Free Daily Post: 17/07/16 (complete)

Just the systems on Sunday this week…






Redcar (12/1<) 

2.30 – Exclusive Diamond

3.35 – Bond Bombshell / Sunnyside Bob 

4.45 – FreeZone / Highland Acclaim 

5.50 – Ingleby Hollow 


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  1. This horse is in my tracker for today BALLYKAN 3.20 stratford
    The ground would have went against him in the Topham as he is now 402P0 (0/5) on G/S or softer compared to 121114 (4/6) on Good ground.
    The large field may have also been against him as he is now P400 (0/4) in 12+ runner fields compared to 1114221 (4/7) in fields of 11 or less.
    To date he is also yet to prove he’s up to C2 level+ (form of 4P400 (0/5) compared to 112112 (4/6) at C3 level & below) although I would expect him to develop into a C2/Listed handicapper in time.

    1. Ballykan appears to have everything in his favour, unfortunately the odds reflect this! At 5/1 it would be a great bet, at 11/4 generally I wouldn’t be interested.

      1. yes, just had a brief look and tend to agree. I have maybe been guilty recently in certain races of too easily dismissing 6/1, 7/1 shots… but I def cant take 3s, certainly in a race like that. He has had a tough few races as well and 11-12 on his back is going to feel very very different from recent races- interesting if he can carry it.

        Am paying more attention to Lavelle’s horses now she has changed yards- have never been consistent last 3/4 years, bar Oct/Nov, so interesting to see how hers go. I won’t be betting in race but it looks an interesting race. Interesting of 1st time visor works for Set List. Pantxoa is interesting – not today I don’t think but starting to tumble down weights and has ability when getting conditions. Expect new trainer will find a race for him at some point. Last win off 139, now 124.

        1. Ballykan’s one win in a Novice Handicap he had 11-12, so I don’t think the physical weight is a problem, OR also dropped 8 pounds since his last run at Uttoxeter, so the handicapper definitely given him a chance. There’s just a few that look like they may have been laid out for this, one of Jonjo’s perhaps or the Pipe horse..For the prize money on offer its a pretty poor field to be honest.

    2. Oh, Mozzer, I was just coming on here to write about the same horse. I loaded up on the 5’s available last night. I put him into that category of probably “just wins” (maybe my punting naivety talking there). All my selections flopped yesterday though. I hope this isnt another

      He’s had many taking runs in top class chases – the bet365 and at the festival. He travelled well in both but just didnt quite get the trip. Good luck anyone else who’s on

  2. There’s a horse running in the 2.30 redcar called KOPASSUS that intrigues me.Ran its best ever race in this race
    a year ago same ground,same jockey and it’s carrying 7lb less Due to it’s recent form.But most of that form was over distances far shorter. I’ve seen trainers do this to get mark down.Very interesting at 16/1

    1. yep, think you can count yourself rather unlucky there- very good bet at 5s. No idea what caused that, whether something took his eye or what, very odd indeed. Unlucky. Not much you can say about that.

      1. yeah, oh well. that’s a real “pens slung across the betting shop in frustration” moment. That’s racing eh, and other such cliches.

        Anyway, at least there’s still Glorious Goodwood coming up!

      1. Hard luck, mozzer. This’ll be the in-joke of the forum now. Let’s hope for fewer ‘Ballykan-moments’ in our punting careers to come.

        Sentiments towards horse and jockey echoed

    2. Didn’t see the race, just saw the RO at last fence in the results -form comment says ‘led narrowly when ran out approaching last’ was it nailed on? If so, that’s just appalling bad luck for Ali and Mozzer 🙁

  3. Another Tracker, altough this one would take a leap of faith.Has not ran well for nearly 3years, albeit only ran 6 times since.These conditions nearly perfect only field size is the negative.At 16/1 i must have a nibble


    Handicap Profile
    Current OR – 54 | Highest Win OR – 75 | Last Win OR – 65
    Form Positives
    All 4 wins on Good to Firm
    All 4 wins have come between 1m1f & 1m2f
    All 4 wins in fields of 10 or less
    All 4 wins between June & August
    All 4 wins have come Right-Handed
    Form Negatives
    He is 0 from 15 on Good or Softer ground
    He is 0 from 11 in fields of 11+
    He is 0 from 14 on Left-Handed tracks (2 placed efforts)
    Ideal Conditions
    Good to Firm | 1m1f to 1m2f | Fields of 10 or less | Between June &
    August | Right-Handed track
    Other Notes – Usually needs his first run back after a break

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