TTP Jumps Notes: 14/11/16 (Now COMPLETE)

Post complete… quals + notes Plumpton + Muss


A nice end to the week delivered thanks to a nice brace of winners at Fontwell that were worth waiting for. +21 points over the last two days if you’d had 1 point on everything, not including the +12 points I missed on Jonjo’s

I will update the week’s results in due course but that weekend was much needed after a quiet Mon-Friday.

Onto a new week…




Skylander (hncp h + micro class) UP

ran well to a point and showed more enthusiasm than he has been, but did fade after the last having looked like he may play a role. The winner clearly ahead of his mark still. 

NOTE: Pipe’s going ok enough not to be put off- 4/31,9 places last 14 days. This one reverts to hurdles having not looked in love with chasing on his last few starts. This isn’t a deep race- Mulholland’s will be fav no doubt and may get the hat-trick- but a repeat of any of this one’s summer hurdle form should put him in the mix I think. The jockey has been seen to ok effect on a couple of pipes recently.




Mister Don (hncp c) UP

Proud Gamble (hncp c) UP

Both ran ok in 3rd/4th I think without threatening the front two- I suspect this level is beyond them. The ground was meant to be good, but times suggested it was soft I think, and that wouldn’t have suited Mister Don. 

NOTE: Both, Dobbin 1/6,2 places last 14 days. Both horses are running well enough. On the face of it Mister Don is held by Blue Kascade on their last run but he is still lightly raced and hard to say he wont run another solid race. Likewise Proud Gamble won for us LTO and a repeat of that run may put him thereabouts albeit it is a rise in class. It looks an open little contest where, based on the market, you could make a case for 6 of them. Backers of these two should get a run for their money hopefully.



Shine A Diamond (micro Distance) UP 4th (jumping much better over this trip and went well for a time- maybe a C5 chase around Hexham will see him return to winners enclosure…)

NOTE: Russell ‘in form’ 6/30,11, places last 14 days. The horse is a CD winner who is very well handicapped on his last winning form- in that context those types are always dangerous to rule out. He may prefer this return to further albeit he tried to take a few fences with him the last day. He is also bottom of the HRB ratings which is never a great thing, but doesn’t mean they can’t win and he is 16/1, which is a decent EW price. Not one I will go mad on but not one I can be 100% confident having nothing on at that price.



3.50 – Marcus Antonius – this race distance is actually now closer to 19f, than 20f and does not qualify on the Lucida R micro distance stats, unlike Shine A Diamond above who does- closer to 20f. Russell is 3/25,6p over this ‘distance’ in handicap hurdles, but 9/38,18p, +7 SP in handicap chases over this distance, last 5 years, so something for me to keep a eye on.



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  1. I think a lot of team RTP were shouting Paddy to victory,after deductions i make it a 5.25 pt return at 1/2pt ew,might be different depending on point people got on,im still waiting for the price for Im Still Waiting to come up in 3.40 plumpton tomorrow,well done on Royal Salute,good end to day

    1. Ah yes. Technical issues my end. I only use geegeez gold for race cards etc and Muss definitely wasn’t there as a meeting this afternoon. I have spoke to them about similar errors before and I think it is a problem my end possibly with Google Chrome.
      Will follow in the morning. Sorry about that.

  2. Josh; I use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge simultaneously as I’ve had similar issues with website and other data. One trick that may help is to “clear the cache” regularly as if you don’t data builds up and can corrupt very quickly. You can “clear the cache” on Edge/Chrome without losing all of your saved sign on’s etc. I actually clear Edge each night and then do a weekly clear on Chrome and it seems to have alleviated many of the earlier problems and GGGold runs better now too. Drop me an email if you need any further clarification.

    1. Hi Ian, thanks for this – yep I do need to clear the cache more regularly and hopefully that will help – I know Matt said it was because they get the 5 day stage data from Racing Post – and it is the changes that happen in the meantime that cause me problems- like Muss replacing Leicester or when a race splits into two divisions due to numbers. I think the final data update happens by 6pm the night before. Hopefully this may solve it but I will drop you an email if I get into further difficulty.

  3. Hi Josh
    Pay Pal forwarded £97 to your account on saturday,unable to gain access to the forum
    other than exclusive reports,please can you sort out.

    1. Hi Colin,
      I will email you – can you access Exclusive Downloads? And the main TTP report? Following that payment you should be able to access everything – as yet I haven’t heard of any problems with this. I will have a look in my system- if needs be I will get your password via email and will use your details my end to look.
      Forum- at the moment you are not missing out on anything – members/readers etc chose to use the comments on the various posts, which serves the same function- there is no content in them yet.


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