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A King (16’s<)

3.45  Good – War Chief

Trainer/Jockey – Live Test

5.05 War –  One For The Boss (16’s<)




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  1. 25th May Goodwood 6f Novice
    4.25 Invincible Army, Tathmeen
    3.75 Kick On Kick On, Another Day Of Sun, Masar, Masked Defender
    3.25 Montague
    3 Folk Tale
    2.5 Bartholomeu Dias,
    2 Hornby
    Preview – Kick On Kick On won a very poor race at Leicester but did it easily. As can be seen from my post race comments below it looks as though it will only need a marginally above average one to put him in his place., particularly conceding 6lbs. The Hannons usually start a good one here and Tathmeen looks the part. I have a slight reservation about Jim Crowley at Goodwood, only 9% whereas he is 15% on 2yos on the turf overall. Amanda Perrett (Masked Defender ) is 0/18 with 2yos at the course. Martin Harley who I rate highly is o/20 on 2yos here. It looks between the top two to me.

    Prior race notes
    Kick on Kick On – Not a stand-out in terms of size, I don’t have any notes for him suggesting nothing to grab my attention. Not supported in the market. However, it was run in an ok time, close to Kool Kompany’s on similar going so KOKO certainly has an engine in his small frame. How small can be seen by how far Adam Kirby’s legs are dangling down, although he does have long legs. Hard to get a measure of this one, if he was expected he would certainly have been shorter in the market so maybe he was just the furthest forward of an average bunch. 73

  2. 4.25 Chagatai, Frozen Angel, Haddaf, Sound & Silence
    3.75 Havana Grey
    Preview – Very hard to know the value of Frozen Angel’s win over Corinthia Knight at Ascot who has been overhyped for beating trees; despite this it still seems good form. Sound And Silence is a bigger stronger model but is a little bit awkwardly put together. I really would not like to hazard a guess as I can rule none of them out.

    Prior race notes
    Sound And Silence – Medium size. Strongly made well-built type, a bit downhill and looked to be carrying plenty of condition. Enough to lead me into thinking he would need the run and that Charlie Appleby was not going to have them ready fto. In the event like Said Bin Suroor’s early debuts last year there is an underlying level of fitness and/or class that enables them to beat an averagish field of lesser types. 84

    1. Looks a good race at Sandown.
      Frozen Angel clocked a very good time at Ascot beating a minute
      so that looks top class form for a listed race

      Only 5 runners but the far rail is the place to be and FA has stall 2 so only 1 off the far rail
      what I noticed with this field is they are all early foals except the Godophin horse.
      and they are quite expensive foals

      all the money is for Frozen Angel 100/30 to 7/4 so there is plenty of confidence behind him
      I am looking at early foals who cost over £100,000 in these early races with an eye to
      their 2nd and third outings as Frozen Angel showed debuts for these types can be misleading
      as he was beaten out of sight on debut but looked a class horse at Ascot.

      Has Hannon changed his mo a lot seem to get beaten on debut but improve massively next time
      DE BRUYNE HORSE was run off his legs fto but won in a canter 2nd time out turning over the form by 10l.

      I think the Irish horses are the ones to follow in the Royal Ascot juvenile races
      I remember back to LYRIC FANTASY and ACAPULCO and the most striking thing about them is their
      massive rear end.

      As the power comes from the rear end is a massive bottom an advantage in juvenile races

      1. Going by the last few seasons, the American trained horses look the ones to be with at Royal Ascot in 2yo races. They seem to be well forward compared to European trained horses at this early stage of the British season.

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