Free Daily Post: 27/09/17 (upd1)

micros + news of more winners…


None. Small fields at Perth.

No sort of run from the 8/1 poke on Tuesday, very disappointing. I thought he travelled well and thought he was going to run a decent race. He found very little in the last couple of furlongs. That happens, more often than not. It turns out I got the Twister horse wrong… he was 5/1, sent off at 3s… so turns out that was quite generous. Still, at least he won for my Twister angles, and with any luck some of you may have taken covering fire.


Flat 2017: 60+ day trainers

3.45 Good- Promising Run (14/1<)

Fanshawe Kempton (any odds)

8.10 – Regicide



Speculate 2 Accumulate have started well…

I had a feeling this services may do ok, and touch wood, so far so good. Another couple of winners on Tuesday at 10/1 and 15/2 from 4 bets kept things ticking along.

Results so far since we went ‘live’ with the offer on 21st Sept…

To 1 point win bets, advised prices: + 19.5 points

To 1/2 point EW bets (1 point total), advised prices: + 12 points 

An ok 6 days 🙂

So far there have been about 70 77 of you take up their exclusive (just to RTP readers) 50% discount and money back guarantee offer (refund available if not making profit to 1 point win bets at well as an EW comparison) and hopefully you have enjoyed the start. The service, in terms of when we will judge the money back guarantee etc, officially starts on October 1st for 3 full months to 31st December 2017. Some bonus profit so far 🙂  I know many of you enjoy the detailed write ups/logic, which was part of the appeal really. I expected 20 or so of you to give it a go, so what do I know!

If you’d like to join them you still can. You can take a look and sign up HERE>>>

Before this went live they had won +170 points (or + £850 to £5 win bets) in the previous 3 months, to 1 point win bets at BFSP. Decent!

Oh, and I didn’t want to mention this stat for fear of cursing them.. but here goes… Ian informs me that having checked the records… in the 6 years they have been operating they have only had back to back losing months (2) once. Just once. And even then the following month wiped out all losses and propelled them into profit for that 3 month block. Not bad. It makes the next 3 months quite enticing/exciting. They appear to know what they are doing, which is evidenced by the fact that they are still going from strength to strength.

Give them a try HERE>>>  



Back Wednesday morning.


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    1. Good stuff Doug, with any luck it is an enjoyable 3 months ahead, certainly if their history/success to date is anything to go by it should be ok!

  1. sods law strikes again, my first “afternoon off” for a while and all the racing is on racinguk and i’m buggered if i’m paying £25 a month just can’t justify the cost, normally i just record ATR and watch later. i do have a firestick with kodi but all the links are crap forever freezing up, anybody got a decent link?

    1. Martin
      Try putting Mobdro on your firestick. Works fine for me and has both ATR and RUK working with several instances available. The only time zmobfro doesn’t work is when an update is needed. You can auto update over the air selected in settings.

  2. Hi Josh, being away for 24 days..i’m reading your past post’s…as regards SP2A….do they have a pay facility other than PayPal?….

    1. Hi Tony, in short… yes… they will accept direct bank transfer.. you can get in touch with them here…

      and discuss further if you wish.. so far one other has done done exactly that I think. If you do get in touch, refer to the RTP special offer (Josh sent you!) in the message so they know what to charge you etc. I trust them fully so no concerns on that front.


    2. Tony, I always say the only thing no one can solve is death, so if you want to get in touch as Josh says, sure we can sort something out.



  3. Hi Josh.
    Nice video yesterday I really enjoyed it.
    I wonder why you reject small fields races like two Perth chases today? Maybe it’s not as much of a challenge as big races but is it really? Let’s say 3/1 winner in 5, 4 horse race is a cracking stuff in my book.

    1. Hi Maz,
      good to hear, I’ll attempt to do a few more as the weeks progress.. and with any luck the pin lands on the right ones often enough…

      Good question.. part of that dismissive attitude was because I have a lot on at the moment ! and i just didn’t have time/energy to look at them properly… I agree about your price point/to field size etc.. but boy am I useless, generally, at that end, and I tie myself up in knots when justifying 5/2-7/2 shots- i am just not comfortable doing it, it takes me out of my comfort zone, and I have little faith that I would be right enough to make it pay at that end, even in small fields… I mean probably chance of lone front runners etc – but in effect I had a quick look at the general prices, 3/1<, and thought not today! 🙂 No doubt there will be the odd small field 7/2, 3/1 shot I will throw some money away on at some point. Josh

      1. Fair comment. Personally I don’t like backing short odds favourites but I do like outsiders in small fields. By looking at my strike ratio it probably looks like o don’t like backing winners at all 🙂
        Let’s get down to business then, three for me today:
        Ballyben 1600 Perth
        Moorstown 1705 Perth
        Mr Red Clubs EW 1510 Goodwood
        I hope they win by 5l each 🙂
        Good luck with your selections.

    2. Hi Maz,

      I have always considered the best way of backing horses is watching the races.

      I know when I was able to spend hours watching races
      I would just watch hundreds of races without betting in any of them
      and if something caught my eye about a horse I would then
      delve a bit deeper into form breeding etc.

