Cheltenham Festival 2017: Resources/Guides



Your Cheltenham Festival 2017 Resources


1.Festival Handicaps: Trends/Stats Guide CLICK HERE>>>>

2. 1st Time Headgear + Previous Festival Winners: Notes/Angles CLICK HERE>>>


  • Includes those micros I have picked out from reports from those in this list, number 2 above, 5/6 below

4. BONUS RACES: Stas + Trends+Pointers: CLICK HERE>>>


6. TRAINERS: CLICK HERE>>> (my last Betting Insiders Article,which updated last years report/added couple of others)

7. ‘WINNING PROFILES’: For All 10 handicaps : CLICK HERE>>>





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  1. Hi Josh

    Good job as usual mate. Looking forward to using all this to help me pick a few winners. Out of curiosity how do those 1st time headgear stats compare to those horses who are re-applying headgear that they have worn in the past but not on their last run. Not sure how to work that out on HRB.


    1. Hi Nick, cheers, just about getting there!
      I hope you use it to pick a few winners for us all also!!

      Yep so in general there is no point bothering with any headgear angle outside of first time.

      Settings wise, V4, select the headgear box and select ‘none’ and tick the ‘apply not rule’ box, so that leaves a data set with every horse at the festival wearing headgear.

      You can then do a ‘breakdown’ of ‘horse runs in headgear’ , I obviously used 0.

      Those that had run once only in the same headgear as today (either last start or whenever) are 0/49,10p.
      In total all those that had worn the same headgear at least once before are 9/202,49 places, -76 SP, AE 0.7.

      Those that had worn the headgear before, but did not have it on Last Time Out, are 0/24,9p (use the last race headgear box, select none)

      You may be able to find something, but I will stick with the first timers I think.

      1. Ah ok cool thanks. Will do my best. Slightly quieter at work this week so hopefully my brain will be slightly more functional next week. How was the preview evening last night BTW? Still trying to decide whether to go to the one Martin mentioned.


        1. Yep it was decent enough, some interesting thoughts from Andy Holding in particular, need to dig out my notes for relevant bits, but he has some strong ‘time thoughts’ on some of the graded races/non handicaps etc. Plus always a bit of handicap plot job chat. They are only useful to a point but was a fun evening.
          I would go to the London one if you can, panel looks a cracker and will be entertaining.

    1. To be honest it confuses the hell out of me,esp the graded handicaps. In terms of the micro angles my HRB account will highlight relevant qualifiers for the class droppers so won’t need to think there! When it comes to trends/stats I will just have to play by ear and if in doubt leave a horse in,if there is a relevant stat etc

  2. No stats,but Cheltenham starting in full moon,so horses with best stats during full moon period ,maybe joke,but blood is blood ,there was special horses what was able to catch running wolf

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