Free Daily Post: 16/06/17 (complete)

micro angles for today…


Flat 2017: 60+ Days

6.10 Fairy- Presidential (any odds) (20/<) UP

8.50 Fairy – All For Nothing (any odds) (20/1 <) DNQ



Nothing else today.


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  1. 16th June Sandown 5f Nov
    4.25 Branscombe, Dream Prospect
    3.75 Global Passion, New Empire, Glaceon
    3.25 Haven’s View
    2.75 Wiff Waff
    2.5 Global Academy, Swift Fox
    1 Mossketeer
    Preview – With the draw so important on the 5f course even with Ryan up Glaceon is a chancy prospect. She is only ok, not a seriously better prospect.

    Prior race notes
    Glaceon – Nicest model in the paddock. Taller than the others, lower medium, more athletic, about 90% tuned. 75

  2. 16th June Sandown 7f Md
    4.25 Falmouth Light, Sallab
    3.75 George Villiers, Master Of Wine, Musbaq
    3.25 Connect
    2.75 Font Vert, Vice Marshall
    1 Giovanni Medici
    Preview – A low draw and being able to go from the front are often important here which leads me towards Falmouth Light. There was something about Vice Marshall that I liked on debut despite his lowly rating of 65 so it will be interesting to see how he goes.

    Prior race notes
    Vice Marshall – Smaller close coupled boy. Looks better than he could show here but on face value 65.

  3. hi josh
    i was wondering if ALL FOR NOTHING is a selection for 60+ days LTO, YOU HAVE GOT AS ANY ODDS, but on the notes i have printed off, k prendergast is to 20 to 1 or shorter,
    it is now 25 to 1, have you amended to any odds?

  4. Had a look at tomorrow’s 3.10 Musselburgh Sprint Cup 5f.
    (17 years stats since 2000 involving 280 runners)

    Last time out, NOT in top 8 : 1 winner from 90 runners which was back in 2000.
    Age: NOT 4-6 – 1/87 (8yo Bond Boy in 2005)

    Previously won over 7f or further : 0/24
    Previously ran over further than 7f : 1/45

    Most recent three runs, NO top 3 : 2/95 (a 50/1 shot and that Bond Boy again.)
    Most recent five runs, NO top 4: 0/22.
    No place in last 4 runs 1/70…yep Mr. Bond again.

    Ran 1-4 times over 5f : 0/26

    “Shaking and stirring” those stats in I think that leaves us with El Astronaute 14/1 and Gamesome 20/1 with 6 of them missing out by just one trend.

    All the best

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