Free Daily Post: 07/05/17 (complete)

Fairly quiet day ahead…

No tips…


A King (16/1<)

1.50 Newm- Cosmeapolitan UP



That will be all for Sunday. A quiet day. I will watch Newmarket but stakes races are not for me, betting wise.

Good luck with any bets.



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  1. ITV 7
    1:50 Newmarket – Frontiersman @ 9/2
    2:05 Hamilton – Sutter County @ 11/4
    2:20 Newmarket – Somehow @ 9/4
    2:35 Hamilton – Monjeni @ 4/1
    2:55 Newmarket – big Time @ 10/1
    0 3:10 Hamilton – Star Glitter @ 15/8
    3:35 Newmarket – Poet’s Vanity @ 12/1

  2. 4.10 Newmarket – After 3 duff days in a row I am not so sure remote betting from Greece is such a good idea. Yesterday Jim Rockford did as feared pull his chances away fighting for his head for the first 2/5ths of the race and then not finding much. This casts a small shadow over the Newbury race in which he finished two places behind Qaaraat who is justifiably favourite for the 4.10. I rated him 10lbs better than Jim Rockford and if correct this should mean that he would be very difficult to beat. Just a niggle now that I was surprised by the winner that day and maybe the race in total was not as high quality as I thought at the time. Easy to get carried away early season.

    Anyway, with both the Hannon and Appleby horses scoring higher on my algo method I am happy to sit this out and draw conclusions about the overall quality of the Newbury race from where Qaaraat finishes. Below are my Qaaraat comments from Newbury.

    Qaaraat – Possibly the most attractive same sort of size as Embour but not as powerful overall, perhaps a little more athletic. Another, particularly for Ed Dunlop who I thought would not win fto but he too out ran his level of readiness and will come on a lot. 89

    1. Too much Ouzo effects the brain and some horse then seem to be world beaters.

      I go to Paphos in Cyprus for a break now and then. Situated on the walk to the seafront from the main strip of hotels is a Betfred office. There are often goats wandering about outside. You likely dont see that at their other offices.

      1. LOL…memories Martin… Served there for a while in the forces. Is the Pelican still there on the Seafront…. Must be ancient now. lol No Bet Fred’s though.

        Tony Mc.

        1. Old Pelecan’s brings back memories lol. Mykonos had a very ancient one years ago that was famous in the area.

          1. used to shovel the fish down by the stone Gary lol. Never vicious though.

  3. Just seen the Pelican (or a Pelican) sitting in a bar in Mykonos. Was a bit surreal!!

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