Free Daily Post: 01/02/18 (Tips/complete)

TIPS x2,+ VIDEO + micros


2.50 Towc

Snowball – 1 point win – 8/1 (gen) UP

Black Narcissus – 1 point win – 10/1 (gen) UP

*hmm, both have run ok there, 4th and 5th, I though BN was coming with a late withering run there, but started from a long way back and lugging that weight took it’s toll I think, fairly flat out for a while there. Exciting enough. Happy to take on the winner given age/price,0/17,6p since Feb 13. Had been running well though and consistency rewarded, James Bowen again. 


(it’s fairly short for me, only 10 minutes!) 



Kerry Lee Chasers (12/1<)

4.00 Towc – Mr Bachster

Harry Fry Mares (any odds, 10/1< best)

2.25 Towc – Rosemary Russet 2nd


That will be the lot for today.

GL with any bets


p.s don’t forget the Cheltenham Ante-Post Portfolio post…some great comments to flick through… read HERE>>>


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  1. Hi Josh, I’m trying to renew my membership but it keeps saying that there are no products available yet! Also do I have to use paypal or is there another method of payment available.

    1. hi Pat, I was having problems yesterday.. paypal was playing up, so I disabled them. I will email you asap, always other options 🙂

        1. Paypal can play silly buggers, got a couple things on my to-do list and then will get onto it, in an hour or so.
          I’ll email you etc.

  2. T 2.50 – Over My Head @16 e/w…4 places available

    Front running trier who stays on feet but guilty of the odd blunder. Will make all when it gets it right, hopefully tomorrow.


  3. Good video Josh. I can see the Snowball angle you put forward. I dont like the 4 out of 5 P’s in Black Narcissis’s form. I had a look back at his previous runs and I think he does not fancy it? Maybe the wind op will help? Bobonyx looks the safest pick in a tricky race.

    I think when Alex Dunn started to come to the fore she was under the radar and had some well handicapped horses. As she had some success the horses went up the weights and she had a downturn. She may be on her way back now?

    Good luck with your selections.

    1. Just to put meat on the bones.
      Alex Dunn, 6to 10 yrs old running between 6 & 60 days after being pulled up LTO.
      9 from 22 = 42% and 60% place for horses less than 20/1.

      1. That’s some solid stattage there Dave, I may go in again haha. Price gone a tad now mind. All about the blinkers/wind op/Gavin Sheehan… any one of those could be the reason for a sudden resurgence in form. And these are his ideal conditions. We shall see. Probably scrubbed along after 3 and PU!

  4. 250T Basford Ben is ‘value’ to me, having won lto and likely to be much better suited to this test than Huntingdon then. A win over 26f at Carlisle attests to that and C5 is the right class.

    1. I was close to tipping Ben but last night he was 7/1 vs 11-12/1 for Black but despite now being on 4 between me, Josh and SP2A I’m going to have to have a saver on him if he drifts much further.

  5. The 3.25 at Towcester and the 2.25 at Wincanton interest me.

    Doctor Des is easily the form horse but has to give 6lbs to all his rivals
    and is unproven on heavy ground and at the trip of 2m3f

    He may well improve for it but that is unproven
    VOIE DANS VOIE who stayed on a much better race at Newbury
    looks a solid stayer and is a very strong e/w horse

    in the 2.25 at Wincanton Drops of Jupiter is another horse unproven over the trip of 2m5f
    and although she has won on soft very heavy ground over a longer trip giving away 6lbs to all her rivals
    makes her vulnerable

    Three runs ago she was 2nd at Exeter at 40/1 beating one of todays trivals
    Rosemary Russet by 14l but Rosemary was 9/4fav that day

    Jubilympics stayed on well at Fontwell last time but finished behind Rosemary
    the time before so it looks as if Fry thinks a bit about Rosemary Russet
    but today they go for a first time tounge strap
    that get a big hint she has breathing problems
    a 2m 5f slog in the mud doesn’t cry bet with a horse with this profile
    and for me the e/w horse is the Woollacott mare Dinos Benefit
    a winner of two points one yielding ground
    The 2mile bumper she ran in at Towcester was never going to play to her strengths
    and 4th wasn’t a bad result

    so I am have two e/w doubles
    dinos benefit and Voie dan voie
    Rosemary Russet and Voie dan voie

  6. Josh

    This may be of help to you, may be equally of help to all Paypal users.

    We had some issues with Paypal payment boxes last week. I referred it to my IT expert and after a lot of investigation this is the outcome.

    PAYPAL have launched some new level security, means you have to re-code any Paypal boxes you use as a Business (not a customer) to update it. The new code/security is to protect PAYPAL from robot/cyber attack e.g some rogue banging a few billion hits on to their functionality instantaneously to bring it down.

    Fair play to Paypal totally understandable.

    However; they have set tolerances way too low, so if you are a regular customer or click on a paypal screen a few times before paying, it thinks you are a robot and you get a message saying “There is an error please come back and try again” or similar. There is no point going back, it will re-occur.

