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just the micros today…

Just the micros today..



Alan King (16/1<)

7.05 Ling- Amadeus Rox


Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

2.20 War – Druids Folly (12/1< guide)



That is all for today.

Good luck with any bets.



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  1. Poor 2yo racing today but maybe there is something to eke out.

    Date & Title: 24th April Pontefract 5f Novice
    3.75 Palmer, Sinaloa
    3.5 Ventura Knight
    3.25 Bee Machine
    2.75 Kyleque, Queen’s Sargent, Gisele’s Angel
    2.5 Lord Riddiford
    2.25 Afterthisone, Collingham Park
    .5 Rockesbury
    Preview – The market has my top two at the head. If I were to pick an outsider to compete from the unraced ones it would be Lord Riddiford purely on the grounds that John Quinn sometimes starts his best ones early and they usually know what to do, not so sure about the pilot.

    Prior race notes
    Rockesbury – Green, short stride at the walk, not a bad type but unlikely his trainer will be able to extract the necessary. 57

    Date & Title: 24th April Kempton 5f Novice Auction
    4.25 Auntie Pam
    3.75 Corinthia Knight
    2.25 Shesgotthelot
    2 Milchik, Butterfly Spirit
    1.25 Autumn Lodge
    1 Devil Or Angel
    Preview – Autumn Lodge ran surprisingly well at Bath behind Chatagai but it was probably a poor race. Auntie Pam had to come from a very wide draw and used a lot of energy to get there on debut at Wolverhampton and stuck on to just get done by Get Even who was 2to. Corinthia Knight won well at Lingfield beating Black Orange. The problem is that all 3 ran well in what look like dreadful races. Can’t see anything else getting involved, all drawn ok but which order will they finish in is difficult to predict as none of them from the TV seem to have a lot of scope. What is certain is that I could not take odds on about Corinthia Knight carrying an extra 5lb.
    Prior race notes
    Corinthia Knight – Neat little unit, not much scope but did this tidily enough. Time was pretty fast for a 2yo and might pick up a soft novice. A second win for Society Rock and a first 2yo debut winner for Archie Watson who can be added to Tom Clover as a new trainer who knows what he is doing with juveniles. 70
    Autumn Lodge – TV only – The surprise package was Autumn Lodge, but weather he is a better one or holds the form down is a moot point. He looks an ok size and was prominent early with Zalshah and Jonnysimpson and Demons Rock but was the only one who stuck on.
    Auntie Pam – The one to take from the race was Auntie Pam who despite being given an over pressing ride by her jockey stuck on and only gave best inside the final furlong beaten only half a length. Oddly, early last season Richard Kingscote was a little bit too enthusiastic; I think he could have won this easily if he had been content to just get to the lead from his wide draw and then given her a break, as it is he seemed to try and do it with the throttle fully out all the way.

    Date & Title: 24th April Windsor 5f fillies novice Cl5
    3.25 Daddie’s Girl, Mother Of Dragons
    2.75 Gold Filigree, Amazing Alice, Aquadabra, Madam Pomfrey
    2.5 Amiirah
    2.25 Cruel Clever Cat, Yogi’s girl
    1.75 Jungle Queen, Paulamey
    1.5 Sandkissed, Firenze Rosa
    Preview – Looking back at the picture of Daddie’s Girl, I have to wonder if I was being a bit unfair in my comments below. She dwelt, made up the ground to get on the heels of the leaders and stuck on well under mainly hands & heels riding in the finish. Given the cost and yards of the tow in front of her she may be a bit better than I thought. Better drawn this time I am finding it hard to make a case for anything else.
    Mother Of Dragons – as far as I know Tuite yet to have a 2yo debut winner although his better ones have been heavily supported on debut but still beaten. Only cost £2k.
    Gold Filigree – Only one years stats but Hughes’ on debut were all undercooked in 2016. Cost 40k
    Amazing Alice – Sayif yet to have a debut winner, but Trainer Watson looking competent. Has Corinthia Knight running earlier at Kempton.
    Aquadabra – Channon 2to positive. 3rd on debut behind Auntie Pam who goes at Kempton earlier in Corinthia Knight race.
    Madam Pomfrey – Trainer Portman seemed to get his debut winners at Newbury, Salisbury or Bath until last year with Mrs Danvers who won 2to her, but she was an outlier.
    Amiirah and Cruel Clever Cat both trained by John Gallagher. He tends to have one better 2yo each season whom he campaigns until it wins. The key is spotting which one it is. Last year he had his first debut winner with Quench Dolly at Goodwood at 8/1.

