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jumps angles + geegeez gold trainer/jockey combo shortlist…






Harry Fry Mares (10/1<) (guide)

4.10 Winc – Tangley WON 9/2> 12/1.. (hmm. 10/1< a guide, but was 0/12,1p with those over 10s,before that winner) (i won’t count this one..well… if you placed bets in the morning you would have backed her)


Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test

3.20 Ffos Las- Fille Des Champs UP

3.50 Ffos Las – Sutters Mill UP


Handicap Hurdle/Chase Portfolio– Live Test

2.00 Muss – Landmarque UP

3.10 Winc – Ballinvarrig WON 5/4

4.00 Muss – Silver Streak WON 7/2



Geegeez Gold… TJC Reports…

Unless you have been in a cave you may have seen plenty flying around about Geegeez Gold – the superb creation of my old mentor and all round good egg, Matt Bisogno. For the first time ever I think he is doing what could be described as a ‘proper launch’ His piece of kit isn’t for everyone but it will/has been transformative for a few.

Anyway, in one of his recent videos Matt discussed how one Gold subscriber uses the Trainer/Jockey combo reports… essentially focusing on TJCs that have a 30% + win SR and 50% +place SR when teaming up with all runners at certain courses, based on their ongoing 5 year record.

So, today, having had a quick browse, I thought I would just list all such ‘qualifiers’ that are in the 7/2+ range. Some Gold users just back these types systematically I think, others may use them as starting points-then using other tools/recent trainer form etc. They have a habit of finding some tasty price winners.

You can actually now access these reports for FREE i believe, if you register for free HERE>>>

Today’s TJC ‘shortlist’ (just based on the stats/7/2+ odds)


2.30 Muss – Dear Sire- 9/2 WON 9/2>4/1

5.00 Muss- Kaities Hen – 9/2 UP


5.30 Newc – My Rosie 12/1 UP


6.00 Newc – Pacommand – 18/1 UP

7.00 Newc – Spiritofhayton – 7/1 UP

7.30 Newc – Berlios – 7/2 UP


7.00 Newc – Harlow 7/2 WON 9/2


4.50 Ffos Las – Angel of Harlem 5/1 UP


I mean they will probably all drop out the back of the tv now I have cursed them, but you can use that info as you please…


Good luck with any bets today.


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  1. What you think about Wake Your Dreams 3:00 M 17/2 can rise to 18/1 on exchangetwo poor last starts but one on heavy,one on soft,and header is back Cavendish/Quinlan
    Shantou Tiger look best,good stats from Muss,best form on good,clear good

    1. you have lost me James… that list above is from the geegeez gold report, which is nothing to do with any of my own stats. And that is also nothing to do with Matts free giveaway, the dream teams report.

      1. Reply to Josh, well, it seems to me that the idea of highlighting a Trainer/Jockey combo at a certain track is the same. Gee geez uses a 1yr/5yr rolling timescale, and i believe yours is a 3yr from the beginning of the season timescale, but the crossover of data that is used to compile both must be significantly large that both produce the same or similar results, no? hence my comment. I know yours is hcaps only, but there is a filter on the geegeez system for that

        1. Hi James,
          It was the ‘supposed to be highlighting these’ comment that threw me. My members club highlights runners/qualifiers from my stats pack… not geegeez gold reports. That is all I wanted to clarify, based on that comment.

          There will no doubt be some cross over but none of the stats will be the same and Geegeez reports update on a daily basis, with the stats changing daily based on any previous day runs etc.

          My stats also strip out novice/selling/maiden handicaps etc,just leaving ‘standard’ handicaps, which I assume the geegeez ‘handicaps’ option does not, and then you do have the different timescales, as you point out. And I also picked what I considered to be the single best combo per track, based on my approach to how I researched that guide. (‘standard handicaps, 2013/2014/15/16)

          So, the logic and the premise of trainer jockey track combos is all the same, but that is about it.

          I use HorseRaceBase for my systems/stats research. Geegeez isn’t a system building tool.

          And the members club is just jumps during the jumps season. Above are jumps, and AW, non handicaps and handicaps.

          Does that make sense? Josh

          1. And also… in terms of the free trainer/jockey live test systems above, those are not track based, but race type based.

  2. 2.50 Ffo – Never Equalled 8/1 (365) is the only betting opportunity I can find for myself today

    The horse is a qualifier for the OnCouse Profits monthly ‘Acorn’ system of Bernard Lewellyn’s non-h’cappers. Badly outclassed the last two runs but this looks easier. What’s more is he’s proven on Ffos Las heavy and has some good-looking form in the book, including a close defeat to the talented Potters Legend and a win over Clondaw Cian who won a decent pot at Cheltenham earlier in the season.

    A return to form will surely see him in the top 2. As the system suggests, it’s an e/w bet for me

  3. I see our old friend, Foie Gras, has attracted some support in the second at Newcastle. I was waiting ’til he came down another couple of pounds, so a little surprised at the money…think I’ll hold fire as may be interesting nto if he doesn’t hack up today.

  4. hi josh

    glad to say backed TANGLEY, got bog @ 11/2 , thought you could count it as a win even if 12 to 1, put it on about 10am.

    1. Ah well good to hear you had a go! Good stuff. I had a nibble also and was pleasantly surprised at SP. Technically he didn’t, although that 10/1< was a guide although forgot to add that note this morning- evidence was starting to suggest money was importantly, but clearly not. Small sample sizes obvs, maybe 12/1< now!! Well done.

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