TTP Jumps Notes: 14/12/16 (complete)

(addition to 1.10) complete..quals+notes+ratings…










(missed one first time through in 1.10…)


Buckled  (that’s a novices hncp chase,not a handicap hurdle!)


Full Jack (micro- runs this season) 3rd 8/1>2/1

NOTE: trainer 1/2 last 30 days. Horse is a CD winner 3lb above his last winning mark, before jockey claim counted. He has won here before over CD having been chasing before. Maybe that change of code will spark him into a bit of life. Drop in class from last run and he may come on for it also.



Royal McNab (hncp c) WON 9/2>9/4 

Quito Du Tressor (micro – distance) 3rd 10/1

NOTE: RM- Menzies in red hot form, 5/12,7p last 14 days and I think she had a winner at Southwell in Tuesday also. He looks to have a solid chance to my eye and 9/2 looks fair – there is a chance he can get an easy lead here and provided that run 5 days ago hasn’t drained him, he should give any backers a run for their money. Back on last winning mark he won’t mind the 7mm of forecast rain. Quit0 – Russell hit and miss – well, 0/30,5p the last 14 days so a bit more miss than hit! This one is very well handicapped and all race conditions are fine, a previous CD winner. He isn’t getting any younger but wouldn’t be a shock winner if a couple of market principles were to fail. Yard form would be a niggle.



Arthurs Secret (hncp h) 2nd 9/2

NOTE: trainer 3/9,4p last 30 days so going fine. A CD winner who has been running well, he looks likely to run his race again. May appreciated a drop of rain also but not essential. Cook in the saddle is no bad thing.



Proud Gamble (hncp c) WON 3/1

Donapollo (hncp c) 3rd 10/1

NOTE: Dobbin is in form, 2/10,2p last 14 days. Proud Gamble looks to have an obvious chance to my eye and 3/1 is probably fair- esp as he is top rated on both HRB and Geegeez Speed as below. This race is nowhere near as deep as the last day to me, and it is a drop back into C4. He just seems consistent- he wont mind any rain either. It is impossible to say yet that this mark is beyond him. I expect he will go close. His stablemate now has a bit more to prove – looks inconsistent,possibly a C5 animal, and likely he needs a very sound surface. If this is worse than good come the off you would be concerned. But, given the yard form, and he has bits and pieces of form, may not be impossible. But you would think, barring accidents, that Proud Gamble is finishing ahead of him.


My View: Nothing more to add really. You would say Quito and Donapollo have the most questions against them but not impossible. The other three look very solid to my eyes.




Note: That this is a test/trial and the aim is to provide an extra level of information (not based on my opinion!) that may held you decide how to engage with the qualifiers. So far so good but it will be interesting to see how these develop and whether they can give more confidence to certain selections. For now I will carry on. As always your thoughts/comments welcome…


Top Rated

3.20 Muss – Proud Gamble WON 3/1

Top 3

2.50 Muss – Arthurs Secret 2nd 


Geegeez Speed

Top Rated

3.20 Muss – Proud Gamble WON 3/1

Top 3

1.40 Muss – Royal McNab WON 9/2 

2.50 Muss – Arthurs Secret 2nd 

3.20 Muss – Donapollo 3rd 




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  1. Nope. As noted above (I will make that clearer) I don’t believe there were any. A lot of non handicaps there today and from races that were left I didn’t see any.

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