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1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers


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3.20 Fairyhouse

Of Interest: Smokey Joe Joe / Swift 

On a quiet day I thought i’d have a dive into this race using HRB and Geegeez. I narrowed the race down to these two, Graineyhill, Wee Small Hours, Benefit of Magic.

I appear to have gone for the two at the biggest price from this ‘shortlist’, for my ‘interest wagers’. The video below (and in free post) explains in more depth but…

Smokey… the ‘been there and done it’ horse in all race conditions as you will see from the ‘instant expert’ tab.. he is very well handicapped against his chase mark, and bolted up two starts ago. He is 0/7,1p at Navan and I wonder if there is something about the track/the finish that he doesn’t like. He was bang there a couple from home and looked like he may challenge Wee Small Hours at one point, before fading. He has won over hurdles and maybe that run got him used to the smaller obstacles. He is 12 but seemingly in great form. At 9/1 I thought he may be worth a small play.

Swift.. well she arrives here in form, conditions are fine, has track form, and with the jockey claim has nothing on her back. In these conditions that may be a positive. Provided that run hasn’t taken it out of her she could build on that. She arrives in form at least. What made her a bet was the ‘pace’ – if they all run to previous tactics (never a given and in Ireland less so – from a very limited sample/memory pool..but i’ve backed a few horses who I think will front run only to be held up out the back!) there is a chance she tries to make all and win this from the front. On that basis I thought 7s may be worth a small play.

We shall see. The video below expands a bit more but that is the main gist of it!



3.Micro System Test Zone

TTP All-Weather

3.30 Chelm – Too Many Shots (m1) ES H3 4/1  S3

6.55 Wolv – Top Offer (m1) ES H3 I1 7/1  S2 S3 S6


4.Any general messages/updates etc


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10 Responses

  1. Its almost 10PM and I haven’t even started packing for my holiday this weekend so no write up again I am afraid. Not to mention Ludlow may well not be on.

    Lamanver Odyssey Ludlow Wednesday 14:40 1pt e/w

  2. A bit late for me as well. Bedtime beckons.

    AS racing at Chelmsford and Wolves. Amazingly no qualifiers for Chelmsford. Wolves as follows:
    4.55 Trotter 11/2
    5.25 Takbeer 16/1
    5.55 Brockey Rise 9/1 & Madame Jo Jo 6/1
    6.25 Right Touch 11/2 & Twin Appeal 6/1
    6.55 Top Offer 15/2
    7.25 Ravenhoe 9/2
    8.25 Run with Pride 8/1 & Roundabout Magic 13/2
    1pt Win each

    Good Luck

    The good news is I’ve got all my data back. Will take a bit of time to update results but should have them by the weekend.

    1. Not sure what’s going on with the odds for Top Offer. 11/1 with 365 – they opened at 7/2 and it’s been drifting throughout the evening – with a general price of 4/1 elsewhere.

  3. I`ve gone with Chelmsford Ken and done one of yours at Wolverhampton, all aboard the Skylark!

    15:00 Chelmsford
    drop in class, blinkers fitted..
    PAMMI 25/1 gen
    something niggling me about this one< just think it may sneak into a place.

    16:30 Chelmsford
    OK BY ME 11/1 gen
    top aw trainer, jockey booking also interesting, we shall see.
    LIMERICK LORD 11/1 spbet
    price is about right for this one and today may be his day.

    20:25 Wolverhampton
    Consistent performer who could just get his nose in front, can see a blanket finish here.
    POINT NORTH 7/1 gen
    Another consistent sort, as with all these sprints, it!s who is on a going day…

    back all each way, know that is not for all of you, but yesterday showed a profit and some if you had done.

  4. with all jump meetings off in uk it leaves us Fairyhouse and AW @ Chelmsford and Wolves, an old favourite Tasaaboq 10-3 runs in the CH2-25 and i’ll also have a go on Call It Magic 5-2 Fairyhouse 3-50. let’s pray for warmer better weather so the jump season can finally get into full swing.

    1. had another quick look waiting for the wife to vacate the bathroom and Mujassam 28-1 W6-25 might be worth a little ew dropping back to 7f and a patent on the 3 magics today for a bit of fun.

      1. Next big win get a second bathroom. Sound investment. Still snowing here in Kent! Took the dogs out in it and all 4 of us hated it. Millwall out of the cup after making 7 changes (did not know that we had 7 other players) and we miss Spurs at home in the next round. Nothing for me today. Roll on spring.

        Good luck.

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