Post Complete…Stats Shortlist + some trainers ‘in form’.

No ‘September Trainer Angles’ have been researched as yet. I don’t plan on following any more flat trainers and will focus on completing the jumps trainers research piece I started the other day- looking at who may be worth following in Sept/Oct. Hopefully I can find an angle or two within that lot and I will post ‘qualifiers’ for any such angles. I will aim to get that completed on Thursday. I have an Emma Lavelle angle tucked away that I need to dust off and I am hoping that Venetia Williams may pay for Christmas during November again. Plenty to look forward to jumping wise and hopefully the return of ‘proper’ racing may spark me into some sort of form. We can live in hope.



None. Well I dodged a loser here as WC ran an odd race- maybe usual for him. I was surprised they had him so far back. The Pipe horse is probably the one to take out of that for me as he showed plenty for a time there. I don’t think he stays that trip but he kept fighting and led them for a long long way. He has come down the weights and maybe a weak race, a shorter trip, and assured an easy lead could see the 11yo back in the winners enclosure. The removal of headgear seemed to work – as it did for the NTD winner of the handicap hurdle. Watch those horses that have had headgear on for an age and then have it all removed.




Well I avoided all of the losers bar one, which was frustrating. No race again from a selection in what has been a struggle for what seems like an age- bar the odd highlight in the Testing Zone.

I will just leave the shortlist today for you to use as you please…

  • 7.40 Chelms: Ecureuil 4/1…Palmer is 2/5,5 places with handicap debutants at Chelmsford. Also 3/7,6 places with jockey here. He is fine form again also. WON – went out to 8s at one stage… 5/1 SP
  • 3.50 Sedge: Jokers And Rogues 4/1… trainer/jockey 11/24,16 places with all runners here, trainer 16/36,24p all handicappers here (also runs Omid in 2.20) 2nd 
  • 2.00 Hayd: High Command 6/1 UP… trainer/jockey are 3/7,3 places here, trainer 17/67,30p in non handicaps here. This one has a massive speed figure also. The trainer is in red hot form and this one steps up in trip. I think if I just had to back one on this list it would be this one, for what that is worth! (that wasn’t worth a lot! backed into 7/2, still running)
  • 7.10 Chelm: Free One 10/1… UP (very odd ride for me)  trainer is 3/10,4 places in handicaps here… this one has dropped down the weights and is dropping in trip here, having led for about 8f LTO before his stamina gave way. SDS is booked again. Trainer is in form in last 14 days. I wonder if SDS will try and make all from this draw. An interesting one.


2.30 Haydock I have left off because there are three strong pointers… Cowell and Haggas have decent records with first time out 2 year olds, Cowell (UP) in the last year and Haggas at the track (3/6,4 placs)  (WON 8/1>6/1) Cumani has a fine record with those on their second start. (3rd, 28/1) It looks a puzzle and one of them may win but I don’t think I will be on.






3.30 Hayd: Marbooh (12/1<) UP







4.50 Sedgefield – Vic’s Last Stand (14,C5) 11/4 WON 7/4 | Swaledale Lad (14) 5/1 3rd 13/2

5.00 Haydock – Astrum (14,C1,C5) 8/1 UP 22/1 (little bit of a drift!)


That will be all for today. Good luck with your bets.


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  1. Is sept 1st the start of the winter jumps,anyway I will be following the Slack/Brooke combo from tomorrow anwards,be interesting if Slack can eke out some more from his string,hopefully another profitable sason ahead

    1. I don’t think there is a ‘start date’ as such but ‘winter tracks’ that haven’t had racing over the summer start to have meetings this month. Some would say the Showcase meeting at Cheltenham (21st/22nd) oct marks ‘the start’ I think. Many would wait until November time before wading in ‘cold’ when a lot of horses may have had a run etc. The start of the season is usually tricky but with any luck we will have a few angles on our side that will help. Rest-pattern stats will be important for certain trainers.

  2. Trainers to look out for over the jumps for the next two months?

    I will start with N T D (especially Chases) and Charlie Longsdon (especially handicap chases).

    1. Yeah I think more and more people have caught on that October is Twister season. Will be interesting to see if that’s reflected in the pricing. Same with Venetia Williams in November.

      1. Yep all.good things come to an end at some point. Will be interesting with STD, Williams has been very profitable for a few years now but you would think opening and sp prices would contract at some point. We will have to keep a close eye on them.

    1. She’s had a dissapointing couple of years Tony, but is operating so far this year at around 27% and with 2 winners and a place from 5 runners in the last 14 days. If she can continue the form you would have to think she has got some well handicapped horses in the yard !!

      Chris R

      1. Yep, that is why she is exciting. She moved yards over the summer after a few lackluster years and I think has been spiked with illness at various times. The change of yards appears to be bearing fruit if the limited evidence of the summer is anything to go by. She may well have plenty of horses with a lot up their sleeve and if they are all healthy now she should be one to watch. She can clearly train but this year is the test of that, assuming the issues were yard/illness based.

          1. Hmm don’t know. Yep if she did it wasn’t very successful! From memory this move was in May time I think. She has always struggled for consistency since I can remember so it will be interesting how they go.

          2. Following the same train of thought the McCain yard after at least a couple of years of being out of form seem to have finally woken up in recent weeks. Obviously remains to be seen if that form carries on into the winter but certainly are worth watching since like you say Josh he will have a number of well handicapped horses if he has truly turned the corner.


          3. Yep agree with that. I have him on a list to do some more digging- he is probably ripe for a ‘trainer in focus’ piece when I have time as you get the feeling he could have a decent year ahead of the summer is any indication.

  3. Hughie Morrison had a purple patch at Chlmsford towards the end of last year especially with his 3yr olds,I will have a look at his 2 3yr olds this evening.It might be just a once off or it may be that he is targeting it deliberately

  4. Bring on the jumps. Just read that Alan Potts has removed all his horses from Henry DB. Apparently horses are going to Jessica Harrington, Mouse Morris, Colm Murphy and Jim Dreaper. I’m always interested when a few decent horses move stable – although it didn’t seem that there was that much impovement in the Rooney’s string when many moved from McCain. Shame for Henry DB – I’ve always rated him as a trainer – especially chasers.

    1. All very odd and one of a number of recent high profile examples. Clearly it must be personal – albeit I haven’t looked at overall results- but given what he did with Sizing Europe you would think some patience wouldn’t go amiss. Plus a few other high profile wins. He will bounce back and still has 50+ horses but it will hurt. I think some of those trainers already had horses of his and were on their ‘rosta’ – maybe the Potts had a touch of the ‘Obaids’ and HDB wasn’t taking orders properly!

      The Rooney’s- I always thought it was harsh removing all of their horses and again must have been personal. McCain has had viruses and all sorts but deserved some patience- unless there were other issues. But, he is firing them in again. If I ever owned that many horses I would have spread them around, especially the chasers- they appear to have been having a good time of things from memory and they would say it has been a positive move, results wise. I would have left some with McCain but when you are spending that amount of money I suppose you can do as you please!

  5. New to the scene, ‘about a week’ and was looking for a reason just to say Hi! to everyone. Sure others will spot it but if you love your stats the current free read on Geegeez entitled ‘Trainer Angles: Point and Shoot vs Education ‘ provides considerable data for thought/discussion.

  6. Jokers and Rogues beat all but a McCain improver,but Tom Dascombe does it again with Cymro 10PTS up from his 3 today

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