IMPORTANT: The Future Of Your ‘Racing To Profit Members Club’

My plans for the future/the flat + news on pricing changes…

In this post I am going to discuss future plans for the Racing To Profit Members Club.

This will include: –


  • The purpose of the Members Club
  • National Hunt: What you receive/future plans
  • Flat: Plans for this year/what you will receive
  • Pricing Changes/How you can get involved


Now, don’t all jump to pricing changes now 🙂 Below is worth a read first…


What is the purpose of my Members Club?

My aim and why I still manage to bounce out of bed at around 7am most days, is to offer you a space where you can profit from and enjoy your racing. It is that simple.

We all have the pleasure of having ‘the racing bug’ . What a game. I don’t know what non racing enthusiasts do with themselves! They really are missing out. 

I do this primarily through providing quality, well researched information that you can use as you please. My main focus is on trainer stats and my ‘Trainer Track Profiles’, with the advised strategies that accompany that approach.

At its core is a focus on community, entertainment and profit. I want us all to win together and share in each other’s success.

I also want everything I do to be accessible to everyone, whether you bet £2 or £200 on the horses. Price should not be a barrier, in that context.


Let’s get to it…

National Hunt

What makes up the Members Club for Jumping Fans:-

  • 100% access at all times to all ‘Members Club’ Posts. (never any additional charge for The Cheltenham Festival or any other posts I may ‘pay wall’. At times moving forwards this may include the other odd big race day, or the odd Saturday, or 2-4 days per month)
  • The Bread And Butter: Access to the ‘TTP Jumps Notes’: A daily post listing qualifiers against my unique jumps stats pack, including the ‘Ratings Pointers’ (of which I pay £34 per month to access these ratings) plus any other notes, usually subjective. Also includes regular results updates/recording to advised prices and BFSP
  • Other Resources:-
    • My Monthly Research Article: around 2000 words per month discussing various trainer angles or profitable angles for you to use as you please.
    • The TTP Stats Guide: A promise never to pay full price, and at least a 50% discount on my two main ‘Trainer Track Profiles’ stats guides for both Flat and Jumps (about 40 hours research/work on each guide).
    • Other Guides: Full FREE access to all other stats guides that I ‘may’ produce including ‘Festival Resources’ and any stats pointers for Aintree/Punchestown/Galway/Summer Jumping etc.
  • Big Race Trends: Full access to any big race trends research for big races on Saturdays. This is usually at least one race per week.
  • NEW! I will be introducing exclusive trends/stats for Handicap Hurdles, only accessible to Members, including any shortlists. This is in response to the success of this approach this year. This will include any ‘test tips’ etc.
  • Summer Jumping: I intend to trial out posting selections for Newton Abbot/Stratford/Perth/Worcester , with an accompanying guide. This will be post-Aintree. All other tracks that have racing over ‘the summer’ are covered in the current TTP Jumps guide- those stats cover the calendar year , not the main winter season, if that makes sense.


I think that is the lot on the jumping front.



The Flat

My Plans:-

  • There will be a ‘Trainer Track Profiles’ Flat stats pack to take us through the summer months. This will be similar to the Jumps version with some obvious changes.
  • The Bread And Butter : I will post qualifiers and ‘ratings pointers’ as I do now, daily.
  • In theory there is no reason why this shouldn’t have similar success to the Jumps version- but that is an unknown as I have not posted daily qualifiers from the TTP Flat before. The guide was produced last year as a stand-alone PDF.
  • Resources:-
    • Monthly Research Articles will continue
    • ‘Big Meeting Trainer Pointers’ – unlike the jumps there are more ‘big meetings’ 2-4 days Festivals that we can attack in the hope of finding trainer angles/micro systems to follow. I am excited about this approach as we had some success last summer. Saeed Bin Surroor’s record at the July Meeting with maiden runners sticks in the mind, an easy 12/1 winner and another one also. You will have full access to any research on that front and will never have to pay for any such ‘big meeting’ guides I may charge for.
    • TTP: Flat. 50% discounted access to the full TTP stats guide if you wish to have a PDF version to keep yourselves.
    • Other Guides: FREE access to any other guides- here I am mainly thinking about Royal Ascot, and possible Glorious Goodwood also.
  • Big Race Trends: At this stage I will not promise exclusive access to big race trends, which will mainly be focussed on 5-7f Heritage Handicaps, and others that may appear. I suspect I may offer these for free to regular blog readers- I don’t wish to paywall everything I do. And there is less ‘free tipping’ during the flat. But, we shall see. There will be plenty above just for Members.


That all sounds like more work than the jumps! 🙂 Oh well, it will be worth it…





Important: Please read very carefully.

