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A day off…

A day off on Sunday. No nice chases to get stuck into this week unfortunately. No system quals either.

Typically there was a blow out on Saturday which is usually the case when I make a song and dance about the Members’ Club. That’s how it goes and a reminder that I have not found the elusive magic money tree! A couple of them ran well and went close to winning/placing which would have made a big difference on the day. Not too much damage done and after recent days we were due a mediocre day.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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  1. 4.00 Market Rasen

    17 winners from 168 runners since race began in 2000:

    Aged 10 or older : 0/57
    Max. run, >3m2f : 1/48
    Career wins, >5 : 0/32
    Last win, > 10 runs ago: 0/30
    Wins over shorter distance, >3: 0/47
    Class 3 or higher wins, >2 : 0/28
    Handicap wins, >3: 0/32
    Chase wins,>3 : 0/32
    Last win, NOT class 4: 1/54

    75 runners in past 10 years:

    Runs in Handicap chases, > 10: 0/29
    Last win, >365 days ago: 0/26

    Flying Eagle has had his last 8 runs in point-to-points making him hard to pass/fail so had to ignore, which isn’t too difficult at 5/2 fav.

    I think, Maxed Out King (3/1) and The Doorman (14/1) are the only ones who tick all the boxes.
    At least 3 crosses for the next best, with Brave Spartacus ticking only 2 of the 11 stats above, yet priced at 3/1….


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