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just the jumps angles today…

RIP to connections of Many Clouds. This game is awful at times and you can’t help but feel numb. A very sad day.


Just the systems today from me..



Jumps Angles

K Lee Chasers (12/1<)

3.40 Font- Mr Bachster- WON 7/1>5/1


Trainer/Jockey Combos- Live Test

1.20 Sedg – Tontos Spirit (#10) (any odds,9/1< best ) WON 12/1

3.10 Font – Prime Venture (#4) (12/1< guide) UP

4.10 Font- Sutters Mill (#4) (12/1< guide)



That is all for today.


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  1. Tomorrow surprise can be Endless Credit 1:20 S
    9/1 i think he wil rise to 9/1 10/1 win 8/1 isp
    main contender is Robin Of Locksley do not bet below 7/1 bsp
    There is rain in Font and Leo

    1. That’s my only bet tomorrow as well. Has come out of a couple of hot races. In theory Hartside is better off at the weights but without a visor and with Winks in shocking form I’d expect that one to run worse than his previous two runs.

  2. like a lot of people I back many clouds and when I got back home I went on the racing post site was I reading it right I don’t know what the trainer going though this game can be hard at time .chris

  3. 40 years of love for horse racing and the list of true diamonds isn’t a long one. Everyone will know the names. Many Clouds is on it. RIP.

  4. Many Clouds RIP.

    Sometimes the passing of an individual horse, puts the passing elation of a win into perspective.
    I still feel Red Rums spirit when I visit Aintree & the many other valiant hero’s that crossed my path.
    Bless them all.

    1. all equine losses are felt but when a nh hero goes in the arena of the greats the loss is tangible. May the colossus that lived inside Many Clouds live forever in our memories. RIP.

      1. Hi Josh/all, here’s an idea for all on this forum and social media nh enthusiasts to get behind. Why can’t we organize a minute’s applause at either Aintree or Cheltenham for all our fallen heroes from recent and long ago?Any thoughts?

        1. Only problem I’d see Mathew and I mean this without being funny. At all the big meetings when the coaches etc roll in from all over the country most are drunk before they get off the bus….sadly, and it can ruin the day for some of us.
          I just couldn’t see the call for silence being heeded which could lead to fights and arguments. Although I remember silence for Rummy back in the day. Lovely idea though Mathew.

          1. point taken Tonymc just seems to me that we should, as enthusiasts, respect the memories of our heroes even if it is outside of the “hospitality” “fans” that racing attracts. I feel that you, me and many of the fans of this site could do something, with the support of other real fans esp Josh, to remember the fallen heroes, and I Think of Many Clouds, Synchronised, Alverton,Vautour, etc.

  5. Standout stat of the day at the biggest odds was Tonto, Kenneth Slack in class 4 C & D hurdles was 4 runs, 3 wins, 3 places on at 19.5 very nice, Well done Josh they both team up well together at Sedgefield

  6. Hi Josh
    thanks and well done tonto”s spirit /brooke/slack 12/1
    your luck is turning for the better ,long may it continue, brian

    1. Sounds like you were on, good stuff! That was a nice price for that team, esp for an ‘unexposed could be anything’ type. I could do with some luck with the members ratings pointers, another close 2nd as I write, they have had a horror 3 weeks,thankfully week 1 of Jan means not too painful but many started after that week. Never mind. Hopefully that TJC combo can work this year, we shall see.

  7. Pig sick…..I had BABY TICKER EW until that extraordinary swan dive of the jockey….. I wanna swear…I can’t believe it. **^*^

      1. I had a good day Steve, but missed Theatre Act as well as I was looking at Turtle cask. I always back Hughes in that type of race.
        Still a good day …..but I still wanna swear.
        LOL..did anyone see the jockey do a runner. lol

  8. Just watched the 4.10 & 4.20 and the fluctuations of fortunes letmego winning the 4.10 matched at 1000 in the run and Alys rock winning the 4.20 matched at 450.00 in the run some punters very happy and very sad

    1. I am both of those Steve haha. Well, I didn’t get near those prices but Letemgo a Ratings Pointer winner, 12s, much needed. 4.20- leader was a stats pick also, a few of us on at 20s, 18s, can’t believe it. May have been fortunate at Fontwell mind, these things have a way of evening themselves out. Knew letemgo would be held up also, as they have been trying to teach him to settle to my eye. Never thought to look at in-running price! Still, I won’t complain with 2 TTP points on at 12s. Winners everywhere across the blog today. Sunday’s have been good to us.

  9. Great stuff Baby Ticker would have made it a very good day done everything to win the race too. kicking myself a little already had backed letmego & his other runner in the race with the C. Gordon stats and watching the race lined up a further £1.00 bet at 300 on letmego but hesitated and missed out lol. 2 x Excellent odds winners for your stats Josh that’s all it takes to quickly turn things round I’m hoping for the same tomorrow at Southwell a couple of decent odds for the sires with live chances

    Well done

    1. cheers Steve, yep I won’t complain at that day, some decent winners across all the content so with any luck every reader should be happy today! Weekends/Sundays have been kind to us from memory.
      Yep when you don’t have odds caps/will back winners in the 10/1+ range, it doesn’t take many to get you back in the game/boost profits/eradicate losses. You just have to have the patience and accept that with approach there will be painful losing runs every now and then. That’s racing/betting/stats for you.

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