FREE DAILY POST: 13/03/17 (complete)


REMINDER: That this is the final ‘free’ post until next Monday, when ‘normal service’ will resume. All micro angles/systems will be moved to the daily TTP Jumps Notes posts.

You can still take advantage of my Festival Offer HERE>>>



No tips etc today.



Trainer /Jockey Combos – Live Test

2.20 Chep – Sutters Mill (12/1< guide) WON 7/1

3.05 Plump – Rude and Crude (14/1<) UP

5.00 Chep- Rebeccas Choice (16/1< guide)



All that leaves me to say is have a great Festival! Be lucky.


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  1. 28/1 shot today….Phar Away Island 2.50 Che. My lift to Cheltenham leaves at 5 PM today.

    Good luck this week. I will post from the course if I have anything useful to say. I am packing my sun tan lotion as the sun looks to be coming out.

    1. Good stuff Martin, enjoy! If that is the case they will probably be watering come Thursday! I don’t think there will be much/any soft in that going on Day 1, always faster than they officially say, and officially good to soft, so it is at least good!
      Have a great time.

    2. Great work Martin. Nice bonus for this weeks betting bank. Didn’t get 28s but had a small ew bet. Thanks!!

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