Free Daily Post: 09/06/17 (complete)

fairly quiet but a couple of potential interest…

Fairly quiet day…no system bets… and I may have stayed up for the election/over-slept. So, time has eluded me for my 10am weekday cut off.

Nice to put up a 7/1 winner yesterday. Always enjoyable when the horse+jockey read your preview and follow it to the letter! 🙂

Two stats for you to chew over though…and I haven’t looked at race/horses…but…

Handicap Debutants…

O’Meara is 3/7 +14 at Carlisle with such types… 4.40-  runs Skymkent 4/1 WON 10/3 … and…

Simock is 3/7 +12.5 at Goodwood with such types… 8.50- runs Cool Breeze 9/1


They may be worth a second glance.

Good luck with any bets.



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  1. 9th June Haydock 6f Novice
    4.25 Raydiance, the Right Choice
    3.75 Red Force OnePoet’s Prince
    3.25 Brockey Rise
    2.5 Skyva
    2 Green Power
    Preview – Although Air Force One looked fairly impressive on debut the form has been let down by those in front and behind. Green Power has the extra 6lbs for beating Raydiance a neck. Logic suggests Raydiance but looks too trappy for me.

  2. 9th June Brighton 5.5r Novice
    3.75 Billy Dylan, Gotti
    3 City Guest
    2.75 Kodiac Express
    2.5 Catapult
    1.75 Lisbon Legend 1.5 Bath And Tennis, Butterfly Spirit
    Preview – Catapult was very colty on debut and even on his way to the start. If he can calm himself he may be a good e/w price here against stables with a better reputation for 2yos. As can easily be the case I have ended up with 4 horses seen on different days on a rating of 73, probably all over-rated.
    The clear value is with Catapult, let’s hope he can reign in his cockiness!
    Selection: Catapult E/w if 6/1 or bigger.

    Prior race notes
    Catapult – Just about the best type in the race. Not quite fit. Had he not been colty throughout the prelims and as can be seen even on the way to the start he might have gone very close here. Should win a low level race, maybe a nov auction 73
    Kodiac Express – Disappointing type for a Kodiac. Ran reasonably professionally but unlikely to improve much. 62
    City Guest – Ok chunky type, not fully fit despite 2to, probably broken by trying to go with principals early, bound for nurseries. 70
    Spoof – Similar size to Headway, a bit smaller than the 3rd and 4th but bigger than Gold Town. Bit lighter. Spencer indulging in his usual giraffe strangling to force Spoof to drop in and then rushing him up only for the effort to peter out in the last furlong. How much energy was wasted wrestling him back, he was never given a chance to settle at the pace of the leading group from which the 1,3, and 4th horses came. 85 Review all wrong from Gold Town race. 73
    Gotti – Seen on debut where he was unruly and withdrawn. Did not look anything special. 73
    Billy Dylan – Billy Dylan – Plainish lower medium, apparently took a knock early but never really going pace to get involved. 73

  3. Just one further note. I have a share in My Dance who runs in the 9pm at Stratford tonight for a Geegeez syndicate. The price never arrived, let alone the value being gone. We hope that she makes a successful debut. Maybe if Catapult fulfills his promise I will have a good go on her.

    1. Sounds like you’re not going Hugh, but if you are have a look at the Mountain High runner Jimmy High in comparison with the others. If MD is confidently expected then the value in the race may come from the forecast (either way), especially if Jimmy looks ready and a fair number of the others are debatable.

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