Horse Race Base: Some Over-The-Shoulder Videos

Some over-the-shoulder videos of me using HorseRaceBase from the last few months… big race trends/horse profiles/micro angles-systems etc…

Below are a few videos I have recorded over the last seven months or so using my HorseRaceBase account.

So, if you want to see a couple of ways that I used this piece of kit and how you ‘could’ use it, hopefully these may help. With any luck there are some ideas buried within them to get you thinking and that you may improve on and apply to your own betting. As always all questions are welcome and I, or other readers, will help in any way we can.

Flick through and watch in your own time. Enjoy…


1.My Approach To Big Race Trends


2. ‘Profile’ Horses


Micro Systems/Angles….



4. Evan Williams/Paul Moloney


5. Nicky Richards Profile


6.How To Add In Systems Using HorseRaceBase



I think that is all of my HorseRaceBase related content. Plenty there to get stuck into and I hope some of you find some of it useful. The oldest is at the top and the ‘newest’ at the bottom, all recorded in the last seven months or so- the ‘newest’ was filmed some four months ago. I still have much to learn but do with them as you please.




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