Free Daily Post: 12/02/18 (complete)

just the micros today…

Well it’s my last day in Krakow today and I am shattered. Just the micros today…


Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

3.05 Catt- Sharp Response (12/<)

4.05 Catt – Straidnahanna (12/1<)


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  1. AW BETS Poor day on saturday but still plus 19 points up in 8 days at Bookmakers SP
    7.40 Roys Legacy
    7.40 Sir Harry Collins
    8.10 Tha’ir
    8.40 Critical Thinking
    8.40 Broughtons Fancy
    8.40 Outlaw Torn
    8.40 Cockney Boy
    8.40 Sir Lancelot
    8.40 Sheer Intensity
    In the 8.40 at the moment there are 6 bets they all meet my ratings along with the trainer,there could be non runners later,you can try leaving 1 or 2 out which i have done to my cost when the outsider as won.
    I have backed all 6 and forget about the race till the result,if all 6 lose then it is only 6 points off the profit.

  2. I keep getting emails inviting me to join The Sècrect Betting Club. Anyone have any knowledge either past or present. Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. I would describe it as excellent. There are three levels of membership, Silver, Gold and Platinum. I use the Gold service and receive a monthly e magazine which has a lot of detail as well as regular emails. Basically what they do is monitor tipsters form the main sports inc Horse racing. They do very good reviews of the tipsters in detail and confirm the accuracy of the statements the tipster sited give and concentrate on whether you can get on at or near the suggested price. The service would be a must for anyone interested in using tipsters. They also look at systems and micros that may be useful to the horse racing enthusiast.

  3. Bernard, I would say the following as an observation and not an endorsement.

    From a “Punters perspective” they are run by a wholly admirable, decent and respected guy called Peter Ling.

    They offer some excellent articles covering Betting/Punting on a number of Sports including Horse Racing.

    They proof tips from some very good Tipsters, including a few who I personally respect and rate very highly. I am not a Member so can’t comment on them all.

    Their “proofing panel” though, the last time I saw / was made aware was relatively small; so not sure about the sample size. They do offer excellent comment and Guidance and Ratings though for all aspects of horse racing from Betting to Systems to Racing Publications.

    I think it is just down to the individual as to whether the cost is worth the information provided and I suspect they offer short term packages and at one time if you enquired they would send you a free copy of a past publication to look at.

    That’s my own personal viewpoint and may lead someone to ask “why don’t you proof with them?”


    Very good question, mainly due to their proofing process being very onerous in that you have to date stamp tips with available prices off betting sites. They didn’t (I have not recently checked so stand to be corrected) allow you to proof to SP.

    If you have read the excellent article this morning from our good friend Alan (Pro Punter) you will understand why I am reticent to “date stamp” any external proofing site with data from a Bookmaking site. That and the fact that rising at 5.30am daily to collate and get tips out each morning by 9.00am and then proofing to 2 other independent sites with a bigger tipster sample and also to a firm of Accountants, means it is not for us, we have enough to do already and I’m not sure there would be any net benefit for us; but that does not denigrate the product they have.


    I would be inclined to mail them, say you are interested and ask if they still allow prospective members to see a past edition, they may even be available to view on their website.

    I have nothing but positive views and positive feedback about them though and hope this helps.

  4. bit of a lesson Saturday when getting on Politologue
    when he drifted late on

    The money was right as Altior just laughed at him
    hard to see Altior getting beat at Cheltenham bar a fall
    but we said that about Douvan last year.

    Horses not going great at the moment but The South American football season starting to get
    into fall swing
    I like high Altitude teams when they play lowland teams
    when the lowland team played their previous game at non altitude within 7 days

    On Tuesday night(22.15uk time)
    Rampla Juniors from Uruguay travel to UTC Cajamarca in Peru in the copa sudamerica which is south American equivalent to the Europa league.
    The Copa libadores is the Premier south American competition in line with the Champions league)

    Cajamarca is at 2750 meters and anything above 2500meters
    is a big advantage against teams such as Rampla who come from sea level.

    at the weekend Rampla had a league game at Sea level
    so they have had no time to acclimatise
    there are no high altitude based teams in Uruguay so they will not be used to
    playing at 2750 meters
    As this is the first leg Rampla will be happy to keep it tight and even a narrow defeat will
    be acceptable for them as they will feel they are the better team
    and turn the tie around in Uruguay.

    UTC are 11/10 on betfair and evens with the bookies
    I think the bet is UTC at 11/10 and a little saver on 0-0
    as I think Rampla will put lots of men behind the ball
    to stay in contention

    even if utc score I don’t think Rampla will
    open up so betting on a low scoring UTC win
    of 1-0 or 2-0 could be of some interest

      1. Cant believe that price
        11/10 on betfair!!

        That looks an outstanding price
        I make them 4/5.
        The Uruguayans played on Saturday and will have no time to acclimatise
        15/8 seems a very big price as I think they will try
        tactic 2 when playing at Altitude arriving at the very last moment
        so altitude sickness doesn’t have time to take hold

        The theory is to land on the morning of the match and play with a few hours of landing
        doesn’t cut it for me as you can hardly breath.

        I think the Uruguayan team are no hopers and have to be on at 15/8

  5. Fantastic Ian…..i’m sorry i had my minimum. …but no moans….my choice…Terrific analysis It still topped up my bank….Great stuff.

    Tony Mc

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