TTP Jumps 2016/17: Results Update Week 4

Trainer Track Profiles: Jumps 2016/17 Results Update…







Week 4 Totals

General Race Types: 5/37, 12 places = +17 points

Micro Angles: 0/14, 5 places =  -14 points

Total including multiple qualifiers: 5/51, 17 places = +3 points

Total 1x  1 point only : 5/45,12 places = +8.5 points


Running Total End Week 4

General Race Types:17/109,34 places = +23.65 points

Micro Angles: 9/53,18 places = +17 points

Total including multiple qualifiers: 26/162, 52 places = +40.65 points

Total 1x  1 point only : 22/141, 41 places = +25.15 points

Bonus Stats: 1/7,1 p = -3



Well I am more than happy with the start of the TTP guide and after 4 weeks in hopefully they give us all a little bit more confidence moving forwards. These stats are finding winners which is the main thing- without that we are all in a bit of trouble! The win/place stats are solid also and plenty are running well.

My aim with the ‘Notes’ and ‘My View’ is primarily to avoid losers, back all the winners, and make more points profit above those bare stats above.

I have started to try and record those I think I have put myself off backing. In week 4 I avoided 14 losers. Sadly unlike the previous 3 weeks I avoided 3 winners priced at 2/1, 9/2 and 13/2. So, they evened themselves out a bit for my own punting. I hope some of you may not have been put off from backing some/all of those winners! (Got BallyBen and Gentleman Jon wrong) I was also like warm on Golden Doyen who I backed, but would have preferred Dickie to have got up on the second!

Anyway, I won’t complain. So far so good and I hope any followers are enjoying the ride so far.

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3 Responses

  1. Over 70 points ahead Josh at the end of week 3. How did you do on your summer TTP as I didn’t check it out. Well done! Again!

    1. That’s great to hear Michael, and a perfect demonstration of how many will have different results to suit own approach to punting, which I think is a good thing. Happy to have researched something that tough wood, is delivering decent profits and making the game more enjoyable.

      Summer TTP – in truth I have no idea how that went! I wasn’t tracking it and it wasn’t as well researched as this winter one- well, I upped the game on the micro angles a bit I think. At this moment in time I don’t know what I will do from May-Oct next year, given my Flat performance maybe I do focus on the Summer Jumps and just keep going through. Think I will produce a very streamlines Flat TTP also.

      Glad you are enjoying it, and you have plenty to play with if we hit a few losers now! 🙂

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