Free Daily Post: 19/12/17 (complete)

just a micro today





Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

2.50 Catt – Maxed Out King (12/1<)


That is all for today. GL with any bets.



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  1. I have been made aware of some very unethical “so called” Tipsters tricks, by a couple of older members of my service. I am not aware whether this is being targeted at “older people” or whether it is coincidence, but would like to share it as a warning and for you to pass on if you frequent other Forums.

    It seems people are being sent unsolicited text messages with something like “free tip xxxxx runs at Doncaster at 2.00”. Later on they get a “have this tip now and if it wins, all I want is “(various figures) usually £2.99 or £4.99.

    They are then bombarded with 10-12 tips per day and when the odd one wins – the harassment starts.

    “Send £4.99 now to prevent further action” (the idiots actually give sort codes and account numbers and things like Mr MM, in the text”

    It goes on and on!

    As you can imagine very worrying for the receiver, especially if older and vulnerable.

    I have taken action on behalf of 2 people. That involved alerting the body that covers Mobile Phone Advertising and giving them the phone numbers involved; secondly, a simple call to Trading Standards in your area, as they compile lists of such scams. Finally, and I have no hesitation in suggesting this as a former FSA Compliance Consultant – if they are daft enough to give bank details. Do a sort code search to identify the Bank and Branch. Ring ; email ; write to said bank and alert them to the scam. I have excellent contacts in 2 Banks involved and have managed to get accounts of perpetrators closed down on the evidence I have been able to pass on.

    Not only is this scurrilous and nasty it also give bona fide and decent Tipsters a bad name as we all tend to get tarred with the same brush.

    I hope this will help if it happens to you, or if people you know get similar, especially older and more vulnerable people.

    Thanks Ian

  2. Ian
    A big well done for what you have done on behalf of other people and would you be so kind to put the phone numbers on this site for if it happens to anyone then they can take the relevant action quickly.

    1. Colin

      I don’t think it would be wise of prudent to put the “spam senders” numbers up I did consider it but I suspect they change numbers regularly and I don’t think it’s fair to Josh as it is his Forum.

      To report to your local Trading Standards just key in to Google or check your local Council website (the Dept in my town that do this are excellent I have to say)

      Re Banks -: I have very decent high level and working level contacts at many, given my “past life LOL” so if anyone gets stuck on that aspect, feel free to mail me ..



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