July Trainer: Mark Johnston

A trainer to follow this July?

July Trainer

Mark Johnston

  • Handicaps (includes Maiden Handicaps..1/3) (Flat+AW)
  • 8 or more runners in race
  • Ran 16 or more days ago
  • Any odds


  • Within the same rules all other months combined are: 63/698,180 p, -192, AE 0.76. July really does stand out somewhat.
  • Some caution, as always with monthly angles: From 2003-2013 this angle was 40/371,113p, -7 SP, AE 1.00. At morning prices I suspect you would have made decent profits over that period. Now, the last three years either represent a change in approach from the yard or are just a random occurrence. I am tempted to think the former given there have never been three years like this back to back. But, we shall see.
  • The bigger the price the better really. Those sent off 12/1+ are 9/32, 12p, +156 SP, +228 BFSP. BFSP may be the way forward with the biggies.
  • The rules…
    • Those that ran 1-15 days ago don’t do as well: 47/245,93p, -13, AE 0.98
    • Within the 16+ days runners, in races of 1-7 runners… 9/48,19p, -11, AE 0.92. In general there is not much value and the horses are short prices. You may wish to look at these on a horse by horse basis but systematically I will discard this time.
  • It may also be worth noting the +68 points place profit from the Betfair place markets also! (P/L (Plc))


Something to keep us interested in throughout the month. I will post qualifiers in the new system test section of the Members Daily Posts. 


The above is also in a PDF Report HERE>>>




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