Free Daily Post: 23/02/18 (complete)

just a couple of micros today, some chase ‘notes’


none today. I had a flick through a couple of chases at Exeter and Warwick but couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to dive into anything with my tipping stake. The 4.50 Exeter looks tough. The fav deserves to be so given he is in form, handles the mud and is thoroughly unexposed. On the flip side he is inexperienced over fences and stamina is an unknown- the trip could be the making of him, or he may not see it out. I wouldn’t want to dive in at that price but i’m also wary of taking him on. The rest seem to have as many questions also. Shotgun Paddy may be of some interest given that they remove the headgear and Sheehan takes over- both reason for why he ‘could’ show more life. Were he to repeat runs from early 2017 in much better races than this, then he’d go very close. The same could be said for Kim Bailey’s slow old boat who probably needs the visor to work. He usually just plods on and that may be enough. I didn’t have any overly strong thoughts though so have left it.

Capard King returns again at Warwick, but 6s and not 14s as when last seen. I still don’t know how he didn’t win at Donny. This is a weaker race but given his flaws (doesn’t like winning/can idle/hit a fence) I didn’t want to dive in at 6/1 but hope he goes very close. Maybe worth an interest tickle as I couldn’t have anything else in that at the prices.



K Lee Chasers

3.30 War – Bishops Road (m1, 12/1<)

Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

3.30 War – Bishops Road (12/1<)


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  1. AW BETS
    2.45 Lingfield Monarch Maid

    Last nights 9.00 race could not have been a better example two horse could not be fancied on form and no ratings fancied them yet they finished 1st and 2nd.
    The bets that i have been putting up are my own private bets which i have backed myself and it is up to you if you wish to use your money to invest alongside me and remember that you need a betting bank which a guide was put up yesterday alongside the bets,for at some stage there will be a lengthy losing run.

  2. Football – You can likely get 2/1 Sheff U away at Hull this evening.

    Arsenal had a mad 2 minutes last night and let in two goals to wreck the win to nil bet. However Napoli won 2-0 at 16/5 for a nice profit.

    The prices I quote are getable, more likely on the exchanges rather than the bookies, as the exchanges are more generous on football, especially nearing kick off.

    I ha a nice email from my friends at Ladbrokes yesterday to inform me that as well as being restricted on sports betting I was also restricted on casino games, which I do not play! Lovely people.

    1. Brilliant Martin what a bunch of clowns,its pathetic that a multi billion pound company are running scared from winning punters when 9 out of 10 lose its just pure greed and ive had a gutfull

    2. Theres thousands of these Ladbrokes emails going round Martin so doubt its just you. New GDPR (Data protection) kicks in in May and I suspect its a clean up exercise.

  3. AW followers may or may not be aware of this trio today.

    Lingfield 2.45 Your Pal Tal
    Wolverhampton 5.45 Jan Steen
    Wolverhampton 7.15 Tuff Love

    All trained by J F Levins???

    Can’t see anything more in it than a box has come over on the ferry and dropped the pair off at Wolverhampton and then gone down to Lingfield and will then come back up to Wolverhampton tonight to collect the other two.

    No Curley style gambles going on either.

    Only other logical explanation is they are here for sales/ to be sold??..

    Rather strange though to come over with pretty moderate prize money available??

    1. I had backed all three individually as it looked as one or more might be off as they are all in weaker races than they might find at home.
      I didn’t think of doing the treble though?!

    2. Irish horses who come over for a say AW campaign can be stabled over here at another trainers yard and do not always travel back to Ireland after one race.
      Summer racing up in Scotland papers longest traveler J Gosden one runner at Hamilton no it as not traveled up to Scotland in a horse box on its own at great expense,he will have sent 10 or more horses which will be stabled at a trainers yard in Scotland so his horses can do the Scottish summer circuit.
      In England if two trainers based in Lambourn have one runner each running at Catterick then they may share a horse box to cut the cost to the owners and rather than sending two stable lads one will groom both horses to cut costs.

  4. JJ Slevin..all part of the Geegee system and Irish raiders….gone in…

    Better still though Ian is Sahara Haze….i took 16/1…just missed 18s…..
    But another cracker Ian….I actually feel rich for nce…lol.

    Tony Mc.

  5. Cheers Tony; I just hope everyone else cottoned on to make it main tip when That’s Gonna Sting was declared a non runner; I did manage to get it on to the Twitter feed to do so, but impossible to mail everyone “in the field” so to speak…be nice if those other pair went in at Wolvo; I might even get to like the AW for an hour at least..

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