TTP Jumps Notes: 15/01/17 (complete)


1.The Ratings Pointers

2.All Qualifiers against stats pack

3.Any ‘Notes’ (subjective views mainly, on some of the qualifiers)

4.Any general messages/updates etc



1.The Ratings Pointers



2.All Qualifiers against stats pack



Artisto Du Plessis (hncp h + micro age)


Bernardelli (all hncps)

Jet Master (micro distance)


Hurricane Rita (hncp hurdles)


3.Any ‘Notes’ (subjective views mainly, on some of the qualifiers)

I will not have time to look through those before about midday tomorrow. So no notes, but that’s because it is a Sunday, and as I write it is a Saturday evening- not because I have a view one way or another on those above. If you fancy any, do say so in the comments 🙂 In general, Sunday is kind of a ‘day off’ from too much deep thought, bar listing qualifiers/ratings pointers.


4.Any general messages/updates etc

It has been a poor week on the ratings pointers front, after last week’s haul, which was on the back of a bumpy start. But, hopefully an example of keeping faith in the approach (based on results to date) and why starting with an adequate bank and betting small, is the only way to go long term. I suspect those of you who started last monday must be wondering what is going on! (as were those who started on Boxing Day) I suppose I would be. Sadly it is all about timing- the ratings pointers have found 14/1 x2 and 20/1 x1 winner since Christmas and they will do again- they wipe out losing runs pretty quickly. I am confident this approach will reward long term patience/support.

Certain comments across the blog have me banging my head against the table. I have tried my best to explain this service, and the approach. I don’t know what else I can do in truth. It is quite disheartening, my mood not helped by having a poor week I suppose. All constructive criticism welcome.

Just a quick note on NHF races… they found a 25/1 winner on Saturday and I tried to indicate they may be worth some ‘change’ in the notes, and I note some of you backed him at 50/1 BFSP, well done you.

I will come up with some more sound advice on how to approach the NHF selections. I have not been keeping separate results for those, and I really should be- as they are non-handicaps, often horse hasn’t had a run, and the trainer stats are all we have to go on. So, I will go through recent weeks and provide some stats on NHF selections, as a basis for deciding how you approach them. Many have no ratings, and as such, do not appear in the ratings pointers. I think there may be a case to just back them blind, like a separate micro system, but some historical results would help us with that.



Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hopefully next week is better than this one,



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  1. Just To make it Clear . Before anyone else jumps on my back .
    I do not question your integrity Its Great . Ok . About last year I said I make a fair few Bob out of Racing . It’s becoming more Difficult now . Because of Rule 4s and same topics My apologies to all those who Jumped in all of a sudden .

    1. Hi Richard, no need to apologise, you commented in a polite way, that’s all I ask, and that price point you thought was clearly your opinion, and all opinions, expressed politely,are welcome in these parts- criticism etc is the only way to improve. But- with that said, if you do say something which I disagree with, i will obviously reply 🙂
      I pride myself on my integrity, honesty,openness, transparency,and customer service- indeed those are the only things in this game I have 100% control over, not the horses sadly, or my ability to pick the right horse from a shortlist of what was about 4, in a big race! (one for arthur) I do get a bit prickly when they are questioned,maybe I should get a thicker skin!
      Anyway,we move on. Your membership is appreciated, and so are your comments-and if there is anything you have issue with moving forwards, do say, and we can discuss.

  2. Hi Josh. True to say it’s not been a great week for the rating s pointer. however the QUEEN MOTHER a big racing fan. Once commented. That horse racing is 80% disappointment.and 20%. Joy. I am sure the joy can bring us profits. stick with it Josh. It’s early days

  3. And yes, he was top rated Geegeez Speed, and Top 3 HRB, the only one on the shortlist to be so. 16/1.
    Hi Josh just a query about the above i did not see it in the ratings that you provided

    1. I believe you’re referring to One For Arthur George. If so then you are correct it wasn’t in the ratings pointers, but it was on Josh’s short-list for the Classic Chase and that’s what he was referring to I think, he was kicking himself for not tipping it despite it been top on Geegeez speed and top 3 HRB. Hopefully that answers your query and you don’t mind me answering, Josh seems to like a lie in on Sunday so you may have been waiting for awhile although I’m sure he would have got round to it.


  4. Hey Josh, keep your head up, your doing a cracking job and I for one are enjoying this service, only two weeks in and I can definitely see the potential long term.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

  5. Hi Josh, what are the results of All Qualifiers against stats pack? In the latest results from december there are only results of all qualifiers from ratings pointers. I want to have a punt even on Sunday, but I’d like to know what kind of horses I’m throwing money at.

    1. Nevermind, I found it in the TTP Results Round Up: End Week 8 if anyone was wondering. Anyway, we could use an update, it’s been almost 2 months since.

  6. Cracking day Bernadelli @ 13.4 Bsp backed that and Ariston, thats 93.19+ pts up in 15 Days this month, all i can say Josh is you have generated the stats really well its certainly working and i hope others are enjoying these as well.

  7. nice profit on the day with Bernadelli @13.38 bsp up 18.76 pts so i’m still showing a nice profit since starting around 62pts, must say i like the good advice and methods on here and will be staying around for the foreseeable future.

    1. I’ve been with Josh since the beginning. He’s very good, improving all the time, and is very very honest.
      And of course supports the reds as well. lol.

  8. And yes, he was top rated Geegeez Speed, and Top 3 HRB, the only one on the shortlist to be so. 16/1.
    Hi Josh just a query about the above i did not see it in the ratings that you provided

    George 19 hours ago Reply

    Hi Josh what i was inquiring about why was is not in the ratings if it was top rated by GG and top 3 with HRB ,

    1. Hi George

      On this members page, the only horses that get selected and mentioned are those that are highlighted by the trainers lists which are a “private publication”, produced by Josh. They are on general sale to the wider public at the start of each Flat, Jumps or AW season.

      As a service to full paying members or those on a free trial period, he short-cuts the work for us and provides those horses that the various lists nominate. THEN he creates a “stronger valuation” of those horses by comparing them with Geegeez & Horseracebase ratings…..essentially 2 different types of ratings, one for Speed…the other for form.

      BUT on the free page the tips are Josh’s own analysis, usually 3 miles+ Chases…..nothing to do with those lists of horses from the members page…… and then he provides versions of micro systems and such that have been created by other contributors comments and as such are general, provided for everyone selections to be viewed and backed if you also think they are worth a bet

      ONE FOR ARTHUR was part of Josh’s short-list for a big race, he mentioned it as part of his overall view of the race, but he dismissed it because he has a habit of talking himself out of the winner, he’s done it before and will do it again…..just exactly what we are all guilty of at times

      1. What Norman said. Summed up perfectly. Including the final part!

        Is that clear? The Members posts are based on all qualifiers against my stats pack.

        Free tips are free tips..not based on these stats. but I use HRB and Geegeez as part of any horse u look at , as a guide. Sadly failing with one for Arthur this time,talking myself out of him!

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