Members Daily Post: 17/06/17 (complete)

Quals (2x late additions) + ratings pointers + June + notes

1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers

2.Any ‘Notes’ (‘bet of the day’ + any other notes)

3.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers



3.10 – Bowson Fred (all hncps) I3 20/1

3.45 –

Apalis (all hncps) 20/1

Mr Globetrotter (micro dist) H3 8/1

Stoneham (micro dist)  (missed first time)  14/1

5.30 – Miss Goldsmith (micro class) I3 G1 10/1



2.20 – Tanzeel (3yo+) 16/1



3.35 – Beach BAr (all hncps) 14 I3 

4.10 – Overhaughstreet (4yo+) 14 I3  8/1

5.20 – Lucky Clover (3yo+) 20/1








8.10 – Valley Of Rocks (micro dist) 13/2

8.40 – Bridge Of Sighs (all hncps) H3 I3  8/1





2.15 – Ballycool (micro class) (another late addition) I3 8/1

3.55 –

Lord Wishes (all hncps) I3 10/1

Beyond Temptation (all hncps) H1 15/2

5.05 – Leading Score (all hncps+hncp chase+micro runs) H3 6/1

6.15 – Fencote Belle (NHF) 14/1



3.40 Down –

Vanishing Point (hncp debut) 6/1

Cairnshill (hncp hurdle+micro age) 30 16/1

4.50 – Ashjan (hncp hurdle) 30  7/1


2.Any ‘Notes’ (‘bet of the day’ + any other notes)

Bet Of The Day / Notes…

No Bet of The Day today but some notes on those that looked most interesting to my eyes..

Overhaugh Street – I just noted how he drops back in class here, the yard is in form, he gets first time blinkers and can lead. I am a bit put off by his last two runs albeit stamina may have been an issue the last day and he may prefer a sounder surface than he got in the race before that. But he is still a maiden and you are relying on the headgear I think. But, a bit run wouldn’t shock me.

Over in Ireland Elliot’s Vanishing Point looks interesting making handicap hurdle debut- I find it of some interest maybe that Cooper rides when there is a Gigginstown horse in here also. I think this one looks like he will relish this extra distance having been out-paced the last day. He will be in the van and should keep going. Who knows what the Mullins horse will do, the market suggests they have one who could have a fair amount in hand. Likewise Ashjan is still lightly raced and could go well for connections- he drops back in trip, so doing something different- albeit he has seemed to be outpaced on a couple of goes over longer before staying on so I am unsure whether it will suit.

BallyCool… well it is best not second guessing these Russel C5 runners here- he has been running in C4 for a long time now, has hacked up in C5 before and will no doubt come on for that last run. He can get outpaced over this distance but on paper there is plenty of pace on. The Longsdon horse has to prove a liking for going LH – 0/9,1p in career that way round albeit none over fences as yet. You are just never shocked when a LR C5 capper here stays on past tired rivals at this track. He could well do just that and I have had a nibble at 8s. He could get tailed off/go a pace where he makes errors etc. And he is 10.

There are a couple of top rated horses I have had a nibble at – Miss Goldsmith and Beyondtemptation. The former drops back in trip so is at least doing something different in what looks an open race. The latter looks likely to get the lead again, back over her best trip I think. I suspect she may be high enough in the weights now/could get out-classed by something more unexposed- this run may prove that to be the case but given she should lead and is a decent enough price i will pay one more time to find out. She owes us/connections nothing. Super little horse.




June Trainers

Another decent winner for Bowen on Friday, young Sean riding them to sleep from the front…

2.05 Muss – Olivia Fallow (18/1<) UP

3.10 Muss – Desert Law (18/1<) UP


3.Any general messages/updates etc





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14 Responses

  1. Good late evening to all.

    Just been for a jar n curry in the heart of Bradford ( THE place for real ale and a curry for afters), and happened to have a quick check of the stat/ratings. What’s happened in the 3.45 I ask myself, has our host had too much Chianti!

    Neither it would seem. We both missed one.

    M 3.45 Stoneham (4yo+)


      1. I have done it again…a trainer with two quals in same race, i note the first and then blank over the second! That has happened a few times. We did have a great bottle of Chianti out there, classic reserve or something – one of best reds I have had! Can’t blame that this time mind. Cheers

    1. Cheers Ali, yep missed that one also! We don’t want to be missing LRs C5 runners there, probably the best/most profitable micro in the guide this season I should think.

  2. Only just got up !!

    Got sidetracked trying to put a sentence together when pissed last night and failed to add Ballycool and …..

    Leic 8.10 – Valley of Rocks (micro dist)

    1. Know the feeling well T….I always fell over with the ‘Ozzie Whites’ lol. No Chianti those days lad….haha….

      Tony Mc.

      1. Aye, Thunderbird red and blue were favourites and the old ‘All In’ at Yates’.

        Orient Class wasn’t a qualifier sadly.


        1. The cops always looked about 3 feet tall….as your mates pulled you back for another round….of..the Sweet Australian Wine….good days T. lol

          Tony Mc.

    1. Nope didn’t show up so I assume ‘too many’ handicap wins, 5+. That’s systems… I’ll check but as per original research post will be a reason..suspect they ran at a decent loss, systematically. Backing all his June handicappers won’t have been an advisables strategy, I assume…otherwise it would have been. Will take a look.

  3. Oh well Line of Reason has just gone in also..
    A quick look at Midgley before those two ‘non qualifiers’ winners…

    If you just removed the number of handicap wins as a rule from June micro… -18 points last year, before today’s winners he was 0/18,0p this year… so -36 points last two junes backing the lot.

    Rules are 1-4 handicap wins… 5+ handicap wins (within the system) were 3/64, 17 places… -43 points. That’s why they were excluded. One of those days


  4. Hey Josh, backed two out of three Midgleys in the first and left out the wrong one. Got it right in the second race with Line Of Reason, turned what looked like a bad day into a winner.

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