Members Report: 22/06/16 (complete)


Well this is my final post, written by me, probably until next Tuesday. I am off to Glastonbury and I don’t plan on looking at anything racing related, or anything in a computer/phone screen, and I won’t be betting. To be honest I am looking forward to it! 

Anyway. The daily posts will still be posted. I have a good friend who has agreed to take the reins and he has detailed instructions for posting the SYSTEMS (Micro systems+TTP Systems) Clearly there won’t be anything else posted up here but you will be able to discuss among yourselves as usual etc.

YOUR HELP…would be appreciated. The PROFILE HORSES will NOT be posted/discussed. I know a few of you track them and if any qualify it would be great if you could post a comment. Likewise, if you think a potential system bet has been missed, then comment away. If anyone wishes to keep a daily record of the system bets that would be appreciated, albeit I don’t expect you to. It will just save me going through them all when I return. A simple copy and paste with notes in the comments would work, after each day… 🙂 

So, that will be it. There is a decent chase from Uttoxeter on Sunday I am annoyed to be missing but hopefully your combined shrewdness may find the winner. I don’t think there are any 5-7f sprint handicaps, with trends etc, that I would have looked at. 

Hopefully the systems may start winning some more now the burden of me backing them will have been lifted!


At some point next week I will be publishing an article written by Gary Priestley – thetwittertipper – (brother of Gavin- nag-nag-nag) about his approach to punting/horse selection. I have it sitting in my inbox and will get it posted on my return. Given his phenomenal ability to find big priced winners/placed horse and make stonking profits, I think some of you may find it an interesting read. I have talked to Gary via twitter for a while and don’t know why I hadn’t thought to ask him to write an article before. You will be invited to comment and ask questions – which will form part of the final article – a Q + A – where he will answer some selected questions from your good selves. So, there is that to look forward to. 


So, I hope you have an enjoyable and profitable few days. 



June Trainer

3.35 Bev – Dubai Dynamo (any odds) UP



Carlisle (15/2<) 

3.00: Beautiful Stranger DNQ / Gold Flash DNQ

3.35: Argaki DNQ / Edgar Balthazar DNQ (WON 25/1) / Santefisio DNQ 

4.40: Biff Johnson DNQ / Sindarban WON 5/1

5.10: Forever A Lady DNQ


post complete. 




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  1. Enjoy your break Josh,hope you have wellies,torch and plenty of liquid refresment.least you go away with few winners in the pot,withe the weather the way it is maybe we should all take a glastonbury,forget about racing for a few days and return with a fresh approach

  2. The Euro football is beginning to get interesting especially as the top 3 favourites to win the tournament have all qualified on one side of the draw. I’ve backed Croatia, who clearly are good enough to compete with the likes of Spain( beat them 2-1 last night) but dont have to meet any of the top 3 favs until the final….. 8/1

    1. The Geegeez Gold Euro 2016 tips are looking good right now with Croatia at 25/1 and Peresic 100/1 and Payet 66/1 for top goalscorer (they also advised having a bet for them to be their country’s top scorers which I didn’t do). The bet that stood out last night is Wales at 40/1. I have no Welsh blood whatsoever and have not gone mad, but surely they should be shorter than that considering their likely path to the final. I wouldn’t expect them to win the final but will take 20/1 for 2nd.

  3. E Lynham 6f @ NAAS future icon 20/1 in bonus stats
    R Charlton @ Bath Santafiora 20/1

    Missed them both 🙁

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