Free Daily Post: 11/06/17 (complete)

a quiet day…

Nothing doing for Sunday. I am off to Italy through to Thursday and bar the micro angles etc (that I will endeavour to get posted up) I doubt there will be much happening on these free posts.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



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  1. ooooppphhh!!! Italy?! Have a lovely time

    I could do with a holiday the way my punting’s going

  2. No analysis today. As Josh is away and won’t be able to put up my weekly round up for a while I am going to post the text only reviews from Newmarket yesterday as I finish them. Two good races with some ok ones beyond the obvious.

  3. 10th June Newmarket 6f Novice D2 POST RACE REVIEW
    4.25 Dichato, Encrypted, Folk Tale, Tangled
    3.75 Devil’s Cowboy,
    3.25 Faraahsah, Global Wealth
    2.75 Polar Light
    2.5 Montague
    Preview – Looks as if it might be a better division. If Folk tale is indeed an 89 then he should take this. The market should reveal whether I have over-rated him. Tangled was beaten 2to in an aw auction race so does not look good enough. Dichato ran poorly on debut, 9/1 for Gosden and Dettori suggests a lesser light as did Devil’s Cowboy.
    So in my view Folk Tale the likeliest winner with Encrypted, Fahraasah and Global Wealth worth a close look in the paddock.
    Montague should place.
    Prior race notes
    Folk Tale – Medium but a bulkier model than the large Masar. Hard to say in the pre-parade who was going to be best. Folk Tale perhaps a shade less fit. Behind early then made ground on wide outside. Good effort. 89
    Montague – Bottom end of medium, very fit less scope than those who finished in front of him. Brave effort as he was up close to the pace, couldn’t get a gap at one stage and was hampered late on. 78
    Devil’s Cowboy – top end of small, bit lengthier than some but also tubular. Short on scope? 65
    Folk Tale review – The time of this race was 2 seconds faster than the first division which tends to support my thinking that this was the better division but I am not sure. I think it was more to do with pace. Both Montague and Encrypted were too free and went very fast early. Frankie spotted this on Dichato and the way he was able to make up 10l in the last furlong reinforces the idea that those who went to fast early all fell in a hole with the exception of Faraasah. I’m reasonably happy with the ratings for the three I had seen in prior races.
    Folk Tale – Medium, big heart cavity. Was still a bit green and fighting for his head early so did well to win this. When Buick did pull him out and ask him to win the race he still ran green and should improve further for this as he had to win ugly. 91
    Faraasah – Medium, scopey, lighter and longer than Folk tale, fairly fit, calling and a tad green, not quite the sprint back end of the winner. Ran a more efficient race than Folk Tale. 87
    Dichato – Lower medium, very fit, suggestion of boxiness to the back end which might limit him. Possibly flattered by a canny Frankie ride taking advantage of the over fast early pace. 82
    Tangled – Ok type, lower medium, ran an efficient race with Pat Dobbs getting the most out of him. 77
    Global Wealth – Fat, chunky lower medium model, slowly away, held up and trundled on in later stages. 75
    Montague – Much too keen early and pulled his chances away, Did not look to have progressed physically from debut. 75
    Devil’s Cowboy – Ran an ok race but out of his class here. Perhaps under-rated on debut. 69
    Polar Light – Tall, athletic, only about 80% fit. Looks like he needs 7f minimum but considerable potential. 82
    Encrypted – To end of small, dynamic Palmer ball of muscle type that often go well on debut, particularly here. Jinked left then went too fast early. Probably the market got carried away. 76.

  4. 10th June Newmarket 6f Nov POST RACE REVIEW
    4.25 Al Fujairah, Glorious Journey, Grand Koonta, Qayes
    3.75 Maksab, Cosmopolitan Queen, Take Me With You
    3.25 Starboy
    3 Central City
    1.5 Amourice
    Preview – The races in which Central City and Grand Koonta ran have not worked out and this looks likely to go to a debutant. Al Fujairah ran a respectable race at Haydock but there is as yet no collateral form from that race.
    Prior race notes
    Grand Koonta – Lightly made, ready type, smaller in this field. Green and colty for an extended period. Ran well all things considered and given behaviour calls quality of race into question. 75
    Central City – Smaller ready type, lighter bodied than the 2nd and 3rd, doubtful he has the potential to ever finish in front of them. 73
    Greatest Journey review – As thought this went to a debutant but what a debutant. Glorious Journey cost $3.6m and actually looked as though he may be worth it. A 2 second slower time than than Folk Tale in div 2 but unlike in that race where they tore off, Pat Dobbs on Al Fujairah set a sensible gallop from the start. This did not particularly help GJ as he was trapped 3 wide with no cover and too free early but never out of control. Grand Koonta had a perfect run and for GJ to still come and claim him on debut was a good performance.
    Greatest Journey – Top end of medium, very strongly made throughout in a real high quality Dubawi mould. Certainly not highly tuned, lots left to work on.Won this fairly cosily despite the disadvantage of being too free early and having no cover throughout. 95
    Grand Koonta – Not the physique of the winner, calm in the pre-lims and looking very fit. Clearly has a very good engine in an ordinary frame. He was superfit here versus the winner’s 90% max. Still better than thought of on debut. 82
    Take Me with You – Lightly made, top end of small in height but good length. Hint of tubularity which I never like but had a poise about her that suggested athleticism and potential beyond the limitations of her size. Stayed on well 79
    Amourice – Very green, naughty, tall for a filly and stayed on again after being outpaced. Certainly potential to and beyond a maiden win. 78
    Maksab – Is this Mick Channon’s Jallota for the 2017 season? Lower medium, green, 90% fit, despite this ran a good race out wide finishing off well. Given a really nice intro by SDS and could easily leave this form way behind nto. 81
    Al Fujairah – Medium, stolid build. Disappointing run, looked fit enough so suggestion that he may be one paced although not given a hard ride. Possibly one more chance at maidens and failing that it would be easy to see him hoovering up a mid-summer nursery at one of the Hannon’s favourite courses. 77
    Cosmopolitan Queen – Big, tall, strong filly. Coat not come through and daft as a brush throughout the prelims. Here for an educational but I suspect Mr Elsworth and Jeff Smith have something planned for this girl. Possibly a bit gawky at present but some frame to fill out and a cooks bum. Wasted lots of energy beforehand rearing and prancing in the pre parade and paddock as well as at the start. Still shaped well staying on at the death. 80 possibly more.
    Qayes – The disappointment of the paddock, particularly as he cost £400k. Top end of small, ok build but just a ready type really. 74 may well be hq generous.

  5. 3.55 Curragh

    Past 20 years.

    18/114 finished Top 6 LTO. 2/49 hadn’t.

    Never won over 7f or further 18/124.

    Rated lower than 95 are 0/28.

    Leaves: Only Mine 5/2 and Buying Trouble 10/1

  6. 4.25 Curragh

    3 & 4 year olds won 18 times in past 20 years. Big negative for the favourite who is 5 yo – they are 1/19 (an odds on shot in 2007).

    More than 10 career runs are 1/36.

    Weld has had 3 winners in past 20 winners but they’ve all had a run within 45 days. His losers with a longer layoff have included 6/4,5/1,8/1 shots.

    Leaves Reckless Gold 8/1 and Red Label 3/1.

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