Hunter Chases: Trainer+Jockey Pointers

Hunter Chases: Trainers and Jockeys to follow? …

Following the free guest post from new Racing To Profit friend and Hunter Chase Expert, Darran Pearce (you should read that HERE>>,it’s a cracker)  I thought I would have a brief look at some top level trainer/jockey stats.

As always, use as you please. Both of these ‘systems’ are saved in my HRB account but as yet I haven’t decided what I will do with them, if anything. No doubt they may appear in free posts from time to time….


Hunter Chases: Stats/Notes of Interest

  • Hunter Chases
  • 2014/15/16/17-



9/4 or shorter…

274 bets / 123 wins / 200 places / 45% win SR / -3.72 SP / AE 0.99

These stats suggest there is probably some value to be found at the top end in these races, if you know what you are doing. (Darran!) 

Knowing they win 45% of races though is useful, especially when  considering to take on such a horse. 

Our Hunter Chase friend and expert  Darran Pearce, (read his guest post HERE>>) said that jockeys were very important. So, with that in mind…



Jockeys of interest that caught my eye for one reason or another, ordered by profit…


Collectively they are 0/26,3p with runners priced over 33/1 SP.

So, focusing on those 12, with horses going off 33/1 or shorter…



Of note… 35 of those winners shortened at least 1 point from opening show (10 mins or so before off) and the start of the race, SP. Actually taking opening show odds would have won +99 points above the SP figure above. Taking morning odds may have boosted that further.

Those jockeys could be a good starting point for bets.



Are there any trainers we should take note of… 10 caught the eye…


Collectively they are 0/9,0p with runners over 16/1. So, that is a loose guide but it gives the following results…


Trainer Jockey Combos

Having had a brief look no combos really stand out, plenty of small numbers and 3/X etc.

We will keep an eye on those jockeys and trainers above, albeit no promises on posted daily, free or otherwise!

(if you have a HRB account, those are pretty easy to add in, if you have the space…)


That will be all for this brief post.





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7 Responses

  1. Hi Josh sorry for my general dippiness, but what is and HRB account, apologies in advance if a silly question, brain is not in gear today if indeed it ever has been

    1. Hi Stephen, it is not a silly question if you do not know what it is! Such questions are encouraged…

      HRB- HorseRaceBase… which is the kit I use for all sorts,(mainly system creation and their ratings + profile tool) along with geegeez gold.


    1. Hmm how odd. I took the started set of date and did a ‘breakdown’ by jockey, sorted by winners first, or profit. He is there somewhere, well has appeared as you can see above.

  2. I’ve just been having a clear out of systems in my HRB, looks like you have found me something new to add 🙂

  3. Great for Josh to do this and I have a few things to add. When I saw Mr J C Barry I thought that is odd as I have never heard of him. Did a search and he rides mainly in Ireland so that explains that. Jane Williams retired at the end of last season. Josephine Banks is a pretty bad jockey, but gets on some decent horses and I have backed her rides in the past. She’s usually pretty good at staying on which is half the battle. Claire Hart has got married and he new name is Hardwick. On the trainer front Neil Mechie only had the one horse to run in hunter chases in Ockey Du Neulliac but he did do superbly with him so if he does appear again it would be interesting. Sadly Jill Dawson passed away a couple of years ago and her husband who is at the bottom of the list now trains. He trains the superb Palypso De Creek who has won the same hunter chase at Wetherby for the last 4 years. He is 14 now but he has been entered in points this season so I am guessing they will be going for number 5 next month.

    I have always wondered what the strike rate was of fancied horses and it doesn’t surprise me that it is as high as 45%. Given that is to SP most of those will have been bigger at some point which would turn that small loss into a profit. As much as its good finding those the big profits can come when you take one on and find the winner.

    The next hunter chase is at Warwick on Thursday and it looks like being a very informative race.

    1. Cheers Darran, top info there. The ‘she’s usually pretty good at staying on which is half the battle’ line made me smile.

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