Free Daily Post: 18/09/17 (complete)

just the micros today…


K Lee Chasers (12/1<)

3.35 Worc – Definite Future

G McPherson (any)

4.35 Worc – Werenearlyoutofit

Trainer/jockey combo – Live Test

3.35 Worc – Altiepix (12/1<)


That’s the lot for today.

GL with any bets



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  1. Typical Monday – at Brighton the value of the gamble on Jump Around has likely now gone, 1.35, 33/1 > 16/1. I am on Galinthias, 4.45, at 12/1. Good luck.

  2. Not sure if this is one of your potential cliff horses or not but its been put up on here before at some point but, Cool Run Girl is running again today. Its doing a couple of things differently which may perk some interest in you!, not run on heavy before, up in trip and has the useful Jamie Gormley on board for the first time, so three things different, bonus.
    Also placed at the track before and wore a tongue tie last time for the first time which if I remember correctly a wise man called Josh has the opinion that these things can take a run or three for the horse to get used to. There you have it, all the ingredients to dust off the wheelbarrow.
    Go on, what else are you going to do at 2:50 this afternoon that could be as much fun as watching Cool Run Girl run and run and run til about 3:10! Already been backed from 12’s to 10’s as I write this, all the signs are there! Don’t know what they are but they’re there!

    1. Hmm, yep I did follow her for a time, and as I type I am just pulling myself up from the rocks, climbing back to the top of said cliff, and about to hurl myself down again…i already have a nibble on the Ryan runner in that, JamesP likes the Barron horse as per comment in members’… and in truth i hadn’t registered her appearance here fully so thanks for that… another big step up, ground deeper still and the jockey… low weight in this slog also…can see why you would have a nibble at a double figure price..and I have just followed you in with some change on the machine. Anything could happen! There was me thinking she would show something over 6f, maybe she has always wanted 12f! GL

          1. Well she can do as many things differently as she wants in the future, I won’t be backing her again! I wouldn’t trust her to win a one horse race !

          2. haha. Indeed. She showed so much promise on first run of season and nothing since. I still don’t know how the second didn’t just swoop past and win, painful all round that race!

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