the draw odds

    so the 11/10 home 12/5 draw 2/1 away seems out on line
    my book is 8/13 home 3/1 draw 7/1 away.

    If you Check out the Two Potosi teams home records( Real Potosi and Nacional Potosi
    against the lowland teams on soccerway or areastats


    you will be impressed
    their overall home record is diluted because they lose
    a few home game against the La paz giants
    Bolivar and The Strongest and also to San Jose who play at 3735meters

  4. Oriente Petroloro have a game tonight against Blooming away at sea level in Santa cruz
    Kick off 0.30 am in the early hours of Friday uk time
    and they have to play in Potosi Sunday night at 9.15pm uk time

    In 69 hours they will have to recover, travel to potosi and try an acclimatise to the altitude
    Potosi haven’t had a game since last weekend 6-0 hammering in Guabira
    so will be fresh and ready.
    6-0 look terrible but they had a man sent off in the first half and downed tools when 2-0 down with 10 men

    they will be firing on all cylinders and 11/10 with all the info looks a gift

  5. Wish me luck guys just gone in heads down
    at 11/10 with Betfred For Real Potosi to beat OP
    on Sunday.
    may trade off some if they go under 1.75 on the exchanges Sunday
    but if not will let it run.

    Hard to watch these matches live with a max bet going on
    so will just go to bed Sunday night and check out the result Monday morning
    here’s hoping!!!

    1. Best thing to do I find is to set your alarm for 15 minutes after scheduled end, find out the result and go back to bed.

      1. Sounds a good idea martin
        but I think my wife would batter me with the alarm going off at 2am
        what I usually find is I will wake up during the night for a pee
        and check out the result then.

        it was like this morning had a decent bet on Garsilaso
        so at 3 am needed a wee and came back to bed and slept like a baby
        if they hadn’t won it may have been a different story

  6. Excellent reasoning Peter and with my paddy power account in rude health thanks to sp2a I have followed you in with a nice bet albeit at evens.

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