No doubt some of you have jumped straight to this bit! Please do read the info above though, you may find it useful.


What Should I Charge/How Much Will You Have To Pay?

I believe that what I offer is worth around £17 to £20 per month. I can’t ever see myself charging more than that, unless there is a need to control numbers.

BUT… there are no plans to charge that amount before October 2017, at the earliest. Indeed it may never reach those levels.


If you are reading this now you will never be asked to pay such fees before October 2017


So, what am I proposing…

Firstly – all those existing members who joined before the Christmas Deal (so currently paying £10 per month) will keep paying their existing subs for as long as they remain members. There will be NO INCREASE on their existing fees. Ever. A select few of you joined up for £97 annually, many before the start of this Jumps season. Again, your fees will not be increasing for as long as you remain.

Secondly – There are three groups on other deals that will expire at some point during 2017

  • The £7.50 Christmas Offer subscribers, whose subscription sees them through to the end of April 2016
  • Festival Subscribers- who paid £7 access just for Festival week (and a few days either side)
  • £10 per month- who may have joined at some point in 2017- this takes you through to September 2017, or sooner if you cancel in the meantime! There are only a handful on that offer I think.


So, for those of you in that second group of subscribers, what will you have to pay if you wish to join/remain in the Members Club, with access to all content as described above? …

New Price Levels:

Monthly:  £12.50 per month

Annual: £127 per year (near enough 2 months free)




Very Important: These prices WILL NEVER BE INCREASED for as long as you remain a member, not even in line with inflation! You have my word on that. If you join on either of those two deals, the price will never increase for as long as you remain subscribed.


I won’t waste time justifying that small increase but I think that is a fair amount for what you receive and the amount of time I put into making your experience the best that I can.

I guess if you don’t think that is reasonable, you won’t be remaining either beyond this week/beyond end of April, or September!

If you are reading this now, you will have a chance to sign up to these prices before the end of September 2017.

I hope you find that reasonable.

Comments in either agreement or polite disagreement are welcome. I suppose you will vote with your feet. 


Some context…

Next jumps season, for October-April I am planning to ‘launch’ the Jumps service with some help from colleagues in the racing space – yes, that is one of those annoying times when you will be bombarded with emails etc.

At this stage, for the Oct-April period, I am thinking of charging around £147-£197 for that period.

Clearly if you sign up to the £12.50 per month or £127 per year (the whole year, not just Oct-April) you will never need to pay such fees.



How Can You Join When Your Existing Subscription Ends?

In the next couple few days I will set up the payment options whereby you can join.

You can do this from within your members area, when logged in, using the ‘renew subscription’ link to the right.

  • PayPal: You will be able to sign up via paypal. REMEMBER- I know Paypal isn’t popular with everyone but you do NOT need to have an account in order to use them. You can pay as ‘a guest’ , without the need for an account etc, and just using your card.
  • ClickBank: I will introduce a ClickBank Option. Of course, they charge 20% VAT which will be in addition to the fees above (so £15 per month/£152 per year) – You could see the VAT (which they pay, not me) as an insurance I suppose, because of course you get the 60 day money back guarantee after each payment- which gives you more financial flexibility.



And I think that is it.

I hope that is clear and that you haven’t just spat out whatever you may be drinking.

I think those price rises are fair. I think the promise never to raise them again for as long as you remain, is also more than fair.

I believe this is one of the best value racing/information services around, based on the content and results for the 2016/17 jumps season so far.

It is also a club where you have the freedom to introduce your own subjective thoughts/opinions on the content – which I think makes your experience of racing far more enjoyable.

In the next couple of days I will advertise such links on the free posts for any Festival Subscribers who may wish to join longer term.

Remember, on the monthly subs, you can cancel anytime you please.

For those whose subscriptions run out in April, that ‘renew subscription’ option will be available at those prices above. 


Tin hat on… questions /comments welcome…

Thanks for reading, and thanks for showing your faith in me/the members club to this point. Hopefully you will remain for many months/years to come. For as long as there is UK/Irish racing, there will always be trainer stats, and there will always be some sort of ‘ratings pointers’- and I don’t think HorseRaceBase or Geegeez Speed have any plans to cease anytime soon. 



P.s you can always email me:


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7 responses

  1. Hi Josh

    Lovely winner from Spud yesterday and many thanks for your effort over the past week. Don’t worry I am sure most won’t expect that every week. Just the 15-20 pts a week will be fine 😉

    Hoblon ran sort of as I expected. Trying to figure out what their aim with him is. I wonder if he needs it heavier given he seems to stay 5 miles.

    Quick question but presume any existing annual memberships renew automatically and I don’t have to do anything when it happens?


