Free Daily Post: 01/01/18 (complete)

just a micro qual for today





Kerry Lee (12/1<)

2.00 Chelt – Top Gamble



A quiet day today, that’s the lot.

GL with any bets,



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  1. I am being strictly limited to a few minutes on the internet today by Christine, but finally back home. I had been somewhat poorly for 4 days and in bed most of them, thought it was the flu, but got to the point where it was clearly something else. Thankfully; I have a brilliant partner and she called my GP Surgery, to her eternal credit my GP was here within 15 minutes and after 20 minutes decided I needed to be admitted to Hospital.

    I’ve watched Holby + Casualty for years but never thought I’d hear the word tachycardic about me, temperature was approaching 40, I think thats about 104 in old money. They though pneumonia but my GP had suggested discitis, inflamation of the discs/spine caused by infection/fever. So 2 days on various drips and tests and I am at least well enough to be home. I have a lot of tests and scans to come, but thats for the coming days and weeks.

    The support I have from Mike and the Tipsters means we can and have kept the SP2A show on the road, and will continue to do so. I may not be tipping myself for a while but we have more than enough expertise; so rest assured that the service will continue trying to find winners.

    The care and treatment I go from GP; Hospital; our bloody marvellous NHS was absolutely magnificent; the process and procedures may do your head in, the number of managers walking round doing little may annoy; but the front line GP; Paramedic; Nurses; Doctors I can’t say too much praiseworthy; they are world class.

    I have also been truly humbled to read and hear of messages from R2P Members who I have only known for a few months; some have made me very emotional; you are a fantastic, informed, friendly and outstanding group, and I appreciate every comment, more that I can say. I will at some point get round to responding to each one.

    The tips will continue, the admin may be a bit creaky whilst we catch up and i may not be fully active for a few weeks, but THANK YOU and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.

    1. Must be great to be home and know you can look forward to good treatment and recovery in the new year. My experience, on emergency admission 6 months ago, replicates yours and I live in Hants.
      A Happy New Year to you both.

    2. Get well soon Ian. Although the others are doing well, banging in Snowed In at 14/1!! I was on and a perfect start to 2018.

    3. AHH!…Great to see you back Ian….. Never mind the nags lad…get yourself back to health…Pneumonia is a nasty beast…But i’m glad your out of dock.

      Lots of wishes for the year ahead to yourself and the Mrs…and a grand stand in..Mike.

      Get well. I hope Snowed In perked you up.

      Tony Mc,

      1. Hey…not a free trial. Will be the same deal as the first ever 3 month offer we did… 67 for 3 months (50% off) and money back offered if they fail to make a profit in the 3 months. They made well over 200 points in first trial. If you want to add a tipping/race adviser service to your armoury there is no better.
        New trial will be offered in coming days,once Ian back to full strength etc. You won’t miss it.

    4. Brilliant News Ian,
      Glad your on the mend and thanks for keeping us updated! Excellent winner today from the service also.
      Can`t thank you and the rest of the Team and Josh also, what a marvelous service both of you give to us and long may it continue!!
      Happy New Year and long live the Kings of informed selections!!

    5. Dont worry about the nags Ian plenty of time for them in the future,first and foremost Look after yourself mate,all the best in 2018

  2. Get well soon Ian. I was very sorry to hear you were ill,glad to know you’re slowly on the mend. Happy New Year to you and yours and all at SP2A,keep those 14/1 winners coming !!!
    Happy New Year Josh and to all the top lads here on the R2P forum.

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