Free Daily Post: 25/02/18 (complete)

just a micro today…

just a micro today…

TJC Live Test

2.30 South – Red Danaher (12/1<)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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  1. S 4.05 – Millen Dollar Man @8’s
    If ridden with the confidence of last quarter LTO will defy it’s odds.

    N 2.40 – Nobody Home @ 16e/w
    Has got the ability to take on this modest field. Probably prefers better going but prepared to give it a go at the odds.

    N 3.10 – Discorama @20 e/w
    Bit of an unknown field but back in trip and will be competitive.

    1. Hi Mike if your offer of Django still holds good…I would be chuffed to take advantage of your kindness,,,I have spare blank cd discs… My cassettes are done in…and player knackered. I’d gladly post the discs on…if that would be how you would plan to do it…Ask me nothing technical as it’s passed me by lol.
      I’ve some great 33s…Dutch Swing College Band etc.. I gave 100s away to the local hospital radio… i was choked letting them go…but we’d downsized..Fatal. The one that sticks out in my mind was Gary Moore’s…title now eludes me…sitting on the sidewalk…can you recall the title…Also if you read my mail yesterday…The name of the local guy we used to go to the Django festival in France with was Gary Potter…. won the acclamation a few times….Maybe we saw it throught rose tinted glasses…but he was good. He used to play here in a pub called The Atlantic…..fabulous Saturday night pissup’s on the old dock road, It close when the tax man caught them BTW,, when did Stefan Grapelli join up with him after Yehudi Menuhin

      Cheers. Tony Mc.

      1. hi Tony,
        I was a bit 3 sheets t’other night after beer and curry and beer. Grappelli was the ‘fiddler’ and not Yehudi. Both famous in their own right. A shame Django died so young. Hollywood would have made him into a megastar and the world of music would be a richer place. Unless you know somebody who knows someone who knows who he is you’d never hear about him.
        No need to provide disc’s. I’ll get your email from Josh and copy 20 or so tracks which you can then burn to disc .
        I’ll find some ‘Dutch’ music and have a listen. In my youth I was a bit of a headbanger (Zep,Purple,Sabbath etc) but as the years have gone on I prefer the more subtle vibes. Although I can knock out some real R&R vocals ala Big Joe, Sam Butera, Little Walter, Fats, Johnny Otis, Slim Harpo et al

  2. A good effort on the football yesterday with Huddersfield landing the 4/1 away plus Villa at 6/4. Preston was a loser. The main rugby bet one with Ireland winning by 1-12 points but England flopped so a minimal profit there.

    Today’s football – I would lay Spurs at 1/2 and back Chelsea if you can get 3/1 (likely as a trade only).

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