Trainer/Jockey Combos: Jumps 2017

10 Trainer/Jockey Combos to follow…

I have researched 10 National Hunt trainer/jockey combos for us to track throughout 2017 and hopefully beyond.

Collectively they have averaged around +149 points profit a year to SP, so it will be interesting to see what they can achieve moving forwards. I will ‘live test’ these on the blog so we can all see how they get on in the real world. The stats/angles look good on paper but such research can sometimes struggle in live play, hence the importance of testing…





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3 Responses

  1. Sue Smith: are C1 h’cap chases excluded so only C3 and lower, in effect? I suspect not, but wanted to be certain.

    1. Hi Chris, I haven’t excluded any class as yet – i can’t think of a logical reason to do so- her C1 handicap stats are decent, 4/8 or something, for decent profits- Class 2 only anomaly, 0/18,6p- probably just one of those things- but excluding C2 when 3+1 do well, doesn’t make logical sense that I can think of. And you need logic, somewhere! Unless you have some thoughts. IF you are going to be wary of one, it is C2.

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