    1. Hi Nick,
      Cheers- yep that week took me back to the highs of last January where everything I touched turned to gold haha.
      Yep, that week won’t be repeated anytime soon- but I am not ‘selling’ tips- I am not a tipster! But, good to see my trends/stats approach working and no reason why such shortlists won’t be the source of many winners into the future- just then a case of picking the right ones to… ‘tip’ 🙂

      Yea Hoblon ran a cracker with that weight- I wonder if he is their next RGB- get mark down a bit and sluice up in a few 3m5f+ races next Oct-Dec- Haydock National trial etc. Clearly still retains ability- he has traditionally always been best in autumn I believe. Will be on a winnable mark come then this year.

      Membership- I think it is set up to automatically renew but not 100%- just a technicality, you are locked in on that price, so any issues we will sort as and when.


      1. My question was the same as Nick’s re annual membership renewal. Pay Pal does do auto renewal but not always. I guess it will either happen or if not membership will lapse and we have to renewal. Only time will tell on hoe well any changes are received. The morw winners you can come up with the more popular etc.

        1. yep as I said to Nick I need to check but I think it is automated-and if not will cross that bridge when we get to it. Those very few who paid 97 annual back in the day (1st half 2016 i think) wont have to pay more- as a thanks for that early support/faith etc. and any payments made when unintentional etc I refund, always have,always will, no questions asked.

          Those changes are not that drastic, readers etc can see the results of members content and make a decision based on that. It is good value for the content I believe but up to me to continue proving that/providing it etc.

      2. Thanks Josh. I was just double checking (wasn’t questioning the amount). Looks like it was in August so will just have to wait and see.

  2. I shall ask a question which could become more. Where are you going with the Free section of the Blog, do you still intend to continue into the year running what is effectively 2 Blogs….one exclusive to those who have paid….the other totally free except for selling the offers and occasionally making requests for donations, and who probably don’t receive extra bonus benefits for making donations….what will the content be within the free Blog ?

    I suppose the question for many is will you still produce the quality of selections that has been seen this last week…..not the number of winners or the profits made which is a volatile area when looking for success but the content or are you moving certain items over to paying members for their usage only ?

    You seem to have 2 winning areas split between 2 Blogs……on one there has been the “tips”, found using systematic individual race trends, which are made by yourself Josh…. and then on the other Blog there are “Trainer related ” tips created from the Hunt & Flat trends that you sell to non-members and release each start of season….but where you are making the selections for daily use and then putting up those selections for the eyes of members only

    Unless the various “Bloggers” write their tips and comments on both Blogs, then quality can be missed by being restricted to one Blog…..There are quite a few high quality contributors on here, worthy of just putting their ideas on the members only Blog

    Its difficult writing this seeing that Liverpool have just scored a penalty and so I shall post and read your and others comments on this subject

    1. Hi Norman,

      It is all rather clear in my own mind…

      -the members content/what to expect is clearly laid out in the post above. None of that involves moving over any current free content. The only additional members content, on top of what has always been members only (including various big meeting notes last flat season) is the addition of some big race trends/stats analysis for handicap hurdles.

      – The free content will remain as it always has – a mixture of proven trainer systems plus some live tests – well one live test at the moment – trainer/jockey combos- that will remain a test for 2017, and probably a free bonus forever.

      – I am not a Tipster. I post my tips on 3m+ handicap chases during the jumps season and they will remain on the free posts – whether derived from trends or not. I have been ‘tipping’ properly since start of 2016. There are much better ‘tipsters’ than I – with longer proven track records- part of my appeal I think are the write ups/shortlists etc. During the flat this is likely to include free trends for one sprint handicap every week- as I think I have probably pay-walled enough – and they won’t be accompanied by confident tips- but thoughts/test tips probably.

      -there will be a ‘pace wins the race’ testy bit on the free posts also, to provide something daily of interest/to read etc.

      – it should be clear what people are paying for, in the members club- it is mainly stats based trainer information – TTP track stats stuff/qualifiers/ratings pointers/big meeting notes/reports etc + the odd big race trends. As laid out above.

      – readers comments- what they post and where they post is up to them. That isn’t a consideration on any front for me. I appreciate any comment that is made, wherever that may be.

      – you personally have joined for the Festival week – members content may not be for you- you may enjoy the free content, possibly but the odd report (that would otherwise be free/discounted as a member) , and then pay again for the Festival week next year. All good with me. As is people just reading the free content.

      – i reserve the right to paywall any post I wish, which from time to time may be 2-4 posts per months, available with the ‘day pass’ (£3) – the odd Saturday etc. I haven’t done that as yet. and at the moment have no plans to…

      but the main poing being there will always be plenty of free stuff, as well as the member content. I would hope the distinction is quite clear.


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