TTP Jumps Notes: 01/01/17 (complete)

Quals + ALL ratings…

This feels a bit like Boxing Day again…

I will post the HRB ratings pointers at some point on Sunday morning as I will be busy for the rest of the day/evening before the cards are uploaded.

(if there are HRB users who wish to highlight any ratings pointers in comments that would be welcome, albeit that is my job and as I said will be posted as early as I can Sunday morning)




Lamb or Cod (all hncps+ TJC) UP

Any Currency (all hncps) UP

Chase The Spud (all hncps + hncp chase) UP

Troika Steppes (all hncps + hncp chase)

Samingarry (hncp chase) UP

Caprd King (micro class) UP



Village Vic (all hncps) 2nd

Thomas Brown (hncp chase + micro TJC) UP

Shutthefrontdoor (micro distance) UP



Fingal Bay (all hncps + hncp haurdle+ tjc) UP

Morning Herald (all hncps) 

Rolling Maul (hncp hurdle) UP

Call To Order (micro class)




Heaven Sent (all hncps) 2nd


Discoverie (all hncps) UP

Witness (hncp chase) UP

Roxyfet (hncp chase) UP

Nefyn Bay (all hncps +hncp chase + micro distance) 2nd




Royal McNab (hncp chase) UP


Arthurs Secret (hncp hurdle) 2nd

Full Jack (micro horse runs this season) UP


Aristo Du Plessis (hncp hurdle)


Atomix UP




Only Georgeous (hncp chase) WON 20/1>9/1

Long John (micro TJC) UP



Umberto D’Olivate (all hncps + hncp chase) WON 14/1>10/1

Castarine (all hncps + hncp chase) 2nd 16/1

Smiles For Miles (micro: 0 runs 90 days)



Mr Clarkson (NHF) (no speed ratings race) WON 9/2 




Artifice Sivola (all hncps+micr class) WON 11/4 

Marquis Carabas (hncp hurdle) 2nd








Top Rated

2.00 Chelt – Village Vic 2nd

2.35 Chelt – Call To Order

2..45 Catt – Discoverie UP

3.05 Fake – Artifice Sivola WON 11/4

Top 3 

1.40 Muss – Royal McNab 30 UP

2.15 Muss – Arthurs Secret 2nd

3.05 Fake- Marquis Carabas 2nd

Geegeez Gold 

Top Rated 

2.45 Catt- Nefyn Bay 2nd

2.15 Muss – Full Jack UP

3.05 Fak – Artifice Sivola WON 11/4


Top 3 

12.50 Chelt – Chase The Spud 30 UP

2.00 Chelt – Village Vic 2nd 

2.35 Chelt – Rolling Maul UP

3.05 Fak – Marquis Carabas 2nd



That will be all for today.


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4 Responses

  1. Cheltenham top rated
    2. Village vic
    2.35 call to order

    Catterick 2.45 top rated

    Musselburgh top rated

    Top 3
    1.40 royal mcnab
    2.15 Arthur’s secret

    Exeter top rated

    Fakenham top rated
    Artifice sivola

    Top 3
    Marquis carabas

  2. 12.50 Cheltenham….

    using ratings from HRB and comparing them with another set of ratings (not Geegeez) I would narrow the race down to Vyta Du Roc & Lamb or Cod and both have been backed.
    two others to consider are Arpege Dalene (price short) & A Good Skin….with the big outsider Troika Steppes also in for consideration

    3.30 Exeter…..

    again two again the field….Achimota & Midnight Request and both have been backed…..Bramble Brook is not a big price and Fourovakind, Silver Commander and Castarnie make up the rest to be considered.

    1.05 Musselburgh…..

    a Novice Hcap Chase……

    Misfits & Mister Don qualify but I don’t think they have decent value so I have backed two others in the race……Buckled and Vinni Gambini with a danger being Rolling Thunder (a combo Trnr/Jcky)…..might just back that as well

    I have tried to reduce the races to the top 5 with best form ratings….combined with those horses who are top 2 rated in HRB using the 4 columns that I tend to concentrate on as shown on their race-card

    the other group that finds the winners, which I have left for today but will examine nearer the start-time……are those in the first 3 in betting but don’t have a HRB top 2 rating (in the 4 columns I use)

    I have rated and assessed all of today’s Handicaps but I left off Fakenham (small fields)…see what happens P or L ??

  3. These where my selections:

    Lamb Or Cod
    Village Vic
    Thomas Brown
    Rolling Maul
    Nefyn Bay
    Royal Mcnab
    Arthers secret
    Umberto D’olivate WON BSP 13.0
    Artifice Sivola WON BSP 3.9

    These where all using Ratings the above selections.

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