    1. Corinthia Knight review – As suggested after CK’s debut win he has duly picked up a soft novice. A good time and done impressively. CK bounced out and the pace he set quickly broke his rivals. However hard to under estimate what a poor bunch he beat.
      Corithia Knight – smallest in height in the field but looked in fantastic condition. Every muscle defined and coat gleaming. Good attitude. No doubting how well he won this and could perhaps even pick up another weak novice under a further penalty. Just a concern that as soon as he comes up against a proper sized one with a bit of ability his size will find him out. 73
      Autumn Lodge – Just a trundler, looked fit enough. 65
      Auntie Pam – Clear now that the race she ran in at Wolverhampton was a bad one. Plain, small. 58
      Shesgotthelot – Probably the biggest in the field and a pleasing shape, although still downhill, handsome like her dad. Typical Stan Moore debut in that she was more here to learn than try for a place. She was very green in the prelims and clueless in the early part of the race getting detached at halfway. Then appeared to run on well but this was exaggerated by all bar Autumn Lodge falling in a heap owing to having tried to match strides early with the winner. Should improve a lot for this and may have a small auction race in her on the aw. 67
      Butterfly Spirit – Rabbit 50
      Milchik – Another bunny 50

      Yogi’s Girl review – The first four home were the only ones that a chance could be given to today. I think the answer to my question posed about Daddie’s Girl in the preview “I have to wonder if I was being a bit unfair in my comments below.” Was answered fairly definitely in the negative. She is no better than I thought on debut which perhaps raises a question as to how she got so close to Rock Of Estonia that day.
      Yogi’s Girl – top end of small on the cusp of medium, not stand out from her placed rivals but got the rail and a good ride from Egan delivered the prize. 67
      Mother Of Dragons – Compact mid small, athletic build. Bit greener than the winner. Only received a H&H ride and almost won. Improve 69
      Aquadabra – Improved for 2to. Still very small, fit, no doubt Mick will keep campaigning her and she will keep running bravely against bigger or better ones until she eventually gets her win. 63
      Daddie’s Girl – Did not look to have come on from debut. Seemed to run around and get bullied by slightly bigger ones. 62
      Gold Filigree – Tall leggy filly, a surprise to see her going the pace as she looked as I expected from Richard Hughes, under prepared. I am inclined to take the view that her going this close shows a combination of her having a bit of ability and the rest being ordinary. 67
      Jungle Queen – Small, compact, ran better than I expected so well prepared by EJH. 63
      Cruel Clever Cat – 2to, still green, bottom end of medium. Slow. 57
      Amazing Alice – Top end of small, unattractive. 55
      Firenze Rosa – Tiny, surprised that she could even lay up with the pace for the first 3f. 48
      Amiirah – Big unit, very green, leggy but shallow in the girth. 45
      Madam Pomfrey – Small, bit downhill, always want to ‘see’ something in a Portman filly but not much to see here. Fat and plain. 50
      Paulamey – Small, skinny, light bodied and leggy. Not as mis-shapen as some but hard to see a lot here. 52

      Prior race notes
      Daddies Girl – Smaller filly, good compact shape. One of those whose proximity to the front two has one wondering if they can be all that. Small ready type, some improvement still to come but will struggle against bigger girls. 66

  2. AQUADABRA was born on May the 10th so is a very late foal
    on debut drifted from 12/1 to 16/1 which suggests to me that the horse isn’t a full strength yet

    Channon can get a classy type of 2 year old but this one I think will need more time
    drawn in stall1 wont help and although the horse ran well at Wolverhamton on debut
    I feel the bend helped as it stopped the total all out gallop of the straight courses
    I also feel that Silvester De Sousa is Channons go to man
    and when he is really trying he books De Sousa.

    on straight courses with no interruption of the horse speed
    I like maturity and power, on tracks with bends nippy
    well balanced horses.

  3. MADAM LILLIBET is superbly handicapped, loves the course and distance
    and at first glance looks a fair bet in the 2m5f handicap at Pontyfract at 3.25
    but on fast ground she lacks the leg speed to win.
    if you check her record all her best runs have come when the mud is flying
    bad news for her today and she looks an unlikely winner
    but her run last time showed she isn’t washed up and as soon as she gets
    to runs in a race when the ground is in her favour, off her current mark she will be a good thing.

    hoping for defeat today and the will be watching the weather on her next run
    as I expect her to be heavily backed when she next runs on soft/heavy

    1. sorry 3.35 at Pontyfract not 3.25
      DAN EMETTET is off a break and another with no form on G/F ground
      so can’t see him figuring either
      interestingly although several in the race have run over c/d but
      none have actually won.
      Tuscan gold has had two attempts and has been placed once
      Riptide has tried 6 times and only achieved two places
      Madam Lillibet has a place from two starts

      The favourite LA Frillaire has never run over this far at the course
      although a winner at 2m2f and placed over 2m1f is isn’t a sure thing that she will get 2m5f.
      The race is between 3 in my opinion
      Tuscan gold who we know handles the ground the course and has been placed
      over c/d and who ran a decent 2nd last time

      La frillaire who has won at the track all be it over a shorter trip
      and one from outside the box in Waterclock who has run marathon hurdle races
      and will like the fast ground

      At the prices I am on Tuscan gold and Waterclock
      and small combination forecasts and tricasts with LAFRILLAIRE

      also laying Madam Lillibet and Dan Emmett in the place markets

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