Video Review: Haydock

A video review of Haydock… who was fit, who wasn’t, what did we learn…

Following my trip to Haydock on Saturday I have recorded another video review, where I will attempt to do a better job of tracking some of the horses than I did after the Aintree Video (Royal Regatta- gulp)



It is 30 minutes long but it does fly by! You can of course dip in and out. So, make a cup of tea and grab your note pad 🙂

Hopefully you find the odd note/observation of some interest moving forwards.




p.s all thought/comments/horses that caught your eye over weekend etc etc welcome as always…


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  1. Hi Josh

    Many thanks for that. Always an interesting listen/watch. According to Hobbs that was the target for Kruzhlinin and apparently he wasnt going back to the National given he’s now been over those fences three times and didnt enjoy them and he wasnt sure where they were going next with him.


    1. Thanks Nick- yep I didn’t look at that race in too much depth – not sure how he matched up against those stats/trends I did? Assume maybe he didn’t…
      Clearly a good plan by them that worked- Dickie certainly rode the track superbly on the day, albeit he had the horses- but always in the right spot. He looks like a true galloper/stayer so interesting where they head- maybe aim for the long distance chase at Sandown on last day of season, the name of which escapes me! Or, they may stick to long distance hurdles in the mud. Can see why they would leave National fences now.

      1. Without checking I think the ideal profile is a young 5 to 7 year old looking to go chasing but fairly unexposed (part of that may come from Ben’s stats since his will differ from yours at times) so he was anything but. Also based on his profile you were looking for a field of less than 10, in a race worth less than £15k going right handed so pretty much blew that completely lol. His November form was his saving grace I think.

  2. Form is only part of the puzzle. The Emma Lavelle horse put up a few days back is a briliant example. Trainers record at Ascot was poor + at the trip nothing to right home about.
    Anyway respect for putting you head above the parapet as its not easy as ive done a sucsessful blog on PL forum and was known as bully3061 on there for anyone here who were there. Packed up 2 reasons. My partner in crime is now a pro tipster and i have RSI. Need to add i certainly wernt carried by the other tipster.
    Not one for tracker horses as mine always go in when taken off the list also i found i tried to make cases for those that were on the list. But a horse that i think can go in soon is Arcanista who ran on the aw at Lingfield in the 1220 Saturday ( not everyones cup of tea) but for punters like me who use alot of stats the aw is a good place to start. Pipped by the Fav Garter who i wanted to take on due to trainer stats but draw was a neg for Arcanista on the day.
    Trained by Richard hughes and ridden by S Kelly who hughes likes to use and the sire Arcano looks a gd Aw sire so a race or 2 to be won id like to think.

    1. Hi James, thanks for comment- yep how right you are, it is indeed. I would say for me the example of Lavelle’s form at the track was irrelevant in the context of how the horse himself has performed there, while trained by Lavelle. He just seems to be regressive now and I wont go looking for excuses anymore for him- everything was perfect for a better run there. Maybe he didn’t appreciate being up there but he still jumped awfully. Anyway, moving on from him!

      Very valid point about tracking of horses and I suppose the psychological problems of such an approach!

      You are always welcome to post up any fancies etc, esp on AW!

  3. Josh a reminder that Lucinda Russell’s partner is a certain Peter Scudamore and in relation to Mysteree it was Michael Scudamore who is the trainer so the whole thing was maybe a stitch up and fortunately I noticed the move.


    1. Ah yes, that is a very good point! Not sure who the owner is but he has moved a few though – maybe they just suggested he go there given connections. Wouldn’t say stitch up and I noticed the trainer change- he could well just be a better trainer than her. And he had enough bits and pieces on paper to indicate he could do that – if only I didn;t judge that 5s was a bit skinny!
      It is interesting as a few have moved from here I think. Maybe the dark arts are in play though! 🙂

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