    The one guaranteed way to overcome it is “to clear your cache” it works and you are able to make payment. We have 2-3 computers, one we clear the cache on and the other we don’t every night; clearing the cache works. The other way is to use a VPN as Paypal pick up your IP address and treat that as a “robot” (as above).

    Hopefully they will set more realistic tolerances if you pay anyone regularly by Paypal it could be an issue. I think the coding may be responsible if automated payments are not working; I am not a tecchie by tecchie standards but sure your IT guy can help.

    1. Thanks Ian,

      not sure what is going on, not sure it is that issue… a load of auto renewals have been fine, but there have been a handful of issues.

      Sign ups yesterday were not coming through automatically, I got my techie mate to test it properly and his payment came through/he became ‘active’ about.6 hours after signing up through the blog/paying through PayPal. For some reason the comms from Paypal to the blog/members software, was playing silly buggers.
      And a couple above whose payments should have come out but didn’t appear to in paypal/didn’t communicate as such with blog. Bit of a head-scratcher! And no idea if that has affected others. Maybe it will right itself in a few days.

      I’ll note down that issue. I don’t have coded PayPal buttons on here, its integrated with my membership software and redirects you to PayPal at the right time. But maybe it is all connected.


  7. Hi Josh

    sorry to trouble you, it’s regarding the £1 to join

    tipster you sent in an email today.

    i would like to ask how do they send you the tips?

    is it by email?

    or is it by phone?

    i recently had a bad experience with a tipster who
    offered tips free
    Then in signing up your asked for your phone number
    just as this tipster does.
    (i might hasten to add that having read it through twice
    i couldn’t see mention of how the tips were given out.)

    once they received your phone number They text you the tips
    and each tip is at premium rate tipping Line service costs
    which is at a cost of £1.99 or more each

    i hope you understand my concern and my reason for asking this question.

    all the best


    1. Hi Cliff,
      It’s never trouble! Especially if I have emailed about X, all questions welcome in these parts.

      Firstly you will have to trust my judgement of people first and foremost. Darren Power is one of the good guys, I know him personally… you are dealing with him/Betting Insiders Club, as opposed to Brett Love himself. He is the star tipster for that service but Darren and his team will be doing all the support etc. Darren can be trusted

      I didn’t realise they asked for mob numbers but it isn’t essential. I have been added in for a couple of weeks to take a look around and I didn’t put my number in… you get emailed and access to a members site when new posts are up/tips etc, these are also emailed out – no need to go to the members site. I have just dipped back into my emails and yep everything is emailed out…including tips, and the ‘week ahead’ email which outlines the potential tipping races of focus coming up.

      I don’t think you ‘have to’ put in your phone number in order to sign up, must be optional..I’ll take another look But they certainly will only use it to text the tips out I assume, just as another form of communication, always handy as well if technical gremlins strike down emails etc on a given day. You wont be charged for texts etc!

      I always understand concern.. I got my ‘being conned’ experience out very early on in my racing journey.

      In essence you wont go far wrong trying anything I tell you about, or if you ever have any questions on other services just ask me, I know who definitely can be trusted in this business


    2. It’s a good question, Cliff, for a service that charges £60 monthly, as telephone charges on top, would make that ‘premium’ service beyond most people’s budget.

      1. Hi
        I am the tipster and I can assure you NONE of the tips are premium rate nor are there any charges on top! I send them out by email By 7PM the night before racing if I can find anything midweek and Before 11am on my best and most busy day, Saturday. I also post the same content in the members area which you will have free and unlimited access to whilst a member.
        Hope this helps


    3. Hi Cliff
      I am the tipster and I can assure you that I am very genuine and NONE of the tips are premium rate numbers. I send them out via email Before 7pm if anything can be found midweek the night before and by 11am on my most busy day Saturday and also post them in the members area of my site.

    4. I have subscribed to the service since it opened, and I can confirm that I haven’t had any contact by mobile phone. The service has been really impressive since I joined. What I would say is that you won’t always get close to the advised prices. Especially on a Saturday morning when there are lots of tips I’ve found that the prices are sometimes quite out of date. For example there was a week where one of the tips had also been tipped on At The Races and instead of suggested price of 7/1 the best available was about 4/1. Most weeks it isn’t quite so bad but I still find at least a few of the prices have disappeared before the email arrived. I think this might be because Brett spents quite a long time on his writeups for each horse, which are very detailed.

      Overall I’ve found the service very impressive so far. Like I say you won’t do as well as the advertised figures on the site but the tips have definitely been very profitable for me, even considering the subscription cost which is is one of the most expensive I’ve seen .