      The draw is a prime example if you just read the form book you can get a distorted view
      of any advantage.

      for instance a horse you see running well for 4th or 5th from stall 4 when the first
      3 home are all drawn 14 plus can be of great value but then you go to the form book to check when it has won in the past
      and when its next race comes around check again that it is still has favourable conditions

      the beauty of small field races is it is easy to study each horse in detail
      so for instance on betfair in a 4 horse race they will bet to 100% which relates to 95%
      after commission.
      but if you can find over whelming evidence( in your opinion) that even 1 runner has race conditions against it then you put the percentages in your favour
      in a 14 runner handicap if you eliminate 2 or even 3 runners you still have plenty to beat.

      I know in my heart if I take tips, use systems, back on just reading the form book(basically taking short cuts I lose)

      if I have a ratio of watching 50+ races and betting in 1 or 2 I can win.
      most punters or either lazy or love solving puzzles

      The lazy punter will pick the non handicaps and concentrate on the fancied horses.
      The puzzle solves will pick the hardest handicaps and enjoy the task of finding a winner
      but for me watching he races is the way to go.( I am lazy and watching hundreds of races without a bet can be a big mental challenge so discipline is required).

      The very best way is to concentrate on one type of race
      and at the end of the day watch all that type
      eg if non handicap hurdles are your bag
      and there are 5 of that type of race on a given day
      at a designated time in the evening watch all 5
      if in one something catches you eye watch that one again.

      punters are solitary players and a great deal of ego is attached to their selections
      but a great way of playing is having 4 or 5 people watching the same set of
      races and bouncing off each other.

      I might watch a race and get a strong bias about a horse
      but if I get it wrong then it is useless if 5 clued in punters watch the same race
      and come up with a different view from the racing post race watcher then you are in business

      for instance in the first at Goodwood today the favourite won but a furlong out be barged his way through a tiny gap and ran all the way to the line

      This horse may not be a Godophin superstar but you know that he is
      very tough and determined.
      Just the qualities you want in a horse

  4. A couple at a price for today – 3.00 Red Canadian George, expected to show distinct improvement and 4.20 Go Fire Jet, will improve the further it goes I am led to believe.
    Waiting for better later in the week for more serious bets.

    In the football, Lay Man U in Moscow. Difficult place to go is Moscow as Liverpool found out and many have before.

    Good luck.

    1. Good luck Martin, I think we made that difficult for ourselves haha- instead of conceding a bucket load this time, we were in one of our ‘can’t hit a barn door with a banjo’ type moods. Super.

  5. Harry’s gone and more relevantly so has the useless Kevin Bond. Tales of players turning up to Training and Harry and Bond not there and other weird events. Back to basics, Lee Carsley is a Blues fan; Brummie bred; highly rated enough to Coach Man City Academy and England U21’s and also his record as caretaker at Brentford was outstanding.

    Players have spent 8 days on training pitches re-focussing, still a number of key players injured but when all back as strong a squad as there is in Championship. I expect a glut of wins, starting tonight v a Sheff Wednesday team battered in local Derby on Sunday, another international break after the weekend will also afford Carsley more time to work with players and get key men fit…

    Nice win bet tonight!

    1. I Like ‘I expect a glut of wins’. There is optimism for you. Certainly Harry made sure you have plenty of players to pick from. I see they are a shade over 2/1 at home. Being back in the Championship as a Millwall supporter in the matches i have been at the standard is higher than League One but nothing special. Therefore anyone has a chance to climb the table.

  6. Knightly spirit has masses of stamina on both sides of his pedigree
    and his third last time over a mile was very encouraging.

    he stayed on well and the support from 7/1 to 9/2 suggests he is useful.
    up to 10f which is a real test for a 2 year old he looks sure to run close(goodwood 2.10)

    The godophin horse may be better class but I think KS will get every yard of the trip and looks an e/w bet to nothing as he may have the stamina to get the better of the favourite.
    Mt Augustus also has lots of stamina in his pedigree and while he was 6th behind KS
    at Goodwood lto over a mile he was shorter in the market at 4/1.
    now at 10f he could also give the favourite trouble if the favourite has stamina issues

    1. Yes but Bolton were unable to recruit new players and that has taken a toll on their spirit as well as there ability to compete. I think that they are sunk already. millwall signed 5 new players, 4 of which were Championship players. I agree that if you had to play with your league One squad only in the Championship you would struggle. I like the Championship as despite what some pundits may say no team is anything special.

  7. Colin – bold call on Poults. Would love to see him win as he is such a charismatic golfer but he has won one strokeplay tournament in the last 7 years (it was a World Golf Championship) and you have to wonder if he can remember how to win. He will certainly be carrying my few pence each way as he is a good price and you shouldn’t overthink these things but it would be an outstanding effort from him.

    Really excited about the British Masters. It’s an outstanding field and I am hopefully going up there at the weekend to see a few old mates and catch-up.



    1. Ben
      Almost a no bet tournament,the course is only 7000 yards should suit Poulter and he loves playing to a supportive crowd which hopefully should have him on a high.
      Enjoy the golf up there should be a fantastic Masters

  8. Martin
    Would love to see Matt Fitzpatrick do well,will be looking at him in Dubai feel that he will win another tournament out there this year

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