Members Daily Post: 11/02/18 (complete)

Section 1, test zone, did you back ‘the machine gun’?

1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers

2.Any ‘Notes’ (my subjective thoughts/’tips’)

3.Micro System Test Zone

4.Any general messages/updates etc



1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers


4.00 – Baby Ticker   (HcH, micro TJC) H1 G1 I3 2/1 S4  UP

4.30 – Sharney Sike   (All Hc’s, micro going) H3 9/2 PU

5.00 –

Green Tikkana   (HcH) G3 3/1  UP
Bertalus   (micro runs) G3 25/1 S1 S2  UP

Exeter – None


2.Any ‘Notes’ (my subjective thoughts/’tips’)

None. (won’t be looking at any racing, haven’t looked through the above) 


3.Micro System Test Zone

R Hobson

4.10 Ext –  Chic Name (33/1< guide)  UP


4.Any general messages/updates etc

Not too much to shout about on Sat, a couple of seconds for the test zone seemed the best of it, looking back. The highlight was clearly Kalashnikov. Delighted for connections, Amy and Jack. They are both great young professionals who are going places. I have to admit that I didn’t back anything on Saturday…as is the case when I go away for a weekend I switch off and don’t bet on any horses, it’s good to have a mental break every now and then. (so I keep telling myself, I think ‘disengaging’ cost me about £150 at my stakes) (SP2A had a 10/1 winner with their ‘daily tips’ also) Were I at home I would have backed him, and SP2A’s tips, as I do with all theirs with a separate bank etc. (although I ignore staking advice and have 1 point win on everything..maybe one day I’ll become and EW bettor…it’s something I need to ponder) 

Anyway, hopefully some of you used the stats to back ‘the machine gun’/make a profit on the race. If just one of you did that made doing the trends worth it…but just to see how many of you may have done, there is a poll below 🙂


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  1. Has Anyone out There Had Any Dealings With A Company Called the The Racing Advisor.
    Or The VDW. Method. Newly Reconstructed
    I do remember it from Old Sporting Chronicle Handicap Book . System Pages . Along With a whole Load of Crap System Advisors.
    The CREAM
    Hutton . Big winners Proven .
    Yeah Only to Secretary.
    Who Else was There
    The “Dawson System. ”
    Clive Holt . Back Page . ” Always Back Winners. ”

    Anyone Remember My Favorite Montly Magazine “The Sporting Investor ”

    Richard H

    1. The racing advisor is one of the better and more genuine sites about mate. Vdw has always interested me and I have been getting the emails for that system.

        1. I’d tread carefully with it Richard. If it’s software based make sure there is some sort of money back guantree. Michael’s stuff is generally good but this is new so you never know!

          1. Never trust a racing advisory website that has a plethora of bookmaker affiliation links all over it. I don’t know exactly how this guy makes a living but it certainly isn’t from his gambling activities.

  2. Just wondered what the SP2A 12/1 winner was Josh, I must have missed it. I had Transient Bay at 7/1 this morning (BOG) won 10/1.

  3. Punchestown 1-40 could be all green and orange with trainer E.Bolger likely to fill the first 3 places but outside his top 3 in the market he also runs My Hometown 33-1 and Blue Templar 40-1 both have ew chances and could give you a run for your money, in the 4-20 old boys Thunder and Roses 18-1 and Forever Gold 18-1 might be worth a small ew punt with skybet paying 6 places.

  4. Well I really fancy one today, but,again the price is short..

    16:20 Punchestown
    BAIE DES ISLES 9/1 gen
    Winner of this contest 12 months ago, hasn’t won since but this will certainly have been the plan and he can go close at a value price, just…really fancy him though, would have liked double figures.
    WHITE ARM 16/1 gen
    From the Tony Martin yard is a winner of three chases on varying ground the yard is very shrewd at placing thier horses in races likes this and after a fair run last time he could be ready to run a big race here looks good e/w value at current odds of 16/1

    There we go, we shall see if i can get the wagon back on the rails.

    1. Good luck in the 4.20, open race or what? Ian at SP2A likes your selection. My pin also landed on Spiders Web.

      The Nick Williams – Lizzie Kelly over hurdles micro has a runner n the 2.30 EX, Mercenaire. Likely to make the running.

      Good luck.

        1. The other day i picked them before Ian even sent his tips out and last week if you look at my “tips” they didn`t even match Ian`s, so, i don`t know where that has come from?
          It does give me confidence when Ian tips them also though, he is a much better judge than me!

          1. Fair enough Stewart. It just surprised me that you and Ian appear to find a lot of left field selections like. Minella whisper,Log on, Titian Boy, White Arm and write similar things about their chances. As they say great minds think alike. Lets hope the winners keep on rolling.

          2. I think we are all on the same page as in, we all want to make a profit, if me Ian, Josh and a couple of others are tipping some of the same horses up, it should give everyone more confidence to back them?
            Fair enough the price may go, but, at least you know it`s a horse/s that you have confidence in, don`t think it really matters who tipped it, or, what selection method they are using.
            As the blog suggests Racing to profit….although with me it`s trotting to profit.

  5. Hello Everyone,
    As a newcomer to the blog I’m not quite sure how it all operates.
    I tend to follow Trainer based systems using PROFORM for all criteria.
    Yesterday gave 2 selections: NATIVE RIVER won at 8/11 but I managed to get 1/1
    I don’t normally back short prices but thought this was a “steal”.
    The other was KYLMORE LOUGH (2nd.) at 4.? Bfsp.
    These 2 followed a 28/1 Bfsp.winner for my Kerry Lee system earlier in the week.
    In future I’ll post any bets as early as possible on the day they occur.
    Meanwhile, thanks to everybody for all the very interesting info. Great stuff!
    Is it allowed to swap e-mail addresses between members if they find something of mutual interest?
    P.S. I live on the Costa Blanca, Spain.

    1. Y Viva Espana. What is the temperature out there now? Frost or rain in the UK but today is sunny in the South East. You can share your email address if you wish. Pro Form is OK but it is not the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. The contributors on here are pretty knowledgeable and share their thoughts, which it is all about. You will find the content useful. It is a mix of analytical and knowledge with a bit of fancies for races thrown in.

  6. Chris
    You lucky devil “Sea, Sun, Sangria and the horses racing to boot” what more could you ask for. A Golf course of course. Lol
    GL with your systems, you have joined a great site.


  7. Interesting horse running Punchestown 4.20.
    WITHOUT LIMITES 14/1 (11/1 Sky 6pl)
    The Goliath Syndicate have eventually replaced their very good 6yo who died in action 2015, same yard used.
    Might be one for the tracker.

  8. Afternoon everyone.

    I’ve been a member now a few months , this website is great and I love how all the members chip in with different bits of info and tips. Josh really has a cracking website here. After a few months of tinkering I’ve now settled on the S1, S4 and S5 strategies. I’ll also follow Josh’s NOTES and TIPS horses hoping to pull in another 100+ points in.

    I’m sure Josh won’t mind me asking this but I’m wondering if anyone has a decent tipster they can recommend that specialises in the FLAT racing, ideally that records P/L to SP ? I follow SP2A which is a superb all rounder and I have this website for the NH and I want to add a FLAT tipster to my portfolio. I know Josh recommended B.Love the other day but it’s a bit too expensive for my liking and I read a few concerns about been able to get on advised prices. If anyone can recommend a service to me then my email is

    Matt M

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