      1. Hmm..always a tricky one.. in part that’s why I like some sort of low cost trial period… many factors can affect a price disappearing inc bad luck! I suspect if subscribers miss the price substantially and consistently, not making profits they are happy with, they may not stay for long- if I am being brutally honest. I took some comfort from the 8 month profit to BFSP but that may be hard to sustain.
        Not sure why the prices would vanish between Brett identifying a tip and emailing out.. unless he is betting a massive wedge himself/the bookies have his account marked?? 🙂 Pricewise syndrome…based on tomorrow’s tips which are still generally available at the ‘generally available’ prices in the email, 2 hours after sent, could just be random. It won’t be volume of subscribers in general, but could be a timing thing. Or the bookies have subscribed 🙂

  8. Ive signed up for the Love Racing trial to see how it goes. £60 a month is alot for my stakes but for £1 trial reckon its worth a shot and I don’t think Josh promotes shitty tipsters.

    I’ve not been asked for my mobile number, paid via paypal and received tomorrows tips at 6.30pm with comprehensive write up. Got on at the generally advised prices. The one stand out bookie had chopped their price by the time I got on but the generally available prices were fine and are actually still available.

    Here is hoping for a profitable 21 days!

    1. That’s the spirit Mart.. I don’t knowingly advertise shitty tipsters or from rogues!…actually, as yet I don’t think I have ever advertised a racing race adviser service that has been rubbish…all still consistently pulling in the profits over time I think. I try to be very picky! I am seeing Darren Power on Thursday so I’ll have words if issues haha.
      Yep i am keeping my eye on prices 🙂 If it was a service related issue then those prices would have gone already, they are still generally available.
      Yep, for many, esp at that cost, like you, they may just want to have some fun for 21 days for small stakes. No harm in that. It’s part of the fun. With any luck Brett has a good little run, but who knows. If only we could all have glorious winning runs during trial periods!! 🙂

  9. Hi Josh
    Since the service went live from November, a vast number of my selections have drastically reduced in price and have turned into huge gambles ie SHYRON & TORIANO to name a just a couple. I think this is partly to do with the bookies cutting prices for fun the evening before to very little money and marked accounts so I have tried to refrain from betting them too heavily myself but if you can appreciate I had many private subscribers before even getting involved with the betting school and I have no doubt this affects the BSP. I can easily achieve greater results when the flat turf racing starts as there is so much racing and the bigger fields guarantee a much higher BSP return. Flat turf racing is easily my best medium and most profitable part of my service. I always aim to tick over in these early winter months as you have found yourself ground conditions are atrocious and form doesn’t seem to hold up quite so good.
    Prices are also generally much, much lower on the jumps and all weather which is why I tend to take a more conservative approach. When I send out the selection the reader before stated the 7-1 winner but as I sent it via the dap interface the cron job automates the email every 15 minutes so this is also a contributing factor. The in depth write ups do take time but when Hugh Taylor tipped one of my selections I had already sent the email but his tip came out before my email arrived which was just bad luck. Whenever I advise a price it is readily available with at least 3 leading bookmakers so I am not trying to fool anyone. I have also proofed ALL selections to the RACING POST throughout time and send screenshots.
    My main bug bear with the industry is the lack of any of the so called major books standing good bets to the advertised price. It is criminal offence in my book and false advertising, but hey, what can we do we must try to get the best price we can.
    Hope this sheds a bit of light on proceedings, thanks for the mention and the subscribers, feel free to ask me anything.

  10. Brett;

    As someone who has worked with Josh and his Members and Followers for a while now, I would like to wish you the very best of luck.

    I don’t see “Tipping/Tipsters” as being rivals or in competition, I have only one enemy in Racing and that is the Bookmakers, who I want to beat at every opportunity.

    You will certainly find the Racing To Profit Members as being amongst the most knowledgeable out there; many have very strong opinions and are no afraid to voice them, others are seeking some advice and guidance and I have found all to be both polite and constructive and a please to deal with.

    Good Luck and I wish you every success and lets join “the Bookie bashing”.

    1. Gracious as always Ian,
      don’t worry, SP2A still has my ‘best all-round tipping service’ accolade haha- and that won’t be moved ever I doubt (ie a comprehensive daily service, 2/3 tips etc) I mean you may be the best full stop…on all ‘live’ evidence I have to date, since start Oct, that is certainly the case! I do like a bit of competition, and as you say, one common enemy.
      Brett’s is more selective, generally the big weekend C2+ handicaps on the flat (bit like Elite maybe) and handicap hurdles.. around 6-8 bets on average a week, with a concentration at weekends from what I can gather..although during the summer I suspect spread out over the week as the Flat has more ‘festivals’.
      With any luck very little crossover, may well form the perfect tipping portfolio, we shall see!
      Best, Josh

        1. too risky, I don’t want readers to have ability to edit past comments. Sadly that is a wish that I have no intention of granting! 🙂 Imperfection is fine. Makes it more real!

          1. Thanks Ian
            As Josh states my main service is classy handicap tips on the flat and over hurdles mainly weekend, but I have many, many more strings to my bow than that as I have built up numerous methods/systems that I can use daily to find winners regularly. I have only been with the betting school a short while and we agreed that we will build up the main service then possibly build in other services along the way ie ITV racing tips. I to wish all tipsters the best and harbour no ill feelings towards anyone trying to beat the books and make a living at this game as I know how hard it is!
            All the best

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