Free Daily Post: 03/12/17 (complete)

nothing today…


2017 Total: 18/172, +94.5 points

nothing today.


No system qualifiers etc.


An entertaining Saturday. A shame Whisper couldn’t hold on but a brave second and the winner may go on to much better things. I thought we had that won until the last 50 yards or so. He just tied up/got lonely/idled/outstayed. And he was giving the winner a stone. Gutsy. Nicky will be cursing the 4lb penalty for the win LTO. Never mind.

With hindsight I’m kicking myself for not tipping Regal Encore at 100/1 EW, as per the notes. He hit plenty of stats and I did consider an EW bet, but didn’t, for one reason or another. It’s always easier after the event. That would have been a decent return but not to be. Happy enough with how i read that race and how the stars pointers worked.  The two Newcastle pokes were awful, I won’t dwell on that one for long! On we go.




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