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another quiet day…

Another quiet day. Nothing to add. No tips, no system quals.

When time allows in the next couple of weeks I will research some flat micros we can track etc.



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  1. Hi Josh….you said you’d get back to me as to how I can pay for my members club fee renewal.
    I was hoping to use Clickbank. I can’t use paypal and we both agreed it was a pain in the arse. You told me there was loads of time but you’d get back to me. You never, and now i can’t enter the members page. I realise your very busy and assume it slipped your mind.
    Give us a shout when you find time.

    Tony Mc.

    1. Hi Tony, sorry about that- I have added you back in through May so you can access etc again. Still yet to do ClickBank and the plan is to sort that out this month so with any luck that option will exist. If not we will sort something else out. Josh

  2. Forgot to post these earlier
    Date & Title: 1st May Beverley 5f Nov Med Auc Mdn D1
    4.25 Hot Rock, Porchy Party
    3.75 Crownthorpe, Highland Bobby, Time Trail
    3.25 Noble Manners
    2.25 Archie Perkins, Furze Boy, Luis Fernandez, Poet’s Dawn
    Preview – Hard to get away from Noble Manners here, the form of her 4th took a bit of a knock yesterday but she was very green on debut and looks an altogether bigger and better model than Take Shelter. Crownthorpe was so big and gormless that it is hard to see him being able to cope from a wide draw here although he can be expected to be finishing fast and if they go off to fast early he might pick up the pieces. Hot Rock looks a bit small but is well drawn for a go from the front ride 2to for Burke. Porchy Party does not appeal much and Tom D’s debuts are a bit unpredictable at present but he is 275 with his 2yos at Beverley from a small sample mostly later in season. The fly in the ointment may be Michael Dods who runs Time Trail, might be a better one as he often gets a good one out early and I think this is his first runner.
    Prior race notes
    Crownthorpe – Half as big again as all but Black Orange. Leggy and still a bit weak, fit but not hard trained, ran pretty much as expected and should improve. Slight concern that he may just be slow. Looks more one for a bit further despite being by Monsieur Bond. 66

    Date & Title: 1st May Beverley 5f Nov Med Auc
    4.25 Rockin Fella, Villa Tora
    3.25 Havana Star, Leeshan,Ventura Gold
    2.25 Thrifty,
    1.75 Rock On Bertie, St Helen’s Gate
    1.5 Mount Hellvelyn
    Preview – Thrifty was 2nd in what looks like a poor race at Newcastle and may be vulnerable to anything with a bit of quality. Leeshan or Villa Tora seem most likely to have the required quality, both on debut so may fluff it. Best left alone unless one stands out in the prelims.

    Date & Title: 1st May Bath Nov Med Auc
    4.25 Rock Of Estonia
    3.25 Ghepardo
    2.75 Joe’s Spirit
    1.5 Polly’s Gold
    1 Cranworth Phoenix, Watch Tan
    Preview – Hannon’s don’t send good ones here and Ghephardo looks a cheap ordinary one. The fact that Rock Of Estonia comes here suggests that he too is not a special one as the collateral form for his win at Windsor is suggesting notwithstanding Daddies Girls victory yesterday. He will probably win this in a canter but that does not mean he is any better than the 80 I gave him on debut, the foundations for which are looking shaky.
    Prior race notes
    Rock Of Estonia – Mid medium size, lovely bright chestnut, best stride of any in the paddock and good muscling on the rump, still carrying some condition, nicest example but Spencer and Hills fto put me off. Kept rugged until last second. Won under hands and heels 80 possibly better.

    1. At Beverley I missed a sitter really having pointed out the danger of ignoring Michael Dod’s Time Trail, unfortunately I thought it was his first runner, he has a very good record with his 2nd and 3rd!

      The reservations I had about Rock Of Estonia were backed up by his struggling to win from what looked like a poor field.

      I have been impressed 2 days running by Lulu Stanford’s poise on 2yos, winning on daddies Girl yesterday and 2nd on Joe’s Spirit today.

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