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just a micro today…

Just the micros today…


Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

2.10 Towc- Rock And Roll King (12/1< guide)


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  1. With all their stars available I am with Madrid tonight should be a cracker of a game
    PSG have it all to prove at the very top level.
    They have a great team but it do or die for Madrid and think they can edge it.

    1. Real are very strong at home in the Champions League and Ronaldo is scoring. PSG are having issues with Neymar but he will no doubt play tonight as he would likely like a move to Madrid. It is just a question of what price you take for value? I would take 6/4 if it is available.

      Porto play an attacking 442 formation and are unbeaten in the league since October. They are useful from set pieces but have a few injuries and the Portuguese league is weak. Liverpool are good for goals. Therefore I would bet n goals and if you can get 6/4 Liverpool then take it.

      A trip I would recommend is to visit Lisbon in September or October when the weather is still OK and go to a match. The atmosphere is good but friendly, they kick off circa 9 or 10 at night, they have good street food and the bars stay open afterwards. I went to see Benfica play and before the game the giant eagle flies up and down and around the stadium and then the teams come out.

    2. The 15/8 Altitude but then not at altitude football bet was successful last night. I had already backed it before the change of venue was known and so collected.

      1. I went to Lisbon with my sister a few years back didn’t get a chance to see a match
        but love Portugal.
        We went on the train to Braga which is a lovely city more laid back than the Bussle of Lisbon
        but equally enjoyable.

        Agree with Madrid and Liverpool
        think there will be goals in both games.

        For anyone interested in altitude then I have the altitudes for the 5 major leagues that
        have clubs from different altitudes Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico

        I will list the Bolivian teams as they have the biggest swings
        if anyone is interested I will list the others

        Real Potosi 3960Meters (highest top flight stadium in the world)
        National Potosi 3956 meters
        San Jose 3735 meters
        The Strongest 3640 meters
        Bolivar 3640 meters
        Club Universitario 2810m
        Aurora 2558m
        Willsterman 2558m

        Oriente Petrolero 416meters
        Club destroyers 416 meters
        Blooming 414 meters
        Royal Pari 410m
        Sports Boys 339m
        Guabira 300m

        The two best teams are the La paz based Bolivar and the strongest
        and they both have awesome home records against
        the 6 lowland team.

        The lowland teams can win at the very high altitude grounds
        but if you check the records but when they do it is usually
        when they have a run of away games at high altitude bases
        they very rarely do well when they have played their last game at home
        within a week and fly un acclimatised to the high mountains.

        The two Potosi based teams and San jose are no great shakes
        but at 3735meters plus are always a force to be reconded
        with on paper their home record doesn’t show that are unbeatable
        on their on grounds but most of their home defeat come
        when they play the better altitude based teams Bolivar, The Strongest or Willsterman.

        of the lowland based teams Blooming are the best of them with Gubira a fair 2nd
        they have gone to Potosi and won but usually they have had a few road games at altitude
        before playing.
        Royal Pari and Club Destroyers were promoted from league 2
        and I think they will find it tough going visiting the mountains

        if is rather like the world cups in Mexico and South Africa by the time they get to the later stages
        they are well acclimatised as the have had about 6 weeks at altitude

        Spain v Holland was the ideal example both lowland counties who had no problem
        in south africa

  2. AW BETS
    1.50 Bungee Jump
    2.20 Bad Dog
    3.20 Poetic Imagination
    4.20 Bernie’s Boy
    4.20 Billyoakes
    7.15 Brigadoon

    1. Well done again Colin. Your 2-1 up on me today – so far lol. Nice 12/1 win from Bernie’s Boy for both of us. GL

      1. Bernie’s boy can only claim 8/1 for i am recording my bets at SP

        After today’s racing 15 winners from 54 bets
        Profit 29.25 points from 10 days racing at Bookmakers SP.

        1. Excellent work, I notice from your postings, that sometimes you have more than one selection in one race, so taking that into account, you have 15 winners from how many races ?

        2. Another excellent days profit at SP though Colin. Keep it up, not seen many that can match that. If I hadn’t been stuck up a mountain in Borovets I would have had my fiver on. I wonder what the numbers would say for the horses that qualify on both Ken and Colins systems.

  3. T 3.40 Cloudy Glen e/w @ 50’s readily available, might be wise to wait and see if any nr’s but I’m on anyway.

    LTO @ Hereford over 2m5 1/2f. fast track, pulling hard, done in after 2 1/4m.
    Towc over 2m, start uphill might steady it a bit and get ready for the long uphill finish. One of Hemmings who does enjoy a little tickle himself.


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