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    Abu Dhabi
    Martin Kaymer 1 point ew 1/5 6 33/1 SJ 1/5 7 30/1 PP BFSB
    This is the course for Martin of his 11 appearances he has won 3 times and finished in the top 5 three times and he is a fair price.
    Career Builder Challenge
    Jason Dufner 1 point ew 1/5 7 33/1 CO 1/5 6 33/1 888 UNIBET
    Early starter Jason who won here in 2016 and he finished 25th last year
    Bill Haas 1 point ew 1/5 7 50/1 CO SB 1/5 6 50/1 SJ WH
    All time earnings leader here and he is worth a bet having won the tournament twice and having eight top twenty finishes so far
    I back all my golf myself however i mentioned the other day that i was looking at my top rated player will put this up for information purposes for not proven yet and i do not back him
    John Rahm Career Builder Challenge

      1. Hi Mike
        Thanks for the stats have made a note.
        Dustin Johnson is a early starter for he won in Hawaii 2 out of the last 3 or 4 seasons if i recall i put him up last year when he did not win but this season his price was to short for me,that is one of the reasons i have put up Dufner early season form along with his course form.
        Wanted to put David Lingmerth at 66/1 but his wife gave birth to a son on 22 December so even though he is 5 from 5 including a couple of seconds at the course rather wait and see how he copes with the sleepless nights,Dufner form dipped after his wife gave birth 3 to 4 years ago.

        1. Golf – I will go with Webb Simpson at 25/1 and Scott Piercy at 80/1 on the USPGA tour this week. In Abu Dhabi I will go with a couple of outsiders, Jamie Donaldson 200/1 and Ernie Els 250/1+.

          The Abu Dhabi tournament looks very open to me this early in the season and so will go with a couple of bookie busters. Webb Simpson was in good form lat week and looks solid. Scott Piercy blows hot ad cold but can be competitive on his day.

          Good luck.

    1. Thanks Colin, what are you thoughts on taking lower odds but getting EW top 7 to EW to 6 or even 5? Would different/higher odds attract the benefit of EW7?

      1. Normally go for the higher odds
        Kaymer taken 1/5 6 33/1 with SJ rather than 1/5 7 30/1 with PP and i will only claim that in my results
        I only go EW to try and cut down on the losing runs for which people do not want,from September last year gave 29 bets
        EW 2 won 28/1 and 33/1 and 1 placed at 25/1 1/5 6 profit + 26.6 points
        there was another place for which i did not back to those terms so is not included in the results
        Win only 28/1 and 33/1 profit + 34 points
        The first bookmaker odds and terms next to the the player are the one i record,last year the 28/1 winner you could have got 33/1 which Josh did as i took 28/1 that was recorded in the results,so how you back them is up to you and the results are genuine from my bets and every one should be able to get the price,hope this is of help to every one however must stress again there are long losing runs so you must have a good bank however you back

  2. Abu Dhabi is a great event which I know pretty well having worked on it a few times in the early days. The great thing about it is that you tend to get largely the same players playing on the same course in pretty much perfect conditions every year. The list of champions is rock solid and a case could be made for any of the top 5 in the betting (I would go for Casey out of those 5 for various reasons) but where’s the fun in that.

    2 (tentative) against the field for me are Ben An and Branden Grace. Both are happy on the course although An’s recent form is a worry, he is World class.

    I would love to see Kaymer do it. He has never been the same since throwing this tournament away a few years ago and it would be some redemption on what must be his favourite and most hated course.



  3. Clin/Martin
    I play a bit of golf but im not the best golf watcher TV yes on the course NO.
    When theres a few bob on I like watching it more.
    Winners & Prices. 2017: Tommy Fleetwood, 60/1; 2016: Rickie Fowler, 16/1; 2015: Gary Stal, 150/1; 2014: Pablo Larrazabal, 125/1; 2013: Jamie Donaldson, 66/1; 2012: Robert Rock, 150/1; I’m having a few bob ew on Hao-Tong Li 100/1 but my main bet will be on the Leader after R2 probably not the biggest of prices if its not a top ranked player it could be a half decent price.
    5 of the last 6 winners were leading after Round 2 hope there is only one.

    Good Luck guys


  4. I actually know and met Rob Rock a few times at his Course; lives locally and remember very well his win here as he went toe to toe with Tiger and came out on top.

    Now runs a Golf Academy and spends less time on the tour. Really looked like being a top 20-30 player in 2010-2012 period but got sidetracked I remember by a very messy divorce and not quite the same since.

    Really nice bloke and never under-estimate him as still got a solid game, can win again on the European Tour in lesser event than this if he just has a good week.

    May be one of those that had the “big win” (here) and a couple of good years and lost a bit of hunger.

    1. Ian,

      “Rocky” may well become one of the leading coaches in the game. He is one of those people that is able to communicate technical thoughts really well and is a really decent bloke. Think you will start to see more and more pros going to him.


  5. Apologies
    5 of the last 6 winners were leading after Round 2 hope there is only one refers to the US PGA event not the EURO.


  6. Ben; hope you are right, as you say really personable bloke and just a shame that he seemed to be side-tracked personally when his game was at a peak in 2011-2012.

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