TTP Jumps Notes: 28/12/2016 (complete)

complete (nothing new from yesterday)



1.05 –

Taylor (hncp c)

2.45 –

Golden Investment (all hncps+hncp chase+micro..Age)

Bennys Well (all hncps + hncp chase+ micro… runs this season)

Major Ridge (hncp chase)

3.20 –

Cowslip (all hncps + micro age)



12.55 –

Little Pop (all hncps + TJC)

3.40 –

Mixchievous (all hncps)

Ozzy Thomas (hncp hurdle)


RATINGS POINTERS (+ trainer form)


Top Rated 


Top 3 

2.45 Catt – Golden Investment 


Geegeez Speed

Top Rated 

2.45 Catt – Golden Investment

Top 3 



Nothing to add for today that wasn’t posted last night. More ‘normal’ service will resume from today, ie quals being up by 2pm, ratings pointers up asap after that,and any additional notes of interest on the runners.

Question.. for any Geegeez Gold users.. before I get paranoid… in the 1.05 Catt I have no speed rating for Taylor- he is one of three horses in the race with a 0 – not sure if a problem my end as with yesterday or that’s how it is today…


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  1. Josh Thanks for the response on trainer form, like many things it’s another piece of the puzzle.
    Today highlights another issue, what I will call the inconvenient truth! Stats get corrupted on days like today when some races are so bad that nothing should win from a stats point of view, so when something from one of these races wins as something must we get false data. Example 1:- 10 horses trained by trainers with no wins in the last 14 days. So does this mean that the winning trainer is now off the cold list?
    Example 2:- A race on heavy going. Non of the runners have ever even placed on before. The winners form will show it as a Heavy ground winner when checking form in the future!
    May be 10 years from now we will have interactive form books where as you sift through the card you tell your device your observations and these will be highlighted in future lol! A super smart device that remembers trainers that normal stats don’t apply to like J J O’Neil!
    Today’s racing pointer is interesting as normally a trainer with a 0 – 14 record last 14 days is not for me. However I really can’t see Golden Investment coming unplaced so pacified myself by backing it ew (was 11/2). I see money has come for it so with Cabragh to beat fingers crossed.

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