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Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

3.30 Uttox- Rockchasebullet (12/1<)



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  1. Hughs fantastic look at 2 year old racing has made me think that it could be an area where
    there were chances of making a decent living.

    the problem I see is working people do not have the time to do the research and the emotional control
    to bet with consistency and confidence.
    The bookies have teams of odds compilers who frame the odds and they are not swayed by emotion
    or sentiment.

    I would like to create a team or 4 or 5 who all concentrated on the same discipline.
    I Thought between April and November 2 year old racing
    and between December and March non handicap hurdles

    The idea that every night the team analysed ever race that qualified and then reported
    the next morning by e-mail their findings.
    obviously if we had a man or two at the track then that would be good
    experts like Hugh would be great to have on board but even 4 guys who were not experts would learn plenty from the exercise.

    level stakes every race and no odds on shots.

    Anyone interest in going my team e-mail me at PETERROYWALKER@OUTLOOK.COM or
    TEXT ME 07910 606680.

    I am very good at analysing horse racing form but on my own I confess that I lack the discipline
    needed to make big money and I feel that about sums up 99% of punters
    but as a part of a team you have to do the yards
    most people me included get lazy and go in half cocked but I think a strong team could really
    kill the game


    1. Hi Peter, time is the problem for me. I just couldn’t take on anything more than I already do at present. Discipline – or the lack of it has to be the curse of all of us. I have dramatically improved my record keeping and make an incremental gain each season in terms of approach, however no matter how hard I try to get to that pot of gold it keeps moving away with the rainbow!

  2. I had a simple system in the 80’s for two year olds. You would rate the winner of the race by the values of the race, say £1,200. You would then reduce the figure for other runners at the rate of £200 per length beaten. I made it up but it worked and I cannot remember why I packed it in (kids being born probably). I would always keep it simple as I often say on the site. You can analyse for hours but horses sometimes have an off day like us humans. Good luck anyway.

  3. 7th June Wolverhampton 6f Novice
    4.25 Makanah
    3.75 Bumble Breeze, Wildnightinvegas
    3.5 Shovel It On, Fusion Central
    3.25 Xaar Island
    3 Vegas Boy
    2.75 Admissible, Running Cloud, Roses In June
    2.5 Bond Angel
    2.25 Arty But Poor,
    1.5 Anythingwithapulse
    Preview – With a 3 draw this looks a shoo in for Makanah

    Prior race notes
    WildNightInVegas – Miniature, but all the right things in all the right places. One can see why having been bought as a yearling for £85k he was not sold at 40k as a 2yo. He simply had not grown. Not disgraced and the Hannon’s may somehow find him a little race but his size is a real problem. 60
    Shovel It On – Probably flattered by his finishing position as he stayed on as others faded. One of Dave Evan’s electric mice. Easy to see him whizzing around an aw track 2to. Not tiny like Airshow. 60
    Roses In June – Ill made type. 48
    Bond Angel – Rabbit 45

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